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Pyramid construction explained and the carnage that follows.

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posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 07:07 AM
Dr Leary, You are a DR right? So I assume you CAN read.

I wanna play. My turn.
Dr. can I call you Dr. orr is it Mr. Leary?

If between the Comic relief, I have understood Marc correctly he has noted.

  • Suggest that a Road was constructed
  • Suggest the Specific use of TWIWDI (The Way I Would Do It)
  • Suggest the Intestinal Level, may have been utilized

And the 6" steps. And more late. You'll love my "roller stay/pass by device" That's mine mine mine.

Three Suggestions of which two make more sense that current assumptions, and specifically in relation to the GREAT PYRAMID, apposed to the Copies that sit within the confines of the Giza Area. (which are poor copies at that)

That I'M not familiar with and want o see.

This is all, Marc is claiming.

Don't forget that I claimed to be smarter and a better bragger wiich is the focus of many and the chance you just gave me to repeat it while in compliance with my ules will not go over well at all.

And so much for well funded serious, scientific attempts to offer solutions. They fail, yet here is common sense, being applied, which you have no regard for. I guess you are a DR.

And many I've seen would have been greatly helped by ANY old safe mover. In fact they would demand to be in charge or leave because they couldn't watch.

Sorry to say, but you need to shake loose the clutter fogging your mind. Be open to Thoughts.

When I'm poven wrong or see something that betters my idea you will see it so. What am I not open to?

I agree that some of the smaller stones could have been moved in this manner, but surely there are some things we still don't understand about the manipulation of massively huge stones................. (Non intelligent ramblings deleted)

We need a wieght of small and little that is agreed on.

And I am sure, if you took the time to consider what is being discussed here, maybe we could understand about manipulation of Massively Huge Stones.

We are talking about sheep shagigng right?

I certainly am interested to find out, and from his "Practical Background" I would tend to say, this gives him more creditibly than your petty dismissal.

But this is not to say, Marc is Correct.

I'm going for "not wong".

This only notes, that along with the litany of Stupid Offerings by those who have all the answers, here is a few easy and possible methods that may have been utilized, just like the Theories you seem to embrace. MAY HAVE.

I intend to prove my way is faster, uses less energy, is safer, travels less distance, accounts for all know facts, and will allow me to brag.

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 07:16 AM
Is there any evidence of your "Road"? Not from what I can see, but here is a coulpe of questions for You, and Byrd

The road is in the pyramid. Accounting for the lack of evidence.

When was the Road from the Nile created? Before, During, or After the Creation of the Great Pyramid?

The road to the pyramis was built and then the road to the Nile before stone one was placed for the pyamid. The reason fo this is coming and nessesary for the way I think the big stones MAY have been raised.

The reason I ask, is two fold.

1st: This may have been also part of the reason that the Road was placed here. To move those 70 Ton pieces to the Great Pyramid.

Somebody is thinking.

In respects to this, are we aware of any investigation into the Road, and the conditions of the Blocks used here? Could the Undersides have been abused and flipped over when it was moved to a new location? (If this took place at all)

Blocks moved on road on rollers. Road is just fine as the rollers take the abuse.

You have offered a common sense approach to this matter of moving and also lifting the Blocks up these various Levels. I would ask, it you could offer any thoughts in specific to the LARGER stones that where used within the Chambers.

All done and forthcoming. But my methods must be understood before that is presented.

Would this just be a case of rather than 2 men, manipluating a "Safe/Block", as you have outlined, would it then become a "Team" effort, using the same tools, but with 35 People instead for example?

Bingo. Along with some creative methods by me. memememe

Most exceent bro. But not wise. Now they will hate you too.l

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 07:20 AM

Originally posted by HUNTER1967
This link sums it up with some prof, math and pictures.

Nope. See all thsoe stacked blocks under the stone and levers, growing as the stone raises? No friggin way dude. I know from experience. now we can go on or you can say show you why and then we are back to pos one where I say don't question me on moving weight. That stack is death waiing.

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 07:25 AM

Originally posted by Buffalo Voice
One more quick note, completly unproven as of yet, but, when the pyramids on (other) planets are discovered, and they will be, what will you say then? Of course, we cant discuss that now because the proof is not there. (yet). Wrap your massive brain around that one in a civil manner if you can, probably not though.

Ah, now I see. Those posts I made over a year ago. I was wondering where massive brain came fom. You see some time ago it went from massive to colossal.

Again. Careful with words. When? I'da said "if".

But then we are not chums with ET like you, so please treat us so.

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 07:27 AM

Originally posted by Buffalo Voice
Very good point about the giants, and their is proof they existed. I know, I know, where are the links? where is your proof? What has this to do with my theory? Marc, you can probably put stones together like you said, but there is much more to pyramid building than that. Tell us how the andesite was cut and polished, not from the egypt pyramids mind you, but the other ones. Look at the pyramids from the entire planet. Were they ALL built as you say in your theory? All of them? Cant wait for my spanking on this one, please try to be kind.

Sand saws seem to work. Polishing is elbow grease and lots of folks who hate their jobs.

Pyramids, Stonehenge, all of it. Simple.

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 07:41 AM

Originally posted by LazarusTheLong
the four sided triangle is one of the most base of mathmatical understandings...

Pyramid building could have happened any of many ways, but the essential parts are

was there a "block" road, or a flagstone one? (or maybe neither)?
Marcs contention is that it was block, but we have evidence of flagstone used in others (from byrds link)

The road blocks are at the pyramids top.

All the words.

marcs method of leveling is only unique in the "intestional" method, and there were more reliable, and more dependable methods available (wax lined wood tube for one) which is MY original theory... so dont steal it marc...

What is your problem?

wax was very common back then, and if wood was used, they would have surely sealed the joints with something... why not wax?

Now explain how these tubes were built. The shape, how they were joined, etc. I've thought of things like reeds and treated papyrus tubes, but I like gus.

Steal you idea? I would have said great fresh oiginal out side he box thinking but instead I'll do a Byrd and say it's not in the official pyramid building manual I keep heaing about.

as far as the leveling method...It seems that ramps (around the circumference) would be the most feasable,

How were they stablized? Explain how and when the casing sones were set. Explain how o get long heavy blocks around corners. Explain how to move the blocks at all.

but from a common sense standpoint, it seems that a lot of reinforcement would have been neccessary to support the weight of a stone, along the edges of the ramp...

I just recently had to load a forklift onto a flatbed, and the emmense effort that was required just to get it up the short ramp we had, was amazing... and i was pushing it with another forklift...
and it had wheels...

I know fork lifts. Draw a picure of the situation and I'll tell you what you did wrong.

So I would enjoy trying to understand this raising method that marc speculates on more, but have yet to see a "method to the madness" that would insure strong enough materials, to support the weight, while not crushing them from use...
(metal Lincoln logs might work, but would still misshape with use...)
but if they were merely shim thickness, then more could be used for the perfection required...

The logs will tear up. There were logs gettes, log cutters, log quality control, log foreman, log accounts payable, log boys, log haulers and on.

Joke coming. This is a joke. They went through logs faster than you do tissues when you have a new Hustler.

That was a joke. Now ban me and get it over with.

I am still puzzled though... I am going back to my original theory...

they built a big dam, taught a bunch of egyptians to swim, and scuba dive... flooded the valley, and built a huge barge to lift and float the blocks into place (remember that underwater, everything is easier to move)
the divers could perfectly place the blocks with precision, since they were already bouyant by the barge lines, and once on target drop them...
once the pyramids were assembled under this temporary man made sea, they then knocked down the damn wall... and whala... the great pyramids...

No joking, sarcasm or any such nonsense will be tolerated on my thread.
Attempted to fix quotes Hope I got it right

[edit on 12-8-2006 by masqua]

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 07:46 AM

Originally posted by Byrd
There's no references to a paved road from the quarry. Since that would be a really significant find, I think that it didn't exist.

Lots of stuff is not mentioned. So it has to be mentioned for it to have been done? Dude, quit holding out and post the manual.

cut big quote

[edit on 12-8-2006 by masqua]

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 07:48 AM

Originally posted by HUNTER1967
I really wanted to get marc to ramble on about his massive brain again.
since i have shown at least 1% prof he is wrong

Where? And if you want me to talk about my COLOSSAL brain, just ask, maybe I'll start a thread.

like he said could'nt be done.
But I am even more happy about the dam theory, I'm with you on the big dam
I love it and the intestines of animals were used as snorkels

This humo is not appropriate.

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 07:52 AM

Originally posted by Buffalo Voice
Still doesn't explain the worldwide phenomena of pyramids.

You all are yelling for pictures, the big blocks, asking about all the stuff in the world, now up mountains, I started his figgin yesterday.

Now, should I ignore all your pestering and just post more method, or do what you ask? Can't have it both ways and make you all look

cut big quote

[edit on 12-8-2006 by masqua]

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 07:56 AM

Originally posted by Buffalo Voice
is their anyone here at this board capable of debating a WORLDWIDE pyramid building knowledge base. Actually, Master Marc should have issued this challenge to you all, not me. Good luck to you all.

Can I finish here? Then I'll get to the rest of the world.

cut big quote

please review
this link

[edit on 12-8-2006 by masqua]

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 08:50 AM

Originally posted by Marchimedes
Perfect for plumb, but not for level. But water is.

Ah, but you "Missed" the Level.

When the Plumb Bob is held/hooked/hung on a Taunt Line, and the Line is raised or lowered to obtain "Plumb", Line becomes the Level.

Perfect for Level, but not fro drinking



posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 10:07 AM
"Still doesn't explain the worldwide phenomena of pyramids..."

This "phenomena of pyramids" as you call it is actually the most simple part of the problem.....Drumroll......MATH. When a culture developes the priciples of math, their building techniques would thus improve.Math is a universal language, and has been shown to develop quite differently among different parts of the world.The Aztecs, for example had a vastly different system of math than in egypt(and most of that part of the world).Every culture is different, and therefore develops differently. Mark, has stated over and over, that his method is strictly applied to ONLY the areas of eygpt(or the great pyramid of GIZA to be specific). And if you really want to know how they built such large block formations( like the inca), try making them yourself....then pass that knowledge down to your kids(to hopefully be improved upon), keep this cycle going for hundreds of generations....and I bet they too could build similar if not better structures.You act as if no human back then could devise a pully system(or elevator of some type).Not all evidence from a 4000+ year old culture should be expected to survive.We are lucky that we can still find some things after being battered by nature for hundreds of years.But is seems only massive stone blocks(in the jungle regions) were sturdy enough to survive such a harsh beating.Did you ever consider hot air ballons or similar divices? Humans are smart, give them a chance.

To Byrd- I think its smart to use the art of that time as a visual tool to gain some knowledge of what went down(such as the types of tools,instuments). But I will dissagree, as an artist, that we could some how glean how the pyramid was actually built, from the pictures at least. At that time in art history, perspective had yet to be developed. As an artist, how would you, in an egyption art style represent this.For us it seems silly that you could't just easily draw/paint what it looked like. But they couldn't, all their art is from a forced side view. I propose, that some of the pictures of the bison and humans pulling blocks have more left out than most are willing to admit. Nor was it the job of those now dead artists to perfectly recreate what was actually happening, because they hadn't developed thier art form enough to do it properly. The egyptian art form was as basic as a 5 year olds understading(ie no perspective,ect).If davinci had been around back then, we would have documents/drawings showing exactly how they were built. Then there is always the chance that all this was recorded, but burned/defaced/lost through wars,ect... I'm not saying the pics are "wrong" just that they are leaving alot out, and that should be considered along side of such paintings.

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 10:43 AM

Originally posted by Marchimedes
I take back my repeated claim of them being indestructable.

It was pretty obvious that all you had done was a "thought experiment" with modern materials and have never actually tried to build OR use a "level" made from intestine.

For those of you who want ot do this, here's how you do it:

Get a sausage or hot dog.

Strip the thin skin off. Tie one end off.

Fill it halfway with water. Now, use it as a level. Or try to.

Take out of water bucket, fill to top, check level, put back in bucket. I understand the stone sucks a couple of gazillion gallons a second through intestine but maybe they were real fast.

Go try the hotdog as described above.

Now use it to try and make an area 2 yards by 2 yards level. After you've done that, then check your work with a wooden bubble level.

you've never used a water level. Have you?

You mean this?

Yup. I have.

The tools that they do have pictured are made out of wood and very durable.

Stop acting like I know knothing about this.

You seem to be unfamiliar with the materials available to the ancient Egyptians and with their tools and technologies. You don't seem to be familiar with the quarries themselves or the texts that they left behind.

All you've done is say "I know how it's done" -- with modern materials.

And all the rest of your message shows that you've done this ONLY as a "thought experiment" after having a lot of experience as a laborer with modern materials and modern transportation and modern buildings. You haven't done a thing to prove that THEY did it that way.

In fact, you haven't proved that it's workable with the materials they had.

Until you do that, your theory is no more reliable than "it was built overnight by genies."

For those of you who would like to read a reasonably up-to-date page (somewhat dull but accurate) on what IS known (from writing, tombs, and digs) about pyramid construction, here's a page that reviews it. It's pretty neat stuff! :

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 11:04 AM

Originally posted by Marchimedes
Most exceent bro. But not wise. Now they will hate you too.l

Well, I think I have been able to do that all by myself Marc.

A bit of advice, for you Marc.

You are correct, when you note, you haven't the time to get you point across. That is the HIGHLIGHT of creative thought for many in ATS. They take pride in distracting and bringing the focus of the Topic from the Topic to Them.

If you ignore them, they will go away.
If you respond, they win, since they become the Attention, rather than the topic.

They do not have anything to CONTRIBUTE, because they lack the ABILITY to THINK FOR THEMSELVES.

And look, A GOOD MANY OF THEM are SWIMMING in here, doing exactly that.

So, move on and please resume the Topic line. I am more interested in what You have to offer for consideration, than seeing how bright, some of the lower wattage bulbs in here are at deflecting from you from your subject line.

I am always interested in THOUGHT, and I trust yours can resume without to much distraction.



posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 11:29 AM

[edit on 12-8-2006 by Marchimedes]

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 11:37 AM
Well, I think I have been able to do that all by myself Marc.
Need a job?

A bit of advice, for you Marc.

I guess that's short for my screen name but my name is Mark and with a "c" is French, I wont start on that.

If you ignore them, they will go away.
If you respond, they win, since they become the Attention, rather than the topic.

I guess normaly that's true.

But I ain't normal.

Drawing the attention spotlights them for what's coming.

Let's see if I can get this dog and pony show back on the Hot Topics List. I ain't used to not staying in he lead. It's unnatural.

Like dogs and cats living in peace.

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 12:02 PM
That's about as mellow as I can be. Is that bearable? Tonight was a test of my limits, if that wont fly, if that is to

"controvesial" or "abrasive" I'm gonna go out large.

Byrd, your messing with me right? You seem like a intelligent guy. Where did all that come from? Never infer anything from

me. Go by what I said. The next step is me copy/pasting my words next to your statements and poving they are made without any

grounds. I do enjoy the constant wailing and gnashing of teeth over my style. One of you has joined the other place and has a

splendid sence of humor. Too bad you all will never see it. Thank you Shane for pointing out that I only said what I said. As

it was me that said it and my actual words are rightfuly overlooked because of my pleasant humble demeanor which invalidates

anything I say, maybe you saying it points out that I said more than "I'm smarter than you and talk more ****" (now you have

to tell me I can't refer to that statement at all) but I wont hold my breath.

Byrd. That was pathetic. I'm calling you out. Where do I say the blocks were dragged? Copy/paste it, renig, or I'll just

prove I didn't and make a big deal about you not being thourogh. Have I said the road was placed on sand? Dude, from now on,

pretend this. I'm not an idiot, I understand simple things. Little hint? Someone has been in your fridge poking holes in your

hot dogs with a fork cause bro, I never seen them leak so. You get so much of my statements wrong or just come up with stuff

I didn't say, I think you have lost the ability to reason because of your hate for me. Want me to put words in your mouth?

And Byrd, I understand these things are not documented in your manual. From now on, petend my ideas are only a fanciful romp

through my colossal brain pretending I'm Pharoh and this is what I would do. Maybe even give it a name like twiwdi or

something like that. No references to my ideas does not prove they weren't used or feasible. Now here's what I want from you.

you will have to supply proof that the ancient Egyptians polished the stones so smoothly that you could easily slide another

stone over it.

That's your words copy/pasted here. Instead of trying to smear and discredit me with lies and make believe, extend to me the

same courtesy and copy/paste my words saying where I say the stones were dragged. You spent much time talking about that. If

I were you, I'd just claim some freak computer glitch that linked you to a room of a million monkeys at a million typewriters

and chance linked you with the one who by chance typed "drag the stones" and swapped his text with the text of my post. Yea

I'm on you and I think within the rules. See how I work? I ain't dropping this unless you tell me to or want to

wear on me, I gave the place. So much of what I responded to tonight would not have been nessesary if you (some) people had

just read. To those of you that want me to get on with it, I wont because I have to adress these things first. If you want to

see drawings suggest to these people to read all the words. Again Shane, my ideas that you listed saying they were the only

things I claimed shows that I can write in understandable English, unless of course some freak computer glitch linked you to

my evil twin in a alternate universe where Archimedes was born retarded and the caveman that discovered round things roll got

ate by a dinosaur. You people saying I invented levers and rollers...well? What do you have to say for yourselves? Either

it's a genuine error and adult men of principle and character would check, see, and say my bad and then we get on with life

and I post pictures or you are friggin evil can't comprehand that my words are there not far away and can be accessed to show

the truth. If the road, water level, 6" steps is not original then show me and I will admit my idea was not original and say

"my bad, I didn't know." I'm a man of character. I don't lie and I have a damn good reason not to. If you think I'm lying

don't hint and imply it, be a man, come out and say it. We'll settle it one way or another and move on. The going through

tissues joke in responce to a joke made at me first is there so you can have an excuse to ban me and be able to point to it

and pretend that is the real reason. Gift. 500 views on the pyramid thread at that other place. Up from 3300 views spread out

over months. Lots of you went there and looked. No relpies there or here. Why is that? Because you saw and now know I'm the

guy that solved this. Some strange things for a site of serious scholars. Human nature.

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 12:02 PM
Human nature and what a revelation of this magnitude brings out. I say it over there. You substantiate my thoughts.

My little question about fitting a block and leveling it. If I were you and knew the answer I'd walk on water to answer just

to shut me up. Since I didn't see any takers here a gift. I believe I asked how to lowertheleft rear corner. Short of pulling

it back out and hacking some stone off you can't. Best you can do is raise the other three corners which would make those

sides higher than the blocks next to them. Again. Something if you haters of me cought would walk through fire to show me up.

The question stands. Only instead of lower that corner raise it. No more tricks, let's hear it. I know, I've done it many

times. One of the things that gives me an edge on this. You don't know. Normaly I'd tell you. But the way I'm treated

here...Next question. A 3x3x3 block. You have two rollers. I want the block to turn right as it goes forward. Place the

rollers and explain. This is block moving stuff. With the pyramid comprised of 2.3 million blocks the turnip truck is fading

into the distance or this is very relevant and important. The bury the pyramid with sand would work. Htow much work? more

material than the big ramp which is more material than the pyramid also. In that case why bury it? Save yourself a lot of

work and use the ramp. My contention is that my way is more efficiant. these guys had 150 years of building up to this. I

think there was a couple of thousand guys with my skills. How does one explain to someone who does know moving heavy that

he's wrrong when he tells me I'm wrong or it can't be done when I've done it? Put yourself in my place. How would you feel?

What would you do? Would you bother? Would you rant and insult? Know what's neat? Take a big way heavy safe on a smooth

floor. Put onelittle roller under i in the middle of it at i's exac ce3nter of mass. nowrocki back and forth with one finger.

Know how that feels? Couple of tons moved with one finger. Now, go ahead and tell me it can't be done or I'm lying. I won't

say jack. Until I write my human nature report. Over there, with insults and humor. That water one was a joke right? As the

specific gravity is one I Think I remember from 8th grade, would you have to deduct that from the specific gravity of the

stonet o comeup with the immearsed weight? So now you have to tell me the S.G. and the resulting weight and I'll ask you how

to move that still very heavy weight only now under water. I am not a stupid man. Last I.Q. test I took I did drunk and

scored a 151. Consider that as you try to play me. I'm smart enough that no matter how smart you are you wont fool me. No

comment on my rant about what I learned about some by their reaction to my attitude? Normal. Expected. If in erorr it would

have been torn to peices. Wonder how many ignore lists I'm on. The guy that asked what other big things will I solve? You

really want to know? Lots. I've an idea for the 4th of July that is the greatest light show short of the northern lights.

Hasn't been shown to be wrong. It's simple, cheap, original, dazzling, and mine mine mine. Where do I post it? I'll tell it.

But only here on this thread but it has nohing to do with pyramids. The heavy blocks. I addressed this I think here. I got,

no problem. But this I havent posted ovre here because I want to see if they can take my methods, apply to the blocks, and

solve it themselves. It simple. The trick is schedualing, forethought and planing. I've some points I made to some of you

that were not addressed. Busy? I'm beneath you. My attitude does not merit reply? I was forced to learn how to type by the

Army. I can type fast. i can keep this up longer than you can stand reading it. Watch ytour words you use. As you have seen

I'll use them against you. Many got a pass tonight. All I did reply to did not get as much as I could have given. I think I

was mild and wihin the bounds set for me. Very un Wardenish.

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 12:03 PM
These litttle lecture you give on how I should act and that if I want feed back other than strife is another example of not

thinking before you write. Seeems to me there are many posts of questions and comments. The views don't indicate this is not

noticed. that little home page score board is neat. Never seen that before. And I've been on it just as fast as possible I

think. The facts, the numbers, don't back up your advice and makes me question if that advise is wise to follow. new guy. I

hear that. if there is not some sort of probationary period, some prerequisite dues to pay, some ATS hazing ritual I must go

through before my words are able to be considered,let me know. Way I see it the new guy came in bringing it large, backing up

his boasts, and that is unnerving, unpalitable, and just plain not how things are supposed to work. It makes some of you

friggin crazy. Deal with it. Someone has to have the top numbers, unless every one ties. If not me then the next guy. But

it's me. And will continue to be so until I'm banned or choose not to be. If I faked stupidity and mediocrity and you found

out would I have your respect? Or disdain? Hate me, love me, ignore me,whatever, but the crap I answered tonight was pitiful,

like you were phoning it in, and definitly not the caliber of the intelligent knowledgeable serious thinkers I keep getting

told are here. Now you'll say "well that's what you get with your attitude". Well not every one was so. I think

2manyquestions hit this point right on the head. Read her and disagree if you can. So what's it gonna be? You gonna ban me?

Stop the abuse (it would be juts fine if based on fact)? Continue on like this? Or step it way up and Begin with the dreaded

phrasw "Class In Session". I've got a lot of material on this that is dead serious. Wont get to it if every time I come here

I see this stuff.

Those that want to move on: Want ot hear how to load and unload barges? How the casing stone dilema of attatching ramps and

such goes away, placed from top to bottom or bottom to top, how each level's stones were placed in what order and why,

thoughts on mudane things like lunch and using the bathroom, the worst job on the whole job site? Why I think I can meet the

one block set every two minutes seal? Help me with some logistics and math points? See if this is what I claim and help get

it out there? I'm doing this for free. I want to destroy the greedy snake oil sales men who use this for profit. I want only

to get credit for the idea, and my kids to think I'm even cooler than I am now. And how sweet of a pick up line would

claiming to be the guy that solved a 4500 puzzle be? Then do something about your buds. Cause this thing will stay a train

wreck if it stays like this.

I was posting ideas with some attitude sure. But tell me honestly. Did that affect your ability to think and reason?

Gotta go. Being The Warden is no make work posistion. I've some people to abuse. But they like it.

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 01:37 PM
Mark you really need to start laying stuff out in a more logical and concise manner.So far, in 8 pages, you have talked/argued more with other members than actually presenting your ideas/thoughts.....and its dragging the thread down big time...stop talking about human nature, and get back to presenting your theory.This isn't some chat site(for the most part).
Stop trolling and baiting people in some personal "thought experiment", and get back to why you came here in the first place.He who talks much says little.

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