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Frightening Dream

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posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 11:40 AM
Before I tell you my dream i'll give you some info... A few years ago I was extremely christian, I was 100% faithful and I had reoccuring dreams, for about a month every night was the same dream in this dream It was after the rapture, but I stayed behind not because I couldn't go but I stayed to help to get people on the right path. I constantly avoided police figures in the dream and had a sort of christian militia to protect me. I ran the underground church persay. Anyways, I have long since strayed away from god and no longer seriously believe in him. I believe there are superficial powers at work but I don't belive a word in the bible. Well I had another reoccuring dream about 3 months ago, I had the dream only for a week. In this dream beams of lights came from the heavens I grabbed my camera to film it so I could upload it here (in the dream) anyways I went back outside and stairs were formed. I climbed the stairs and when I reached the top I found jesus I spoke with him I asked why am I here? I don't belive in you I dont belong here? Why am I here? I had a feeling of the greatest fear iv'e ever felt ever. I continued speaking with him then I spoke with god. He told me that the only thing I needed to do is to avoid the serpent, then I was back on Earth, but everywhere I looked a snake was lying everywhere. Those are just dreams i've had before, very vivid, very lucid. I've had Preminitions, nothing great but non the less preminitions where I could tell you what is going to happen next. Now for the actual dream, this was the scariest dream i've ever had in my entire life. In the dream I was maybe 19 im 15 now. I was sitting in my house and I live in Oklahoma all of the outside was covered in ice, the distant skies were black. There was rumours of a giant hurricane /Ice storm heading our way. Apearently no one was surviving it and it had already wiped out contienents. Not only this we were in nuclear war, as I lay there I rember hearing boom from bombs around. Everything was destruction my family was gone I was all alone and I sat there. With all of this appening. Its hard to describe this dream but the fear I felt was intense I was scared, it was the end. I dont know why I feel so impacted by this dream but Im really scared that something is going to happen. The ight before I hadt his dream which was last night I was doing real good at predicting events. I was right on target about everything, I've been pretty good at calling things but last nght I knew what was going to happen. I knew where everyone was in my house and those who werent home I knew where they were I guessed what my brother was doing on the computer and when watching tv I could predict the next event with ease. I don't know that any of this means anything but im worried and I was justt wondering if anyone else had any dreams last night tat concern the apocaliptic times.

posted on Aug, 15 2006 @ 04:40 PM
i have had many apocoliptic dreams. they are very scary and they do feel like they are going to happen.
this is my opinion of what your dreams mean, well the ones that you posted:

i feel that you are lost. you know what you are supposed to be doing and you are not doing it. ( in religious sense). the dream when god tells you that you need to stay away from the serpant, is gods way of telling you that you are straying from him, and you are being tempted everywhere to stray from him. you know in your heart( especially if you had faith before) that having this change in your life is not right.

i think that you are torn ( religiously speaking) . you are torn from what you know in your heart ( jesus and god) and from what you see around you. you watch all the t.v shows about how science is proving god doesnt exist, and you believe it... but i think deep down you feel that aching that you still have faith in what you know.

i am now 25 years old. i have had alot of trouble in my life, from living in my car, losing my son ( i have him back now , thank god) and drug abuse. but all my life i beleived in god. from the time that i can first remember, i was taught of god and jesus. and even though i had alot of hard times i still had faith. even though it was so dim that i could hardly feel it my self.
during that time , i walked into a church for some family related function. when i walked into the church i had to walk back out. the feeling of guilt and sadness was so strong inside me i couldnt stand it. i had to go in the bathroom and i cried for about 25 minutes, before i could even go back into the church. the feeling was overwhelming.

im not trying to preach to you, but for some reason every post i read and the u2u u sent me, i had to tell you this.

to this day i dont go to church, but i do have a relationship with god and jesus.

i think your dream was a way of telling you that you need to change, you know that the end is coming and i think it scares you that you turned your back on god.

you dont have to totally be a church- freak or anything, do what makes you comfortable and im sure that faith that you have ( or had) will come back.

just my words that i had to say to you.FIND YOUR SELF..

im out

posted on Aug, 15 2006 @ 05:05 PM
At the subconscience level we know remarkably a lot even when most of us don't admit it. Trust your feelings as well as common sense because is about to happen is bound to overwhelm even the best of us (i.e. some sort of World War Three). Dare not to be apprehensive about the end of the world, but much rather try to somehow through any possible means the knowledge given to you by God for "Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God". People will destroy, but the time is fast approaching when a very realized and actual utopia will ruin all those who don't allign themselves with God already.

It is strange how people will act like they can do anything and all the while not be mindful of others as well as logic in general. I think the serpents in your dream are there so as to force you to not seek a quick solution out of the global warming and nuclear war problems as that would entail walking right into the third Antichrist for impulsive thinking leads to rash decision making of which in turn leads to regretful actions.

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posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 04:48 AM
that's creepy alright...

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posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 05:03 AM

Before I tell you my dream i'll give you some info... A few years ago I was extremely christian, I was 100% faithful and I had reoccuring dreams, for about a month every night was the same dream in this dream It was after the rapture, but I stayed behind not because I couldn't go but I stayed to help to get people on the right path. I constantly avoided police figures in the dream and had a sort of

This has happened to me numerous times. I feel as though im not supposed to leave in the rapture,(if you think it will happen ne way.)Im supposed to stay and help othe ppl.Only thing is im not super religious. I am but not to the point where i could be teaching it. But i have this overwhelming,underlying gut feeling that this is what im supposed to do.

I've also had a dream where its around 2020,and im in a major city like new york. Its night time and there are soldier types guarding the streets. Me and a few others are the outcasts it seems. We are being exterminated. We didnt get an implant,and are hiding out trying to survive.One soldier was gonna take a young woman in a wheelchair and got to have her "processed". I intervened and said i'd take her home. I remember walking her to and alley,but we are blocked in by 2 of the soldiers.

this is the weird part,we hug each other...and thats it. no more dream. it ends there,but in the dream we both knew they were gonna shoot us and werent afraid to die but embraced it. We knew where we were going.

What make this significant is that im not your mainstream christian. im 19,believe and go with all the basic stuff,but dont like church because man gets in the way. Yet i have 3 of the same type of dreams and have that feeling i stated earlier. I tried to pass it off as nothing,but i cant anymore. I had to tell someone,and i guess this post was the place.

Thank you for those of you who read my ridiculousy long post,hope it doesnt stray from the orignial topic.

posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 09:56 AM
Hopefully Spanishcaravan, 2020 will work out better for you because there are so many, and I do mean a lot, of plans that will be fully realized by that time. I think that the soldiers are there because the future has no other choice but to closely regulated sort of how the NSA is already all over the place. While it is no secret that our corporations with Wal-Mart and Microsoft will soon completely work against the very public that they profited from in the first place, I think we should all indeed watch out for this kind of stuff. The Patriot Act happened before anyone knew what had hit them and I dare say we shouldn't let an actual sequel occur at all in this century. The government will do what they will to keep the nation afloat, but sometimes they do too much and it is we the people who are tasked with keeping the system from going astray.

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