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The bargain of our lives

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posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 08:39 PM
In our lives we all find a world we can call home and can call our place to be. For many people they find many of the same hobbies and the same places we call home. In each culture this is sure to change and also through each experience one of us has. But still there are those times in our lives where we find that living this is terrible and there are ways to make us feel better. Those ways I would like to highlight, the ways of satisfaction, the ways the world feed gives it us and what is for sell and actually worth the bargain.

The world today will push at so many people a "temporary satisfaction" and many experiences just for feeling of the moment. But there is never any warning about what might happen during or after those times. Rightly so, everyone should think before they act. But what can one do when something seems so great, and a best buy or a once in a lifetime moment. In each time, each person will find their own little bargain, and for some that bargain was just a little too much for that they could afford; and then begins the regrets and feelings of knowing you have lost.

For each of these moments we all experience we give a little away for it, whether it be currency or time or anything, everything costs. Some things are worth it and some things are not. But does a certain group of people pr even culture have a better chance of getting what they bargain for? I would have to say no. There are so many situations we all find ourselves in and we are all so diverse. Each of us might have been taught the right things to do and some of us not really at all. So there we have the truth and the world will always come up on new ways of catching out attention, but will everyone really see the truth that is there?

But for the world, it gives us that there is never really a terrible bargain. It is always worth what you go through and everything is always somewhat good, and satisfying. But truly not all things are, with many things like drugs and alcohol, many people will be worse off than where they began; and for some even there will be death and extreme pain. So in this world, we have our influences, peers, media, government and even family. This all surrounds the life of a culture of a human being. This life we live is so short and so fragile, the influences around will cause us to turn or keep going. These influences control so many things, and the world uses it all to get you into the game of life.

One day we all will lose our minds; we all will lose time, health and wealth. But for some that all happens too quickly. But out of all of this what is the most important thing to lose for the worth of the world?

So we all see that somehow we all will be influenced by the world from so many different sources and influences. We all just have to know what is worth the bargain, and for some that will differ, and for others it will be exactly the same. For each time we step into a vehicle it is a bargain and each time we do a drug it is bargain and so on. I have seen the most effective influence is our peers; and from that you are pressured to do so much more. In many cases however, we all will agree that some things are just not worth it. It always seems to end up with death at the end of every tunnel; but also pain and being hurt. The world does a great job at covering up the end of the tunnel for so many of us. But in all reality out of all the influences, it takes the people around us to truly help us see and understand if there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Some sites about what is and is not worth it:

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