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Israel strikes at heart of Beirut, drops warning leaflets

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posted on Aug, 10 2006 @ 03:24 PM

Israel ratcheted up its fight against Hezbollah on Thursday, beginning operations aimed at the heart of Beirut, dropping warning leaflets and taking control of a largely Christian southern Lebanese town.

The Israel Defense Forces targeted sites in Beirut proper, hitting a lighthouse used as a cell phone communications tower, said CNN's Jim Clancy from the scene

The Israeli military also dropped leaflets in Beirut, warning of expanded operations inside the capital and urging people in southern Shiite neighborhoods to evacuate.

Also receiving warning leaflets from Israel were northern Lebanese towns including El Beddaoui. Those leaflets warned that Israel will target any type of truck moving along the coastal road. "Be aware that anybody using pick-ups or trucks puts his life in danger," one leaflet warned.

North of Beirut, three Israeli rockets launched from the sea also hit three state radio towers, Lebanese police said. Those towers already have been targets of attacks during the conflict.

By afternoon, Hezbollah had sent 136 rockets into northern Israel Thursday, killing 2 people, police said.


Looks like the violence is not going to slow down. One thing I find odd is that they are dropping leaflets telling civilians to leave, but on the same leaflet it warns them not to be in a truck, because it will be destroyed.

I realize Hezbollah uses trucks to lauch rockets from, but how do they expect everyone to leave? Walk? I am sure there are other vehicles in the area, but come on.

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