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more evidence for october 28, 2011

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posted on Aug, 5 2006 @ 11:22 AM
first before critisicm on this please at least be familiar with the ideas of john calleman ( how the mayan calander is a calander that takes us through higher levels of consciousness that we will be experiencing as we approach the climax of this transformation

1. which is a process not a end of the word scenario but end as we are use to experiencing things (which coincidentally should be accompanied by an increase in force and war and chaos)

and why it seems to be october 28, 2011 and not dec 2012. and how it can be connected to with the MESSAGE behind some relgions i.e christians ( such as how the apoclypse which we very well be living in is a time of a REVELATION of higher truths and that our higher levels of consciousness allow us to see these truths revealed. we are in now what the christian's or bible calls the apocolypse where there are REVELATIONS (of higher truths) that can be seen by all thanks to the transformation in consciousness we are enjoying. and as this transformation reaches completion october 28, 2011 those who align there lives living kindness and love, and make peace with the beast within (greed and hate) are going to be able to make this ascendtion (spell check?) into a higher place (metaphor from bible of a higher place .....heaven) or cling to the materialistic world and stay below (a hell of sorts) because when others ascend what is now seen as level can be seen as the lower level or below)

it is interesting on a side to read about the montauk experiment (1963) and the philadelphia experiment (1943) ( high level cia projects) which talk about radical ideas (unless u are already privy to them) that show how time is not just past present future but a sort of continuim where the present can change the past and going to the future could change the present (validated thru experiments) or multiple possible realities and some intresting stuff. wether anyone is open to googling these projects which our probably more possible than most understand it is intresting to note that in these projects as people played around with time travel yes time travel that no one could get past a certain date in the future in a way that that was similiar to what they were accustomed to (our current reality) no one could get to 2012 .

p.s some speculation on the what they may have realized when they found out they couldn't get past 2012 in there time traveling.

if this was true i wonder if 60 or 80 years ago they tried to understand why and studied civililizations that portrayed 2012 or thereabouts as an important date and came across the mayan calander and why what was happening was going on and learn more about it. and if so they may have some radical way of circumventing this time or traveling back everytime they grow closer to that peiod) (purgatory?) until they learn there lesson knowing the only way to ascend is to practice kindness and love and oneness and let go of there power and there manipulation which is there pleasure, it may have been impossible and very frustrating to know that u must let go of something that gives u pleasure at the expense of others thru manipulation, in order to allign with the transformation which represents or symbolizes a loving unselfish (oneness) world or energy , when many of these people had so many skeletons and emotinal # in there closets it seemed impossible to even FEEL LOVE , at least until the healing tools such as NLP and EFT became available which would still make it VERY CHALLENGING for them to heal themselves enough to be in accordance with this transformation which would be fitting KARMA. so maybe this elite group took the lower road seeing maybe they could continue to live indefinitely traveling back in time whenever they get closer to the completion of the transformation and they are now just tryng to create/agree upon there own best scenaio/ in the last 5 years they have in this dimension/consciousness

[edit on 5-8-2006 by cpdaman]

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