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Feeding The Homesless Now A Crime

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posted on Aug, 3 2006 @ 06:37 PM
It is now ilegal to feed the homeless in Las Vegas public parks. Several cities in the US, including Los Angeles are considering laws that would make it a misdemeanor to give aid to the homeless, including food, in public places. It makes one wonder what our country is coming to when the homeless have become such pariahs in a society which once prided itself on it's compassion.

Las Vegas outlaws feeding homeless in public parks
Las Vegas city council members have established a new punishable offense - feeding the homeless. On Wednesday, the Las Vegas City Council voted to outlaw the presence of mobile soup kitchens in public parks. Anyone caught serving food to the homeless will be subject to a misdemeanor charge. City officials say they’ve enacted the law because soup kitchens have kept people away from visiting public spaces. The American Civil Liberties Union has harshly criticized the measure, calling it both unconstitutional and unenforceable.

Having been homeless myself for several months, I know how hard it is to get help; there are too few shelters with too few beds and. for those who can not or refuse to panhandle, finding even one meal a day is sometimes dificult. I thank God for the compassion of friends and strangers who kept me from starving during that time. I lived in my car and usually didn't have enough money to put gas in the tank.

Law bans feeding homeless in parks
LAS VEGAS -- In an effort to curb charity that is having unintended consequences, the City Council has made it illegal to give food to homeless people in city parks.

Now, if city governments have their way we are going to see a large number of human beings suffering starvation and death;Americans seem less and less inclined every year to give their time and/or money to help out the few missions and shelters that are functioning now, so there will be fewer and fewer of these options available in the future, increasing the problem.

Your input is requested; do you believe that hunanity, as a whole, is losing it's sense of compassionate for the unlovely and unfortunate of our country or is it, instead, just a sign of a cultural shift, an indication of just how caught up everyone is in their own problems and attempt to stay afloat in our crazy world?

And no matter the cause, how do we change the situation, can it be changed?
I have to admit it is worrisome to me.



posted on Aug, 3 2006 @ 06:51 PM
In a sense I suppose we as a society may not seem as compassionate as we once were. However, I do not believe that we are without compassion. Where I work we contribute above the state average to the Combined fund drive per employee. Many people I know volunteer both time and money to help others. I know that Catholic schools hold food drives several times a year as does the state pen and many other organizations. I know many people including me who drop things off to Helpline once or twice a month we just don't make a big deal out of it; after all it's just a couple of sack of potatoes or some bottles of shampoo whatever happens to be on sale. My brother's store sells bags of groceries at cost during the winter and holiday season it's 5 or 10 dollars a bag and it goes to the food bank. Many people volunteer to cook and serve one or two days a month at the shelter others give food. I know many people who will stop and buy a homeless person a meal and give it to them. I don't give money but I will go buy a decent meal and bring it to them. As far as laws against giving homeless food I would in fact have to break it as I think it's a case of legal right and moral wrong.

Society as a whole has less compassion but when you start dealing with individuals I believe that compassion is still strong just not as visable. That is why I'm glad my daughter's high school required community service for graduation it teaches many valuable lessons not the least of which is the need for us to feel compassion and help others where we can. We as parents should be showing our children this trait by volunteering to help at least once or twice a month for a cause we belive in.

posted on Aug, 3 2006 @ 07:12 PM
Your thread title is misleading. It is not illegal to feed the homeless. It is illegal to use public parks for this purpose.


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