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Argos and the Bible Codes

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posted on Aug, 10 2006 @ 11:27 PM
I am Argos - the watchful 1 i am not a religious person and have been dumbfounded by the bible codes for a long time i started as a skeptic but was turned after years of interest. This is what i think i know:

The Torah according to legend was passed down character by character by God to Moses on Mount Sinai. Moses instructed that the torah should never be altered.


This legend has inspired some of the greatest intellectuals in our history, including Sir Isaac Newton to believe God had encoded the bible. And most researched massively into it with no luck. They were only discovered when computers were invented, the missing key for Newton and Co.

The Bible Codes are found in the Torah by using Equdisant Letter Sequences (ELS) where you take every n'th letter to produce a string of letters that are then formed into one big matrix of letters where the codes can be found.

Since the unlocking of the codes there has been some massive finds, codes about Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, World Wars 1 and 2 information about the tsunami that hit asia, the world trade center attacks (the bombing and 9/11), the hurricanes that hit america and countless others all valid to our past.

The best place to find evidence of these matrices and there odds of being there by chance is in Michael Drosnins books bible code 1 & 2 i cant find ne where online where they are all together in high enough quality. You can take a look at this website with its list of bible codes if your interested:

The odds that most of these codes are there by chance are low, the chance they are actual encodings is high. These odds have been worked out by highly recognised mathematicians (one of them being eli rips the mathematician smart enough to break the code). The shere amount of times codes have been found about our past at high odds is astounding alone.

A popular skeptics criticism is codes can be found in any text, skeptics have found seemingly relevant codes using ELS in Moby Dick. It is true using ELS on many texts can produce seemingly relevant code, including the torah. Many codes have been found that seemed relevant but didnt happen or were incorrect. These are bits of code that happen by chance a side effect of ELS.

Check out this skeptics website that says seemingly relevant codes can be found in any text using ELS

The question is, what is the chance that those codes found, were compiled by chance or were they actually encoded?

The answer from skeptics isn't positive, they have been trying to find codes in many texts, to try and compare with the odds that the Torah has been encoded, but havent been able to get close.

Check out this lengthy code found in the torah and how likely it is there by chance

Another scam is that the bible codes clearly foretell the future, this is not true. As the bible codes have so accurately reported past events, its almost safe to assume that if they are there to be found after an event, then they must of been there all along anyway.

So codes about are future are there but until you know what to look for (i.e. World Trade Center (search) or Hitler (search) producing a matrix of information where the codes are found) you cant be sure it is correct because random codes found in any text can be found as a side effect of ELS. You can guess based on what is the chance that piece of code is actually encoded or not but nothing more.

I would love to hear what the people of this smart website think, am i wrong? are you right? or is there just a chance they are actually real? my analysis has lead me to my conclusion hopefully your opinion will enlighten me further.

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