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Need help identifying building from a dream

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posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 12:52 PM
Ok, this sounds kinda weird but I thought this was a good place to go to. I had a dream last night where I saw a building of importance but I don't know what it is.

I was in a dark alleyway when a door opened on the side. Someone opened the door, looked around, and handed me a baby wrapped in a red sheet. I remember thinking that the person was a friend and that they were Israeli. Don't remember a name or anything else. When the door was open I was thinking that I only needed to watch the child for a short time but when the door closed a different feeling set in. I knew that whoever had handed me the baby wouldn't be returning and that I now had to look after the baby. I stepped out of the alley with the baby and looked towards the sky.

At this point I focused on the top portion of a building. There was a skyline around it and I was definately in a city but this building instantly drew my attention. I just stared at it sometime and it was the last thing I remembered from that dream. I felt a lot of emotion in the air but not so much tension. There was no fighting and the city wasn't being bombed or anything at the time. It just felt like something was eventually going to happen, like a calm before the storm thing.

I know that there is obviously a conflict going on in Israel/Lebanon and it probably got into my brain. The building just gave me a weird feeling and I'd like to identify it. I've been sifting through israeli and lebanese pictures today but haven't located the building. Here is a photoshop rendition of what I saw...

I only saw the top portion of the building, I remember my neck leaning back kind of far. It had a smaller 'layer' of a building above the main frame. A dome sat on top of the second layer. It may have been colored or tinted but I can only remember it being somewhat bright. Or at least reflective. I'm not sure what the dark bands are but I assume it's some cosmetic distinction between floors or sections.

Just hoping someone might recognize it offhand as existing somewhere in the world, whether or not it's in the middle east. Thanks for the help.

posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 01:16 PM
Could it have been any of these domes ?

The Dome Of The Rock

Shrine Of The Bab

Dome At Haram Esh-Sharif

Bahai Shrine In Haifa

posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 01:23 PM

Originally posted by Arawn
Could it have been any of these domes ?

The Dome Of The Rock

I was going to say that. too. Although compared to the drawing, it looks a little too short.

Maybe an airport tower somewhere?

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posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 01:28 PM
It looks the most like the Dome of the Rock if it were taller. The dome was definately smaller than the support beneath it. The other domes pictured were more along the lines of the capitol building to where the dome extending straight down on it's support.

There is the possibility that when I looked upwards it was more symbolic than literal. And I could only make out what felt like the top 1/4 or so of the building. There were other buildings that were just as tall perspective wise. I had to sort of look through a gap between closer skyscrapers to see that building. But the other buildings I only remember as being dark blocks in the shape of a skyscraper. The only details were seen on the building I focused on.

Thanks for finding these pictures and offering your opinions. The DOTR is definately a possiblity but I'm going to keep searching for a taller building that matches my image. Although I can't ignore the symbolic aspect of height.

posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 05:40 PM
this building u saw and the feelings u describe suggest it was indeed a foreign region, most lighly easten. the shape of the building is mostly used in their versions of churches i think they are mosques and the domes are used to trap and reflect light (usualy made of glass or partly glass)
the mosques are a place of tranquil spiritual connections, a place to relax, worship their god, marriage, and christen babies.... this is where the baby u were given to look after might have come in.
i dont know your age but this dream could possibly mean the gift of a new child in the near future

but try not to look into the dream to much as its not to do with what u saw its how it relates to your life and it can help u out and predict future events in your life. Your not going to find one day that a foreign lady gives u a baby and u find urself looking at a building with a dome

posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 06:17 PM

Thanks for responding to my post. I'm 23 and 100% sure I don't have a child on the way right now, but obviously in the future it's a possibility. I have examined the dream against my current life and perceptions and haven't come up with that much. The reason I'm looking for a more literal connection is due to the clarity and uniqueness of the building. I'm a semester away from a psych degree so I love looking into this kind of thing. It fascinates me how our minds operate in this world.

I've just had some weird dreams in the past that had almost direct relations to events in real life. Nothing amazing like predicting an earthquake or something but enough to make me analyze my dreams. Although my bias towards analyzing my dreams opens me up to chasing ideas and concepts that might not be there. I figure if I can't find out what's right maybe I can find out what's wrong.

posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 10:06 PM
First of all, don't limit yourself so much.
Just because you have a feeling that Israel has a connection to the dream, doesn't mean the building you are viewing is there.

Infact, I would possibly, from your description, assume this building is more a destination to go away from where you are.

You are lookingat it through other buildings, instantly informing you that you have to travel to this building. The moment you have to travel in a dream, you have to realise you are moving from where you are to another place.
I would open your search to other cities around the workd with similar buildings and try to locate this one.
However, something tells me this building probably won't exist, or if it does will mean nothing to you as its more a representation of some ongoing emotional struggle inside, along with everything else.

You say you are a psych major, have you tried reading your dream to see what it is telling you metaphorically as opposed to showing some vision of the future.

I'll have a go, if you like.
First of all, we take the information that shows enoug relevance to be remembered.

dark alleyway
----Dark, Unknown, Subconcious, Fears... Alleyway Your direction in life, your destiny.

door opened
----An opened door means you are ready for self dicovery and personal adventure.

baby wrapped in a red sheet
----baby, A new Birth Within yourself, a positive outcome for the future. Red Freedom, Determination, power, will strength and independance. Wrapped sheet, you are comforted by one, some or all feelings associated with the colour. You feel constricted.

I stepped out of the alley with the baby and looked towards the sky.
Alley and Baby as before....Sky, No limitation to success, Freedom, expansion.

Before we get to the building, we can see a definate connection between the first part.

The baby is a representation of something within you. The birth of a new idea, the realsation that you will succeed in life. The baby being wrapped in a red sheet, also tells you that you are comforted by 'Freedom, Determination, power, will strength and indepoendance.' I would suggest that all these play a part in the person you are, so its fair to say you are comforted by all of these.
The Darkness of the Alley shows that you begin this journey in fear, fear of the unknown to come, but as you take the 'baby' you move away from this to look at the sky, which is a realisation you will achieve success.

Now this building as a representation not as an actual building.

The building can represent a spiritual point of clarity.
Which in context of the dream so far could mean something along the lines of an awakening in your future.
The domed top suggests that you have heights to achieve, however there is no definite end place for you, as a dome is not pointed ot flat, it is rounded.

HOWEVER, we can't neglect something else.
The Israel connection.
Now, if we take that into account and we look at other possibilites of the child itself, then something else shows.
If we show that the Child is a representation of Christ, then the significance of the BUilding changes too.
For Christ represents love, the God within and Sacrifice.
The Red Sheet also takes on another meaning. This suggests that the Love and spiritual guidance you seek is actually constricted by some other elements of yourself, your Anger, Frustration, Confusion, Rebellion and Impatience.
The building then takes on the form of your salvation, if you can arrive, as the child would be released from the sheet, you would be released from your inner negative emotions and will be free to pursue life, love and the spiritual way.

I hope that makes sense, forgive me for rambling, but it is 4am here

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 01:11 AM
Wow... that was a very interesting interpretation.

I love music more than anything else in life. It's all I can think about from when I get up in the morning to when I'm in bed at night. I practice for hours a day, but I never perform. There's a part of me that's very scared to openly express myself on stage. I'm worried about my voice and what people will think of my words. I know that I'll never be as happy as I could if I don't perform and get over that fear.

I recently started taking singing lessons again so that I could get a hold on my voice. I'm constantly training my voice but to me it's never good enough. I know it can always get better and it's always my excuse not to play. So I need someone else to come in and tell me that it sounds good and help me get better. I hate asking for help but I know I'm not going to do it on my own. I decided that I just have to make this happen. I know I'm talented as hell at guitar and my vocals. I've been writing lyrics since I was seven or eight. Part of me has no doubt that I can become an incredible muscian someday.

I thank God at the beginning of each prayer for the musical abilities He has given me. I tell Him that if He allows me to be happy and successful in life through music that I will use that ability to help others. I became a psych major because I realized that making other people happy or just helping them out made me feel great. I want to help others through my music, on and off the stage. Sometimes I imagine what charities I would donate to or how cool it would be if I could pay for all the grocercies of the family behind me in line. I discovered that happiness and love are the most valuable things in this universe. The only thing I know in this universe to be true is myself (thanks Descartes) and I apply that for others as well. So the things I should be most concerned with are the happiness and love of others and myself. Money is just an idea, a piece of paper, but with good intention and perception it can do many things. Or it can turn into a large piece of diamond jewelry on someone's neck.

Probably more about me than anyone wanted to know but the words you said really hit home with me. I've definately taken the dream as a good sign for things to come in my life. I'm scared, lost, and confused as hell but there's always that part of me in the back of my mind that tells me what I can accomplish and that completly believes in me. Thankfully, it's starting to get louder.

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 11:25 AM
It wasn't like this:
Thomas F. Eagleton Courthouse

Most people in the city think it looks rather phallic.

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