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Dems Want the Keys to the Kingdom? Follow Lamont/Murtha

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posted on Aug, 6 2006 @ 02:25 PM
The lackey Lieberman primary race in Connecticut is total bellweather in politics right now. The Democrats have a fair to better chance of retaking the Senate and the house in the upcoming election. Listen to your constiuents and act accordingly. Forget your special interests. And watch lackey Lieberman bite the dust.

Has the De-Liebermanization of the Democratic Party Begun?
John Zogby

Has the De-Liebermanization of the Democratic Party Begun? (5 comments )
READ MORE: Iraq, 2006, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush
Connecticut Democrats will go to the polls on Tuesday and the choice will be a defining moment for both the Democratic Party and the nation. While I will stop short of a precise prediction, let me suggest that polling evidence shows that Senator Joseph Lieberman will lose the Senate primary to businessman Ned Lamont by a substantial margin.

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 03:50 AM
EastCoastKid this smacks of a attempt to win votes and Lieberman is the convenient target. If the Dems really wanted to postion themselvs away from the Bush admin the likes of Hillary would have to shown the door. At the moment it seems like the dems are changing there stance as the wind blows.

The likes of Hillary dont seem to have any real beliefs they just go what ever way the wind is blowing in order to win votes.

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posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 10:33 PM
Lieberman concedes defeat in the CT. Democratic Primary, the party membership doesn't want him as their candidate.

Largely this is seen as due to Lieberman's pro-war stance. He's considered a 'conservative' democrat, in some ways.

Now, does this translate to the rest of the country?

On the one hand, Lieberman is perhaps more conservative than other democrats, even those who voted for the war (that, of course, would be the majority of them), so perhaps he isn't buffered at all from the anti-war reation, but others, such as Hilary Clinton, might be.

On the other hand, Lieberman has served many terms in CT, and he just barely missed being made Vice President of the entire country. Does his fall mean that the democratic base is ready to vote out pro-war democrats all across the country?

Connecticut has Independents as its largest voting block. This might mean that the people that are registered as Democrats represent the far left of the party, if that is true, then perhaps in other states this anti-war reaction will be tempered by the moderate democrats, who in CT might be registering as Independents.

THe people that perhaps are in the biggest bind are the republicans. If they put their support behind their own candidate, Alan Schlesinger, they run a big risk of Lieberman and Schlesinger splitting the rightist vote and propelling Lamont to victor in the actual election. Perhaps the Republican Party's best interests would be served in having Lieberman win that election, even if as an Independent.

I see along with Lamont, making his victory speech, is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, evne though Lieberman is reported to have larger support amoung blacks. This, of course, could have some interesting implications for the future in general.

What does anyone else think? Is this the signal of a 'progressive democrat' congress take-over, or is CT just too screwy to translate to the rest of the country?

Directory of Connecticut candidates

posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 06:05 PM
Lieberman running as an independent will beat Lamont. Lieberman will get the moderate democrat vote and the Republican vote!

End Result: Lieberman will remain as Senator for Connecticut, but the net result is one less Democrat Senator!

Why anti-war Democrats are happy about this is beyond me?

posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 06:33 PM
If Connecticut is anything.. its the go-steady state. These are not loopy crazies we're talking about. Forget about the beltway pundits and their version of reality. As usual, they got it all wrong.

Lieberman's loss for the nomination was an unmistakeable shot across the bow - to Democrats; and maybe even thinking Republicans. Latest credible polling data states 60+ percent of the American people now disagree completely with the war. 80 percent of Democrats are against it.

Lieberman's loss should tell Democratic officeholders and candidates that if they support the current Bush Iraq policy, they are in danger of becoming private citizens sooner rather than later.

The war and Lieberman's staunch support of President Bush nailed him. Of course, there were other issues of contention boiling to the top; but make no mistake, it was his loyalty to Bush over loyalty to his constituants that lost him that historic election.

I'll bet my next paycheck that Hillary "what do you want me to say now?" Clinton got the message loud and clear. Her Taming of the Shrew performance last week before congress, as she verbally bitchslapped Rumsfeld over his incompetency, was proof of her sniffing the winds. A little recalibration here, a little there...

She's the biggest opportunist I've ever witnessed. Not to mention, hypocrite.

But I digress. If Lieberman truly cares about the wellfare and will of his constituents, he will accept defeat graciously, and get behind Ned Lamont. Otherwise, he will make things far more difficult for the Democrats in general and forever be branded SORE LOSERMAN.

posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 06:42 PM


That's what I called him in 2000, when he ran and loss with ALGORE!

But seriously, not too many people voted in this PRIMARY, when you get to the actual Senate election, there will be Republicans voting also. If I lived in Connecticut, as a Republican I would vote for Lieberman! I'm sure I am not alone!

posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 07:37 PM

Originally posted by RRconservative

But seriously, not too many people voted in this PRIMARY

Whoa! That's not true. Far more people voted in this primary than expected. It was historic. Lieberman is only the fourth incumbent since 1980 to lose a primary. The people have spoken, Connecticut Democrats want Ned Lamont to represent them - not SORE LOSERMAN.

Republicans and Democrats alike need to get it through their heads that the majority of Americans (60+ percent) want the plug pulled on this disasterous war. That is today's number ONE issue.

Lieberman losing should be a wake up call to all who hold office.

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