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Texas holdem

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posted on Aug, 10 2006 @ 03:52 PM
Anyone here on BTS ever play Texas holdem on MSN games?

Chat gets a little raunchy, but the game is more addictive than cheetos or those little fish crackers. See you there I hope! Use BTS in your name so I will know you are a kindred spirit. gracias.

"I'm all in!"

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posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 12:22 PM
Well, It's been a couple days and no response. Try playin Texas Holdem on line; I think its much more fun, challenging and stimulating than any shooting game.
Just my opinion of course. MSN games has a great THem site.

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 01:12 PM
Is this your first site that you've played poker? I've been playing for a little over 15 years, including 7 stud, razz, omaha high low, 5 stud, texas hold em, and limit hold em. Cards was actually a career for me for a few years and it worked out well, but I just wasn't "fit" enough to take on all of the different swings that poker has to offer. I would suggest FullTilt poker, my favorite site that I play on. Also, check out PokerPages and JetSet poker. Good luck!

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 01:24 PM
Yep CSM, this is the first site Ive ever played on. And to think that somebody could actually be a "poker pro" makes my head hurt. Thanks for the info; I will try those sites.

And Good Luck to you, Sir!

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 03:56 PM
Lol yea, many "pro" players. I think that term is used too lightly and often. But anyway, the way that I started playing was on Yahoo Games. Haha. It's system sets up a really good foundation of playing and from what I remember, the people are really friendly. It's all limit poker, meaning that there is a set amount that you cna bet each round, which teaches good self control if you are thinking of playing no limit. You should check it out.


posted on Aug, 14 2006 @ 10:45 AM
Screw online, real life is better...if you have the money.

posted on Aug, 14 2006 @ 10:47 AM
I haven't played it on MSN, but I've played it in a real, live casino.

I usually get my butt kicked!

posted on Aug, 14 2006 @ 11:41 AM
dj77, short distance down the road from me here in the land of enchantment is an Indian casino that I frequent occasionally. You should see the faces of the old dudes light up when I walk in the card room. By the time you have spent enough money to get good; you're to broke to play. Ironic.

Still the lessons learned in the card room may be applied to life in general.
1. Impulsiveness is expensive
2. The best laid plans may blow up in your face
3. never judge a book by it's cover
4. Rule 62
5. If you can't run with the big dogs; stay on the porch!!!

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posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 03:40 AM
I hate video poker...

It seems, to me at least, like just a lot of card flipping, with a tiny bit of requisite knowledge.

It conditions people to watch their cards instead of their opponents.

So many people just sit there and stare at their cards. :shk:

The cards aren't doing anything! Stop watching them! They won't change!

Then people put their cards down, and pick them right back up again!

It's like they're investigating the mystery of the refigerator light! Did the cards change? NO! So they put them back down, and pick them up, and put them down...

For the love of all that is holy, they will not change, they will never change - under no circumstances will the numbers/letters/colors on the cards ever, for any reason, EVER change! :bnghd:

It's enough to give a guy a brain-bleed, watching this...

posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 09:38 AM
Apparentyl WyrdeOne, your memory servers you well. I think all the card flippin is because folks actually don't have a good enough short term memory to remember their cards.

The key to winning video poker for Me is to watch for any nervous tells, such as card flippin, money checkin, etc. Iv'e been playin for 2 weeks now and I can feel the pointlessness and boredom already setting in. It seems the old adage "familiarity breeds contempt" is true in this instance too.


posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 09:52 AM
Poker eh? I play a good amount (real life) with a few friends, usually not with money, not that loaded. But online I usually go to Pokerstars, not too bad a place. And Wyrde I know exactly what you're talking about and I feel your pain! Usually noobs do that, don’t know why but I suppose they have to triple check to make sure they have what they think they have, morons. And the kicker is sometimes after checking their hand 15 times some fold a decent one because they’re not paying attention to the other cards on the table. That always gets me rolling.

posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 02:03 PM
Well, thanks West and Wyrde for ruining online poker for me. Now I can't pay proper attention because Im so tuned in to the way people check their cards.

AWA, was right, real life is better. Our Native American casino is close, friendly and filled with beautiful women so my poker time might best be spent there. After I learn and get a good grasp of the finer points like odds, tells, and different variations of casino poker. TH'em might be a little to filled with nuance for this noob. Experience is the best and usually most expensive teacher but there are lessons available online and I think it best that I avail myself of them before I set down again. In one month, I should know if this is going to be a pursuit worth pursuing. It is still a fantasy of mine to win a big or even small tournament with tough opponents.

Still I appreciate any tips, warnings, information, that those with more experience than I, might toss my way.


posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 09:03 PM
Yea, I would like to make a statement about looking at your whole cards a few times during the current hand. Think of it this way, it's better to make sure what you have and look twice, then to be wrong and pay large for it. It's also a way to better see if you have any outs or possibilities to make your hand better. One could easily mistake a club for a spade, just because the color is the same. So, don't card players because they don't want to screw up.

As for online play, it's the best way to set up self discipline for yourself. The only way to succeed in playing online poker is for you to know when you have the hand or not. There are no tells in any way online. Somebody is taking a what? They could have a bad internet connection or is getting food real quick. Also, they could be playing multiple tourneys or looking at a site. You never know what they're doing because you can't see them. Online is strictly for you to realize when it's time to hold 'em, or time to fold 'em. Once you can achieve that, then it's time for you to play live. And this is comeing from somebody that has paid quite a bit of money for experience and knowledge.

And yea, I think that you should play online before you play live. Why? Because you need a good foundation of discipline, like I said earlier. You can't apply live tournament stradegy to online play, other than p/f'ing and bullying. It's almost a complete different game.

Good luck with the cards. Feel free to u2u me for anything else.

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