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North American Union cover up???

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posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 10:17 PM
CHeck this out guys.. I searched wikipedia on the North American Union and found that the article was deleted.

And CNN removed this video about the NAU from Youtube, although there are still some other left.

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 11:03 PM

The delete was performed by this admin:

He says

I deleted it as a recreation of previously deleted material.

This is that material

Arguements cited:

Delete - no actual proposal exists and wikipedia is not a manifesto host
Keep Great article, better than the other one-paragraph articles that are numerous on wiki.
Strong delete. Almost entirely original research. The thoughts and speculation of a handful of persons, and not particularly profound thoughts at that

It wasn't deleted by fiat, but rather by consensus.

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 11:15 PM

Wikipedia: Articles for deletion log/North American Union

Youtube: This video has been removed at the request of copyright owner CNN because its content was used without permission.

Here is the CFR report (pdf) that started the hubub I think.

Here is the CFR website/webpage with transcript and audio links for many of their reports and proceedings about "Creating a North American Community" and such.

[edit: pphhhbbbtttt Nygdan is way faster than me

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posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 11:19 PM
Sounds to me like someone put into the encylopedia something that doesn't exist nor has any concrete proposal for its creation, so it was removed.

What's wrong with that?

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 11:12 AM
Speaking of the North American Union. I found this on

Some quotes from that article:

But there is substantial evidence that implementation of a plan to dissolve the national sovereignty of the United States of America is already well under way. So Deepcaster feels an obligation to lay out the facts for you because, whether or not this Initiative is successful (assuming it exists), such an attempt by the powerful forces behind it to push it to success would have a dramatic impact on your investments and your lives.

Deepcaster suggests that you exercise a high level of critical skepticism when reviewing the following. While the following congeries of facts is strongly suggestive that such a plan exists and is being implemented, a suggestive “congeries of facts” is certainly NOT proof positive. So review the following and come to your own conclusions.

President George W. Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox, and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin have already signed this SPP Agreement in Waco, Texas on March 23, 2005. The SPP Agreement is currently being implemented without the knowledge or participation of the vast majority of the American people.

The Security and Prosperity Partnership is the culmination of a long-term project of the prestigious Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) founded in 1921. Prior to the signing of the SPP Agreement on March 23, 2005 by the Presidents of the three major North American countries, the CFR issued a Media Release (on March 14, 2005).

Implementation of the SPP (and thus the NAU) is already underway. It involves, for example, converting the Kansas City, Missouri port into a Mexican port. A business and economic development organization called Kansas City SmartPort has been established as described in the SmartPort website. The plan is to enable cheap-labor products made in communist China to travel in sealed containers non-stop from the Far East by way of Mexico through a "ships-to-rail terminal at the port of Lazaro Cardenas in Mexico" then up "the evolving trade corridor" to Kansas City where they would have their first inspection!

A Kansas City SmartPort brochure explains, "Kansas City offers the opportunity for sealed cargo containers to travel from Mexican port cities with virtually no border delays." It was anticipated that Mexico would pay for big expensive machines to conduct high-tech gamma-ray screening for drive-through inspections of containers, but Mexico so far has declined. Thus SmartPort has already applied for $1.5 million grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration so the U.S. taxpayers will pay for the machines.

Not only is the plan for Mexico to run its own inspection facility in Kansas City, but emails discovered by concerned citizens via the use of Missouri's sunshine laws revealed that one stated "the space (in Kansas City) would be designated as Mexican sovereign territory." Obviously one result of the project would be to take the jobs away from U.S. longshoreman, truck drivers, and railway workers and replace them with Mexicans.

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