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How the New World Order will come to power

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posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 04:51 PM
Think of it like a chess game. The players carefully place their pieces in strategic positions, ready for attack or defense. Then, eventually, one of two things happens. A player makes a horrible blunder which the opposing player exploits; or, one of the players has finally developed his position enough to launch an attack. Either way, it ends in checkmate.

The "New World Order" does exist. It's placing its pieces in strategic positions, ready for our side to make some kind of mistake.

Before his death, Cecil Rhodes created a secret society with a classic structure. Each "circle" of membership takes orders from someone from a higher level, speaking only to one superior officer. In this manner, even the group's own members (with the exception of those at the very core) will never have a complete list of membership, or even know how deep it goes. Many of them will think that they are actually at the center of command, even though they're among the farthest from it.

But if it's so secret, some people might ask, how do we know about it? Because there's always an insider to blow the whistle. Carroll Quigley was a professor of history at Georgetown University, and mentor to Bill Clinton. He had access to the secret papers and records of this secret society, which we can call the Roundtable Group, and wrote a book about it, entitled Tragedy and Hope. The book was never intended to be read by the general public--after all, Quigley agreed with the objectives of the group--but rather, he meant it to be a historical record for insiders. But people started getting ahold of it and saying "Wow! This guy's blowing the whistle on all this stuff!" Eventually, the book was suppressed (though it is now available again).

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the American "Roundtable Group." While the CFR is not a "secret" society, it is controlled by one (though many of its members may not be aware of this fact). About 80% of the leaders in this country (elected officials, professors at universities, owners of media networks and newspapers, journalists, etc.) are or have been members of the CFR.

The goal of these Roundtable Groups (including CFR) is to build world government based on the principles of collectivism.

They will not be the actual government. They prefer to work in the shadows. Instead, they will use their massive influence to control the government which comes into power. This government will be the United Nations.

The International Monetary Fund/World Bank are already working very hard to control world economies. They work very carefully with the Federal Reserve System.

Therefore, it can be said that all the necessary pieces are already in place. It will be fairly simple now for the NWO, in the form of the UN (with control from the Roundtable Groups) to rise to full power.

All that is necessary is for the people to let it happen. Of course, this won't be too difficult for these powerful people. Every day, the (CFR controlled) media reports on terrifying events.

War is always a big one. Between fear and a sense of "patriotic duty," people become more willing to give up freedom in times of war.

But one of the goals is to end war through world government.

Environmentalism and terrorism have been used to get people to give up freedom and liberty.

People are becoming more and more scared. Some of them don't even know what they're scared of--they just are. This is the perfect climate for world government.

posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 04:54 PM
Now, all we need is a great crisis. I think it is likely to be a banking crisis. America's financial institutions will get in trouble. The Federal Reserve will print more money, driving up inflation. Foreigners will lose faith in the Federal Reserve Notes and try to return them for whatever commodities they can. Again, inflation goes up. With the rise of inflation, people lose all their money. Government programs like welfare and food stamps will require massive loans from the IMF/World Bank in order to keep paying out.

United Nations "peacekeeping" troops will be deployed to fight the chaos that results from such a crisis.

And within a matter of years, the United States will be completely assimilated. All citizens will be required to carry an international ID card at all times, and will be subject to search at any time. No citizens will be allowed to have guns. Communications will be completely government controlled. Any voices of dissent will be eliminated.

posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 10:22 PM
I think one is already in power; but I have no firm idea when it came to power. Modern political correctness goes back to the early 50's (hadn’t taken hold then of course) whilst pro Israeli lobbying has been most effective even in the 1960's. They prevented American businesses from boycotting Israel sometime in the 1970's. This act is still in force; and Americans were recently warned to follow it (according to a thread on here right now

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posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 10:40 PM
In a way, I agree. It already is in power. Look at all the treaties and UN regulations. And it's quite obvious to me that those currently in power (publicly) are members of more secret groups dedicated to bringing themselves to power.

But its power is not complete. There isn't a true one-world government. Yet. But we're well on our way to that, as illustrated above.

That's one of the tricks of these groups--making sure no one can point to a certain date or event and say "Hey, this is when we lost our freedom. This is when the New World Order came into power."

There is a group called the Fabian society (famous members include H. G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw), dedicated to the gradual rise of socialism. They didn't disagree with what the Communists were doing--they agreed with the goals. But while the Communists (we shall call them Leninists) used brute force and were quite overt, the Fabians believed that a better method would be to gradually infiltrate the power centers, and slowly turn the world to socialism. That way, there could be no single law or set of laws to repeal, and there would be no individuals to be considered the "bad guys." The world would just wake up one morning and realize there was no more freedom left.

I shall have to try and find a photo of a stained glass window. The images are that of the Fabian society's members striking the world with a hammer to "remould it nearer to the heart's desire." It also depicts a member as a wolf in sheep's clothing. A symbol, perhaps, for their method of infiltrating the system and eroding it slowly from the inside out?

posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 10:45 PM
my favorite part about the whole NWO scenario is this:

they couldnt even control, let alone maintain a police state in new orleans last year. they cant keep control over iraq. the NWO is going to pop out of the woodwork with a 600 million strong worldwide force. sure they are.

posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 11:56 PM
As far as America is concerned, I really don't think a great force would be needed. Most people have an amazing faith in their elected representatives and the news media. Those who don't trust a particular politician just support the other party, not even realizing that they're cut from the same cloth.

In my opinion, this will not be a military coup, but the result of economic manipulation. They don't need a large military force if they can get people to hand control over to them. And I believe the simplest way for them to do that will be to artificially devastate the economy of America (or any other country they choose--particularly the western countries), blame whatever leaders happen to be in office (instead of the "hidden" leaders or the system itself), and then offer a way out.

"Yeah, we'll help you out of your economic mess. But you'll have to give up national soverignty and submit to our control."

And the people will reply: "Yes! Yes! Just help me get money for food! We're all starving!"

So they'll hand over their guns and they'll get money from the IMF/World Bank (or whatever similar organization takes its place). All business and communications will be taken over by this new state.

When facing such a tragedy, people will be ready to hand over their freedom for assistance.

And the inevitable voices of dissent (such as myself, should it happen in my lifetime) will be dealt with in a very particular manner. A pattern I've seen before is this:

1) Demonize the leaders. If their opposition's leaders are demonized in the public eye, they won't be able to get support. Since the government will control communications, this will be easy. There will be video of the arrest, and these people will be charged with pretended crimes. (If jury trials are still intact, it will be necessary for the media to do its job before the trial, to make sure any jurors have seen what "monsters" these people are.) They can then be imprisoned or executed.

2) If that fails, seemingly well-intentioned new members to their opposing groups will begin to flood in. In fact, they will be well-trained agents of the government, sent to infiltrate these groups' ranks. They will do everything they can to sabotage the opposition.

Either way, a very powerful state has ways of trying to crush the opposition. They are not fool-proof, but they are very good, and they don't require military action.

That's the key, right there. My theory, in which economic devastation brings the new government to power, doesn't require the NWO to have an all-powerful military. It needs a moderately strong military, yes (the goal of this is not to crush the opposition, but to maintain some degree of order--but not too much, during the transitional period. The behind the scenes operation of these forces requires chaos in the public eye). But the battles will actually be fought within the system. Covert operations and infiltration of our institutions will bring it to power, not brute force.

posted on Aug, 3 2006 @ 12:49 AM
jprophet420, as Cyberbob pointed out above, it probably will not be a military coop but an economic one.

This is already well all in its way. Privately controlled corporations are getting richer and more powerful than democratic nations. New agreements (MAI) make it possible for them to sue nations who stand in their way.

As long as you cooperate and pay your taxes, you are safe. But don’t think they don’t control you already.

posted on Aug, 3 2006 @ 01:58 PM
I don't believe it will be entirely economic. There will also be a reduction of "personal" freedom (ie., free speech, free press, personal property rights). This is also already well under way. The economic crisis will, I believe, be the final coup. But it will work hand-in-hand with the reduction of personal freedom, either "for our own good" or for "national security" or for "environmental protection."

While I believe the economic battle will be the true struggle, I think it would be the highest folly to ignore the other factors as well.

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