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From Below: In the words of those There - Part III

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posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 06:27 AM
This Part II contains notes taken while listening to the Fire Department radio transmissions. All audio tapes maybe accessed at My research into the audio tapes is incomplete as of this date.

(Manhattan Fire Dispatch - Tape No. 1 - side A)

17 minutes in marine 6 reports second plane into second tower.

18 minutes in marine 6 says "it was a large green bomber style plane" into the second tower.

(Manhattan Fire Dispatch - Tape No. 1 - side B)

One of the buildings is partially collapsed. Major collapse in south tower.

Marine 6 reports tower 2 has "had a major explosion" and a complete collapse. (around 26 minutes in)

(Manhattan Fire dispatch - Tape No. 2 - side A)

6:40 in WTC 1 collapses.


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