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Will Joe Win

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posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 02:20 PM
August 8th is the Connecticut Democratic Primary will Joe Lieberman win the primary?

Lieberman has announced he will run as a Independent in November if Ned Lamont wins.

I think Lieberman will win Tuesday!

Who do you think will win the primary?

The possibility is out there after the November elections if Joe Leiberman looses and the Democrats pick up seats in the general elections that Nancy Pelosy could be the next speaker of the house and third in line for the Presidency and that worries me.

Connecticut Democratic Primary: Lamont Gaining Traction
Leiberman 46% Lamont 40%

Connecticut U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman filed a petition on Monday that will allow him to run as an Independent in November if he ends up losing the Democratic Primary to challenger Ned Lamont in August.

Lamont Leads Lieberman Ahead of Connecticut Democratic Primary

HARTFORD, CONN. — Millionaire businessman Ned Lamont opened a double-digit lead over veteran Sen. Joe Lieberman less than a week before Connecticut's Democratic primary, according to a poll released Thursday.

Ned Lamount

I am running for the US Senate because we deserve a Senator who will stand up for Connecticut and stand up for our progressive democratic values. Rather than spending hundreds of millions of dollars a day in Iraq, it is time for America to refocus on issues back home: fixing our health care system, upgrading our schools, and rebuilding our aging infrastructure. We will start winning in Iraq as the Iraqis take control of their own destiny, just as America has to start investing again in our own future.

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posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 07:35 PM
THe result should be illuminating, it will show how a pro-war democrat stands with the party. However, the situation can't translate precisely into a stand on Hilary Clinton/ Lieberman is more 'to the right' than her, inspite of both having voted for the war and supporting it currently. H. Clinton is able to still capture some of the 'bush is a jerk' aspect that the democrats have going for them.

posted on Aug, 10 2006 @ 09:48 AM
Although the Republican candidate (they mayor of some town) is pretty much a sacrificial lamb, ther are a lot of Republicans in Connecticut, and a poll last week (before the primary) showed that, in a three-way race with Lieberman running as an independent, he'd still trounce the other two guys.

If this is the case, the Democrats will have lost a Senator, and thus lessened their chance of taking control of the Senate.

For years Democrats have been bedeviled by the fact that anyone liberal enough to sin the primary is often too liberal to win the general election! Hillary knows this, of course; why else do you think she's positioned herself further and further right as the potential field of Democrat presidential candidates for 2008 keeps shrinking? She's not after the nomination; she's after the Presidency.

In any event, this November is going to be an interesting election to watch. I think the Democrats will win control of both the House and the Senate, although I doubt it'll be a slaughter like the Republicans had in 1994. This makes Lieberman's future all the more critical.

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