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Bible Code - lets clear some things up!

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posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 07:50 AM
I am new to this website but respect its purpose and the opinions of members, i have read many threads on the bible code now and have to place an objection against some of the skeptics.

A common argument is codes have been found in moby dick this is true i have read most skeptics view point on this matter. What they fail to reveal is how much correct content they discover, forget for a minute that the bible codes also foretell our future, and lets examine some of the facts it has right about our past.

There are bible codes found about current wars, the massive tsunami, the hurricanes that swept across america, refferences to hezbollah, alquaeda for example. All detailed in codes beyond mathematical chance. Then there are codes about bin laden, 9/11, hitler even the shoemaker levy comet that hit (jupiter i think) and many more. There are many detailed descriptions of time and events from our history. The shere quantity of correct, relevant and detailed descriptions of our past found in the bible code far out weighs the amount u could find in any lengthy fictional story or any other source for that matter.

The problem is this to search for something in the bible codes you have to be specific about what your looking for in order to get a matrix that reaches the required odds to be mathematically probable so prediciting future events is tricky but they are there to be found.

Another argument that is plausible but sometimes misunderstood from what ive read is that people question how a bible written from many different sources could be encoded after all it must of been diluted by time. I'll try to explain the bible code software uses the characters from the dead see scrolls. They are the oldest ever found copy of the torah - the torah according to legend was passed down by god to moses character by character on mount sinai god insisted the torah not to be changed at all ever. A brief description but this is how the code has remained un diluted in a believers opinion.

For those of you not convinved some interesting evidence contradicting skeptics believes can be found at this link:

Anyway to end my rant i would like to add even though the future is hard to predict even with bible codes partly at our disposal the overall theme of possible events in our future seem to be heading in a pretty grim direction but it has been hypothesised that the bible codes are there as a warning to reveal to us the concequences of our actions in such a sensitive time in our history, and id like to think they are there to try and point us in the right direction the only question is, is there enough good in all of us to dig ourselves out of this hole that mankind has dug so deep?

I'd love to hear peoples comments on this ill try my best to answer opinions.

Argos - the watchful 1

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