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Sinus Medii

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posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 06:01 PM
I've amalgemated a few anomaly shots of the moon area Sinus Medii for open discussion, I'd be interested in your opinions. This area is percieved as one of the most irregular on the moon. Unenhanced originals can be visited on the website

'The Shard' and 'The Cube'

The "Shard," as Hoagland named it, projects from the lunar surface like a ruined spire. If it is a real object, it would be approximately 1 mile high. While it is a small feature on the photograph, it is still approximately 15 times the resolution of the camera in height.

To the immediate left of the Shard, a feature Hoagland calls the "Cube" appears to hover in space. A faint "tail" can be seen extending for a short distance toward the lunar surface, suggesting that it might be supported by some unseen structure, perhaps consisting of narrow supporting members that are below the resolution of the photograph. This feature has a width approximately 8 times the size of the smallest feature resolvable by the camera.

'Super Highways'

The website itself is particularly credible with a whole array of information regarding irregularities regarding Nasa, Mars and the Moon. I firmly belief the moon holds many secrets of humanities past, even its future. These photos support John Lear's Soul Collection theory, whereby the 'Shard' is seemingly where the souls are retrieved and stored for 'processing'.

Eitherway be it mining operations, extra-terrestrial life, spiritual connections or our true destiny, the moon has certainly (perhaps still is) experiencing a lot of activity of some nature.

Why havent we publically gone back to the moon?

It's certainly not just a deslate rock in our sky.


posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 08:08 PM
Interesting topic!

Too be perfectly honest i can´t really make anything out of those images, neither any of the other images i have seen, looks interesting enough but its just too blurry or otherwise too lowres. I remember John Lear mention something about a highres image in this thread tho. He probably never got around to finding it.

As a background source of information, here probably the enhanced version direct from NASA.

Source :

Image is called lo3_m84, nice looking tif file but unfortunately without the interesting features.

Added by edit : Other sources also mention the image as lo383, honestly i have no clue as to which one is the right one, can anyone shed some light on this and i´ll edit my post accordingly!

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