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Iranian president: Destroy Israel

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posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 11:54 AM

Originally posted by princeofpeace
Some felines are persians too but it doesnt keep them from being cats

Boycott Islamic fascism

[edit on 5-8-2006 by princeofpeace]

To state that Persians are just a smaller sub grouop of the Arab culture is wrong and very ignorant. Persians and arabs have different languages and different cultures, and are not the same.

Also if people understand Farsi, they would know that to state the "dismantling of the zionist state" or "wipe Israel off the map" these are literal translations of what he said. If he wanted to state "destroy Israel" he would of said very different words, and hence the translation would be accurate. For us to interprety these literaly farsii tranalations to english and then try to interupt them stating other things like, he calls for the destruction of Israel publicly is false and a complete assumption. If he was calling for the straight destruction of Israel, war would of broken out along time ago. This is not to say that the regime in Iran does not want the destruction of Israel, but to twist their words to satisfy your agenda is false. It would be the same as me interupting Bush's quotes on why the war in iraq was founded on.

Other than that, to boycott Islamic fascism i agree with 100%

posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 02:44 PM

Originally posted by money order
What is this supposed to prove IAF101?

If your going to ask me that, then I think you havent understood a word that I've written.

So one palestinian sided with the Nazis and fascists. Does this make all Palestinians Nazis? No.

As the initiated know, Nazi Germany and Hitler actively sought the destruction of any future state of Israel in the British Mandate. They did this through actively encouraging and instigating the Arab leaders fighting the Jews and even supplied them with arms and money in some cases. Again as anybody initiated in history would know, Hitler wanted to take the Suez Canal and for this he needed the Arabs. Also throw in his anti-Semitism his support to the Arabs is absolutely logical.

What do you say to the fact ...the Zionist Stern gang received funding from Nazi Germany and Fasciast Italy during the war as other Jews were being murdered in the concentration camps?
Jabotinsky In Fascist Uniform
Zionist Collaboration With Nazis and Fascists
Does Jabotinsky make all Zionists Nazi collaborators? No.

What do you say to the fact that you are committing intellectual fraud ? What do you say to the fact that this type of deceit is a nothing short of slander ?

Okay now, have you seen the picture that you have shown ? HAve you read the article you have posted supporting your accusations ?? If you had taken the time to read this you would realize that the article NEVER says that Jabotinsky was a NAZI! Anybody who has read even a page of Israeli history would know that calling Jabotinsky a Nazi is like saying Ben-Gurion is an Arab!! The uniform that Jabotinsky wears was worn by many many Jews in the 20's and 30's. Jabotinsky served as l lieutenant of the first Jewish Legion under the British and fought against the Ottaman Empire to secure the British Mandate in that area.
I mean just think about it, he's form Russia where he fought for minority Jewish rights, set up the Hebrew University at Jerusalem, was a war correspondent for the allies and then fought for the British. Does all this show that he was a Nazi ? Calling him a nazi is not only ignorant but stupid!
If your point was to say that some Jews supported Hitler, then I will be the first one to agree here but if you're going to slander and insult the memory of a great visionary then that wont be tolerated.

David Ben Gurion was happy enough to deny the right to exist of half of the German Jewish population in 1938 to further Zionist aims.

Again an ignorant interpretation. If you truly understand what Ben-Gurion was like you will see that he was extremely pragmatic and extremely frank, not that he was heartless. The statement you have quoted does not show that he would prefer half the Jewish population under the Nazi's to die but rather if they half of them made it to Israel it would serve Jewry better in the long term. That is not to say that he stopped all attempts to help the Jews under Hitler to escape.

Do your facts show how for the last 60 years the Palestinians were forcibly relocated from Palestine/Israel by some European Jews?

Do YOUR facts show how most of the Palestinian Arabs left of their own accord or either by persuasion from Arab Leaders when they became aware of an impending Arab invasion in 1948 against a new Jewish state ? Do YOUR facts tell you how those few Arabs who stayed were given full citizenship by the new Israel state irrespective of religion ?

Yes, just like the state of Israel the Americas, Australia and New Zealand are on some one else’s land....

I dont think I need a validation of what I've written from you.

I couldn't agree with you more about all of this and here is more
Pushed Into The Sea
Map of Destruction

Do you really believe that this source ( is going to convince me that it doesnt have an agenda to propagate ? Moreover these are articles and not accounts of history!

Some things though, the invading arab armies were ones that were out to commit the genocide that your article claims. The looting during the war was of abandoned property and rarely from people who remained. I am not going to say that looting didnt happen but I will say that it wasnt acceptable as your article itself attests.
On the matter of Palestinians being sent forcibly expelled, that is a myth that has been perpetuated by the Arab community to garner political advantage. However the Arab leadership deftly refuses to comment on the more than 500,000 Jews who were in fact forcibly expelled from Arab states and were absorbed into Israel.

The Palestinians do not have an army or even a government since most of them were kidnapped by Israel. Lebanon does not have an army of any threat to Israel.

You surely are not serious here !?? IF you are not then you most certainly have nefarious designs to subvert reality and sugarcoat fact to befuddle the ingenuous!
Have you heard of HAMAS- the palestinian government that carries out suicide bombings ? Have you heard of Hizbullah- the state within the Lebanese state and army outside the Lebanese army ? Tell me you are seriously this naive ?

Iran may or may not have nuclear weapons. Israel does. Israel also has an unlimited supply of anything the US world super power wants to give them.

Israel has never official stated that it has nuclear weapons. Iran on the other hand has an unlimited supply of terrorists and suicide bombers that their minions Hizbullah generate by preying upon ignorant Muslims. Not to forget their beloved revolutionary Guards that make up the bulk of this perverted deterrence!

IF this is the kind of conjecture that you want to come to people with, thanks but no thanks!

[edit on 9-8-2006 by IAF101]

posted on Aug, 11 2006 @ 11:53 AM
IAF101 You just seem a bit blind to so many things to do with Israel, Palestinians etc. and I don't see why.

Calling him a nazi is not only ignorant but stupid!

Neither I nor PR said he was a Nazi just that he was prepared to take their money and collaborate with them and the Italisn fascists (and anyone else he thought useful). From the point of view of the Palestinians his actions could be interpreted as Nazi/facsist like. His racism, expansionist visions for Israel, denial of human rights to the indigenous Palestinians, his extreme right wing politics. But most Zionists don't see it this way and don't care what Palestinians think on this matter. Perhaps Hitler thought he was acting in the aryan German's best interests too.

Do YOUR facts show how most of the Palestinian Arabs left of their own accord

Even assuming this is right (and it is not) why have they not been allowed to return to their homes, why has Israel stripped them of their citizenship and confiscated their property? What about all the diaspora Jews that were asked by their Zionist leaders to leave their native lands to come to live in Israel. Should they have their citizenship stripped from them? Their property confiscated? Should they never be permitted to return to their country of birth? How do you feel abouth the Jews 'expelled' from the Arab countries? Were they expelled or did they leave voluntarily? What about their houses? Were they compensated? Can they return? Are they still citizens of these countries? What is the difference?

What about the Israelis who have listened to their leaders and left their houses of their own accord in the last few weeks? Should their homes be confiscated? Or should they be allowed to return?

Why deny that it was a forcible removal of the Palestinians from their lands when most of the Zionist leaders of the time say so them selves? From the diary of Yitzhak Rabin

"After attacking Lydda [later called Lod] and then Ramla, .... What would they do with the 50,000 civilians living in the two cities ..... Not even Ben-Gurion could offer a solution .... and during the discussion at operation headquarters, he [Ben-Gurion] remained silent, as was his habit in such situations. Clearly, we could not leave [Lydda's] hostile and armed populace in our rear....

Do you really believe that this source ( is going to convince me that it doesnt have an agenda to propagate ?
Its agenda is quite open and not secret at all. It is quite reasonable that Palestinians would want to remember their homeland, their houses and villages from which they were forced to flee. To document their existence in an open international forum. I know there are some, many of them Israelis, who would prefer that the Palestinians just forget about it all and get on with their lives in a tent in a refugee camp in some one elses country.

If you are an Israeli, you can help us by contributing any information or pictures you have about the destroyed or ethnically cleansed cities and villages. We at Palestine Remembered do not judge all Israelis or Jewish people by the actions of the Zionist movement and its leaders. We understand that many Israelis and Jews around the world support the Palestinian struggle for justice and are willing to do their part in bringing an end to the wrongs of the past.

They are not anti-Jewish or anti-Israeli. They only want justice.

Have you heard of HAMAS

Yes I have. It was a creation of the Israeli secret service to cause divisions in the Palestinian leadership. They succeeded just like Dr. Frankenstein.

Israel has never official stated that it has nuclear weapons

That may well be the case officailly but it has been proven that they do. Remember Mordechai Vanunu

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posted on Aug, 11 2006 @ 12:10 PM
Well unfortunately it looks like the ground work is being laid for the bombing of Iran. All this bombing of hezbollah rocket sites is all a part of the plan. Israel has to try to whipe them out now so that when the bombs are dropped in Iran there won't be a massive tactical unleashing of missles from Lebanon. Don't you all see it? Iran is next and even they know it. They aren't going to stop trying to build nuclear weapons. They do want Israel gone one way or another. If you buy the rhetoric that Iran's leader only want to remove the Zionist regime than you are not as intelligent as I had hoped. He wants that land occupied by whom he belives to be the rightful owners. Its a shame that this is all going to go down like this, but it seems at this point it is unstoppable. What do you suppose Iran's answer on August 22nd is going to be to their decision to stop going nuclear? Why August 22nd? Ah because that day is a special day to the leader. A day that stands for his beliefs. It won't be a day of surrender. Its a race now to clear the path for the bombing of Iran, unfortunately.

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