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Al Gore spoof Video not so Amateurish

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posted on Aug, 6 2006 @ 12:00 AM
I hope this isn't a re-post. I just found this article on AOL; Secret Film maker Exposed

Public relations firms have long used computer technology to create bogus grassroots campaigns, which are called "Astroturf."
Now these firms are being hired to push illusions on the Internet to create the false impression of real people blogging, e-mailing and making films.
"People will become more savvy, and then the people who are making the fake videos will become more savvy about how to cover it up," Cox said

I watched the video. It is pretty terrible in many ways. Not very clever at all.
I'm no fan of Al Gore, I'm not convinced about human-caused Global Warming, and I'm not a Democrat, but in my opinion this movie is a bit despicable.
Companies such as PayPerPost have been using bloggers to promote all type of products and view points,.. but this Video just reached a new level of obnoxiousness in my opinion.

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