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Israel Warns South Lebanon Offlimits

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posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 07:36 PM
The continued strikes into South Lebanon have no remorse for life. Israel has declared the southern part Lebanon off limits. There have been many civilian deaths in Lebanon, and the Lebanese are pushing a cease fire. Israel is still on its' toes not to let up and to continue the extermination of the Hezbollah forces.
TYRE, Lebanon -
Israel shut down south Lebanon with a threat to blast any moving vehicles, as ground fighting intensified near the Israeli border, airstrikes killed at least 19 civilians and Arab governments called for a full Israeli withdrawal as a condition of any cease-fire.

With U.S., French and Arab negotiators meeting into the evening at the
United Nations, Israel voiced cautious interest in a Lebanese proposal to deploy 15,000 soldiers to control the ground in south Lebanon where Hezbollah has been firing missiles into Israel. But the warring sides appeared to be some distance apart on the text of a possible resolution, now not expected to come before the Security Council before Thursday.

After four weeks of fighting, nearly 800 people have died on both sides. Rescuers in Lebanon pulled 28 additional corpses from the wreckage of Monday's attacks, raising that day's toll to 77 Lebanese — the deadliest single day of the war. Early Wednesday, Lebanese and Palestinian officials said Israeli gunboats shelled a Palestinian refugee camp in south Lebanon, causing a number of casualties.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The continued deaths of the Lebanese civilians are on a steady rise. This is terrible for the country of Lebanon for what is going on, the Lebanese government needs to help its people out. Into the matter of the Hezbollah it is very hard to say what is right, but for the Israelis, this will not end. The Lebanese government and people will not see an end to this untill the Hezbollah are destroyed. For Israel there is also a toll rising, the efforts by the Hezbollah and Israel do not go unnoticed. The battles continue night and day, many families and places are being destroyed. The Hezbollah are sure to be stopped at all costs.

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