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From the Soldiers' POV - recommended reading

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posted on Aug, 3 2006 @ 09:51 AM
Reading an excellent book about a battle group from the British army covering their tour in Iraq.

Anyone seeking to understand what it's like and the stresses, strains and humour of the real situation - I'd recommend you try get to read it:

Richard Holmes, Dusty Warriors, Harper Press (ISBN 13 978 0 00 721284 2).

Richard Holmes is the UK's finest military historian and Regimental Colonel of the Priness of Wales Royal Regiment. The book cover a tour by 1 PWRR battle Group in Basra and Al Amarah in 2004.

I have financial (or other) connection with the publisher or author (beyond the fact that he was, a long, long time ago my Battallion CO in a different - unfought - war) but would hearily recommend you borrow or otherwise get hold of a copy.

Hope this is OK by ATS rules

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