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Odd Dreams . . . Please Help?

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posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 01:51 AM
When I was around seven years old I moved into a townhouse community. I quickly made friends with a girl named Amanda who lived across the streets from the community, and a girl named Kim who was just a little bit further away. Us three were pretty much inseperable. Although Kim and Amanda had been friends with eachother before I came along and were always a little bit more close, we never really made friends with anyone inside my community. There was a few other kids like Andrew and Luke, but we always were very fond of eachother.

Near my house was an abandoned train tunnel that went beneath my road. It was always hard to see how far back it went, but we always hung around it for the first few years. Amanda had told us that before my house was built, there was a very large accident involving a man driving his car. I remember seing several tires and car parts scattered throughout a tiny patch of forest nearby. One day Kim told me and Amanda that she had a dream about the crash, and described it to us. It wasn't very detailed, but Amanda verified it as what she remembered of the day. Her and her mother had witnessed it and walked over to see what was going on. We were about nine or ten, but our memories were no different than today. Amanda had the very same dream shortly after. I thought they were both crazy... It took me about a year before I had the same dream. The man was driving a classic red sports car and I recal a child in the back. I also saw many empty beer bottles around the car. But I don't remember the dream very well anymore. It was raining very hard... Possibly even flooding.

I thought it just a coincedence, and that maybe I forced myself somehow to have the dream.

Amanda and Kim always teased me that they communicated with eachother in dreams. I was always jealous. They spoke to eachother in this odd language that I had never heard before. I also had several blurry dreams where I was interacting with Kim or Amanda. But when I told them of it, they didn't confirm having the same dreams at the same time. They said that when they communicated with eachother in dreams, they were in a world they made up. I'm only guessing, but it went something like ' Indianland. ' I plan to ask Amanda or Kim over IM later what exactly they called it.

For some reason, my dreams have always seemed very real to me.

When I was younger, I had this dream where I was in my mothers car, about to drive under an overpass where cars were passing over me on their way to the verrazzano bridge tollbooths. I always panicked becuase I couldn't drive the car or reach the footpedals, but I never seemed to crash. For some reason I think I have had this dream multiple times. They stopped when I was about eleven. Twice I had a dream staged in Kim's house and around the vicinity. It was more of a nightmare actually, where we were running from a sort of clown. I never was afraid of clowns, and I am still unphased by them.

Another dream I had a year or two ago where I was in this sort of clubhouse, and there was a boy. We seemed to talk for hours, and I remember it was in color. The clubhouse was tinted yellow... Maybe from the lighting or I don't know. I cannot remember what we spoke about, but after having the dream I tried constantly to get back in touch with him, but I haven't been able to.

I am very curious about the past of my dreams. Just recently I was on the brink of awaking when in my dream I was stung by a bee on the bottom of my foot. I felt it as clear as day and rubbed my foot against the other until the pain went away. When I woke up I examined my foot but there was not markings whatsoever.

I am not sure why I am posting my dreams here. Maybe I am hoping somebody will find a pattern and tell me if these happenings aren't just coincedence.

Oh. By the way. I am currently fourteen years old.

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 03:17 AM
Hi Felorah

Interesting dreams you have there.

I find it is hard to try to connect together dreams that have occured over a period of a few years. Therefore, one suggestion I have is that you start keeping a journal where you can store your dreams, drawing, impressions about the dream, thoughts, anything really. It could be a nice fancy notebook, or just an old school type on lined paper.

Over time I find it helps enormously to flip back through it (don't forget to place dates). Especially when identifying if you're having repetitive dreams or dreams that are unusual. I usually circle them or put coloured tabs on the top.

You might also want to take a trip to the library and see what kind of dream books interest you. You will find that some are helpful and some are rubbish. Freud's 'Interpretation of Dreams' seems to be a popular one.

There are few online dream dictionaries as well. But they tend to deal with one specific thing, such as 'black cat' or 'spider' and what that could possibly mean in the scheme of things. Also, you are really reading a generic interpretation and it isn't very specific to your own experiences. But it is helpful if you want to know what a waterfall signifies.

I find that armed with my dream journal and some books, I feel a bit more confident making up my own mind on what they mean. People can help suggest things you might not see or miss completely, but most of the time I believe it really is up to individual interpretation. If you feels yours are connected somehow, all the more reason to keep a journal.

Finally, there are some very good threads here on ATS on how to possibly control your dreams through lucid dreaming. But before you head down that path - if you even want to do that - I think doing research and keeping that journal are absolutely neccessary and that you approach it with discipline and care if you are serious about analysing them.

Dreams are fascinating things and I find that people that have vivid, colourful, imaginative dreams also tend to also be creative as well. Hopefully you have some outlets when you are awake, such as painting or writing, as I find sometimes when I don't, all that pent-up creativity can seep over into the dream state.

Good luck and I hope this helps a little.

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posted on Aug, 13 2006 @ 01:27 AM
1st off , I'd write everything down

as clearly and concisely as possible

you'll want to reference them in the


from what I understand about dreams

it is about what these images you recall ,

mean to YOU.

so , after recalling your info to paper

start a loose sheet or a different page
in your diary/journal . to list the images
in one column on the left , then what
the images mean to you on the right .
then see if anything stands out. if you
still draw a blank , then show it to a
trusted friend / relative / aunt / uncle
who may see something you do not.

p.s. don't be discouraged by those who
make fun of this , or minimize the importance
of it, out of their fears or ignorance .
just stick to it , and you'll figure it out...


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