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9/11 and the long march to the zionist homeland

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posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 04:32 AM
To fully understand 9/11. I think it will help if we understand history a little better. I personally believe we are now entering into the final stages of biblical prophecy becomming reality. 9/11 was just the final catalyst to a multi-millennial old plan.


Zionism is a political movement and ideology that supports a homeland for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel, where the Jewish nation originated over 3,200 years ago and where Jewish kingdoms and self-governing states existed up to the 2nd century. While Zionism is based in part upon religious tradition linking the Jewish people to the Land of Israel, the modern movement was originally secular, beginning largely as a response to rampant antisemitism in Europe and in many parts of the Muslim world during the 19th Century. After a number of advances and setbacks, and after the Holocaust had destroyed much of the existing Jewish society in Europe, the Zionist movement culminated in the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.

Since the founding of the State of Israel, the term Zionism is generally considered to mean support for Israel. However, a variety of different, and sometimes competing, ideologies that support Israel fit under the general category of Zionism, such as Religious Zionism, Revisionist Zionism, and Labor Zionism. Thus, the term is also sometimes used to refer specifically to the programs of these ideologies, such as efforts to encourage Jewish emigration to Israel. The term Zionism is also sometimes used retroactively to describe the millennia-old Biblical connection between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel, which existed long before the birth of the modern Zionist movement.

Certain individuals and groups have seized on the term Zionism and misuse it to justify attacks on Israel. In some cases, the label "Zionist" is also used improperly as a euphemism for Jews in general by those wishing to whitewash anti-Semitism (as in the Polish anti-Zionist campaign).

Revelation 22:10
Then he told me, "Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, because the time is near.

Revelation 22:16
"I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you[a] this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star."

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posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 07:45 AM

Now, could you please state what exactly this has to do with 9/11 and Zionism?

posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 05:35 PM
I have to agree where is the bacon, Israel is a nation now and I rather got lost to the subject. The information is correct in the story but it does not relate to 911 before or after. Maybe you need to show where it actually shows a line to 911
because the story is much like a lot of 911 infos they either belong in the barn or on the front lawn, nothing personnel but you are going to have to dig deeper to correlate the history to 911.

posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 05:45 PM
manythings might be said in respect of the Balfour declaration - but quoting out of context can only lead to missunderstanding -

"His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country."

posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 05:59 PM
Zionism is an idealist approach to the concept of a state - and unfortunatly not a defacto belief in support for Israel - I know Wikipedia declares it as such - but im sorry i cant edit the Oxford English Dictionary the way we can Wiki. As an old professor of mine used to put it - Zion is in the heart - Truman put it on the map. And I doubt Bob Marley and Haille Sallase were refering to palestine when they spoke of Lions and Zion - nor were the producers of the Matrix.

posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 11:31 PM
But, who cares what Sallaise, Marley, or the creators of the matrix mean by 'zion'?

Its completely dettached from the movement that lead to the creation of the state of Israel.

I see where you are comming from, that Zion is a state of mind, a perfect land of milk and honey, the state that we enter when we leave babylon (metaphorically). Or, as matisyahu puts it, "Don't you see/its not about the land or the sea/not a country but the dwelling of his Majesty"

But I don't think anyone is talking about that.

I think that the OP needs to explain what 911 and the 'long march torwards the zionist homeland' have to do with one another.

posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 09:11 AM
i have to post some infos about Zionism for better understanding of its involvment!

Watch all 5 contributions:


Something must be done, sooner or later!

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