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telepathic suggestion and remote influencing?

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posted on Aug, 6 2006 @ 02:20 PM
Hi everyone i have a question, it's preatty blatant from the topic. Is telepathic suggestion and remote influencing the same thing? Is it possible to actually suggest to someone to do things they wouldn't normally do? Thanks

posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 09:25 AM
It depends whether the Controlled Subject's have reached their Ultra Maginal Threshold yet, as in say the Army Wargame Pattern, like in the Manchurian Candidate when you try to Decontrol a Subject to Recontrol a subject, ie laying in Newer Personalities and Newer Imprint's.

Free Will and the Psychic Censor act's as a guard against obvious Mind Control, there exist's a difference between Copying other's as in Sub Verbalising and in Verbalising, like as in Verbal Anchor Installing, but then other's can Body Match other's.

RI it seem's is not that hard to learn at all, telepathy is just thinking, and broadcasting thought's to other's.

Most of the Memetic Wargame has been operant for Miillenia's, all the sigil's and the Monogram's have existed for Century's and all the Secret's have been given away as ebook's and pod cast's and mp3's and pdf's.

TS and RI in one sense exist as a similar parallalax within a paradigm but then thinking is just anchor-installing your selves and other's.

The Paradox is thus:

What happen's if you exist as a potent telepathic psychic and you can't stop broadcasting your thought's even when you don't want to, good moot!

Almost a Dickensian Binocular Reality manifest's with all sort's of Ethic's as in regard's to the Privacy of Inviduated Thinking versus Mass Group Mind Nosiness, of coures I postulate that the most telepathic of Folk around will work for the Military Wargame but most imporatntly the Corporate Wargame with the aid of the Media War Machine.

Of course I can rant and rave all I like, since the Eightie's I have read upon the Cyber Magick Psychick Paradigm, it exists as nothing new, the people who have the most power are the most Silent & Invisible!

Look at say, John White compared to John Bearden compared to Uri Geller, it's like the metaphor of people who buy the Anarchist's Cookbook only to blow themselve's up..

NO it's not - only when it's done within a Group Mind Fashionable Construct, the real enemy is the Corporate Wargame and the Industrialised Metanoia Pattern prevail's.

Oops I've went off the rail's, at war with none and all.

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posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 05:23 PM
u cant really control people through telepathy as such, i have some ability i am developing at the moment. telepathy is a way of broadcasting thorghts and feelings to other people not exactly talking / controling although controling can be and effect of "broardcasting" your thorghts. now talking can be possible if the person on the recieving end is also telepathic, it makes it easier to contact and tune into their brain waves and paterns.
i know sounds complicated and it is to a degree but i am finding it easier now that im focusing more.


posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 10:41 AM
Thought Broadcasting is relatively easy, go seek out the relative fiction on it, it's just memetic replication, that's all, people have been using linguistic servitor's and self-made servitor's as well, it depends how well visio you can become in your recall and your sensing.

I am interested in your idea's, have you ever mediated do you do discipline upon your breath.

Go read "Telecult Power" by Reese Dubin.

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posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 08:49 PM
Have you just opened up and tried to listen and see if you get an answer?

The first time I did this I started and spent a very long time not really posing a question or real thought of value as I just wanted to observe really until I picked a person that is dead and kept calling him out than I got a response I felt like I won the lotto. What I pick up is like jibber not sure what to think of it really. First was Albert Pike and he said the dance of ages have become. The last time I did it I did not direct any thought to anyone and recieved "they are pointing at 11 degrees. Like I said jibber but it seems like audio just inside you. Not a very scary experience either like the so called gaming? There has ben no real description talked about on what each side experiences but the person I was working with which I did not know his intentions stated it was just gaming but it felt very uncomortable and not knowing what a person's goals are it poses a problem.

Blingblong if anyone on here has been involved with gaming and has spoke publicly on here it would seem to be you. Have you did this "gaming"? Did you feel a extreme pressure on your head?

I remember hearing Ingo Snow in his only interview say that people within gov lines were trying to do actions on people yet no progress. This is one thing I experienced which freaked me out the person I was working with said you need to figure out want you want or your head is gonna explode and this crazy pressure came over me. I guess if I started to fear that it could of well indeed killed me which offended me dearly. Anyway would love to hear your experiences.

posted on Aug, 10 2006 @ 12:39 PM
masonite, what's gaming? And what's the chance of winning a lotto, with telepathy, psychometry, remoteviewing, astral projection?

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