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The Short Love Story

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posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 10:28 PM
One day there was this girl she never knew what the next minute would bring and she never betted for one second that it would be bad. Every moment was lived in a world where the pages where blank and the story was unwritten, she kept a saying in mind that never left her side, through each day her life past her by, she worked in her ways and lived in her book, she never gave up and she never surrenderd.
Always having a heart of love and a mind of passion, a passion of life to never end, each moment she would see a heart in need, her instincts overcame her fears and took her life where she never could believe, at everydays end she new her pages end, another chapter of life was about to begin. Before each night she would wonder about life, about each moment she had to live, knowing that love she had and never did, from each nights passing to every mornings awake her life brought upon a way of faith, no to many people could see the life she had created nor the world she had made, this girl was special and no one would tell her, on and on she found a meaning to life that fueled her every second, from writing each sentence to enjoying each page, her life was written as in every fate.
She was more amazing than anyone could know, and that world was about to know. When oneday she came upon a life, beaten and tossed from turmoil and hate, a life hidden behind each wave, there was this boy who had captured her eye, in a certain second all was in a whurl. As for her and this boy they shared something in common they had there own book, each word and sentence was written by hand and each page next was always blank, from each minute that passed there was a life being created between the two they knew, a feeling of living that none of them has ever knew, it was a feeling of knowing each word and space was placed in the space, each line of there books was exactly the same, following each other into the world set before them, learning together the life waiting before them.
Each day would pass and the closer the two stories would unite, one in darkness and one in light, each one helped each learn of the sides until one of them brought them life. The boy was learning that lightness was in his every move and every thought would change to his fate, he began to tell her how special she was. Her light was in his life and his life was in hers, each one began to see the fate and how special it was, from the world that was being created to the each page that was finished there two lives connected more than ever.
Each time there was a passing and a page skipped in there growth the closer to two came, they both would fill in the pages with there thoughts of each other, each knew that no matter there bond would last, apart or together the lines would be together again, from then on there hearts began to act and fate was no longer in course. The true love of life was writting each page and each light, from each other a power beagn to grow, a power each of them knew was to go, in time it would be right but until then, the love for each began to take control again. When the storms would come, and when the boy was down she woudl lift him and say "lets dance in the rain" to lighten up his spirit thats all she knew how to do, when it was that was down he would hold her tight and when it would rain harder all he would say "everything is going to be ok".
This boy had something special about him that she began to see, he would love her no matter what would happen or be, when the words came out, when she knew she was down, that made her cry to know it was actually right, "i love you" he said, and grabbed her hand, dont worry about the wrong we all have done sometime in our life, just know i love you and that will never change.
From there, there worlds began to come together and there hearts began to attach, this was growing deeper than any of the two could see, underneath the love of patience, humility and respect breeded a life that no one expected. A bond was was made and there lives connected, now no one could seperate this truth, all in all, there words began to merge each day that would each one would write together the words of the future and read the times of the past. Each time the page would rip, the book would become tighter, the more that each of them began to worry the more it began to grow, warming there every heart beat till pain was no more.
The life of love was made, a bond of true respect was established and a life of humility was created. There would never be a loss between them, no matter which path they began to take there hearts would always be together and there lives would always be as one.
The two did become one, in soul and in life, covered in lightness and growing in love, it was the universe knew and it was the one thing that life is meant for. The boy began to grow and leave his past behind, knowing the pain he had was no longer in mind, and for the girl she began to see that loving someone else is all that she needs. Running away the two jumped and saw, there lives behind them all woven together and binded in one love story that no one can make, it all happens in fate.
So at the end of the day the two sat down together and he said, "we still have each other and we still have this life, the pages before us are still unwritten and we have to choose, is it love we want or the fate unwritten." and she said, "i choose the fate unwritten because 'I know our love is real' and that will never end, so the life unwritten is all we need to live each day with the pages untouched and the life unset, knowing our love will take care of us no matter how the book ends."

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