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Your Take On This Situation

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posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 01:43 PM
I very much enjoy seeing other people's "take" on the same situation.
Each of us looks at something a little differently. Some of us "see" more than
others. Some of us "see" different scenarios. Some of us use our imaginations
so well that we can actually "smell the flowers". Some of us use our feelings to
describe a situation. So, if you're interested, here's a little game that might amuse
Let's take a specific situation and describe our "take" on it at the time. I say at the
time because you might have a different story or take on the situation tomorrow or
the next day. (That's the way we are).

SITUATION: An old man in a wheelchair is pushed down a path, through some
trees, to a small pool. Ten minutes later an old lady in a wheelchair also arrives.

1. Who are they? 2. Why are they there? 3. Where are they? 4. What's wrong with
them? 5. What's the weather like? 6. Any conversation? 7. What's the area
around the pool like? 8. What's the pool like? 9. What time of day is it?
10. Time of year?

Well, there you have it. This is no contest. Just observations and notes.
Can you do it in under 200 words to your satisfaction?

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 02:38 PM
Here's the first one that comes to mind.

The scent of pine filled the air even though snow still covered almost all of the
trees around. The orderlies had left them alone together ten minutes ago, yet they
continued to stare at each other from different sides of the frozen pool. Winter!
Probably their last! And so that's why they requested this meeting. It was their first time together in eleven days.

As the cold breeze picked up, they each took from under their blankets an ivory-
colored cane. Extending their canes out over the ice as far as they could, they
waited for the tips to touch. Their eyes sparkled like little children. They laughed.
As the tips came together, white light exploded around them.
The winter turned to summer, the old to the young, the stricken to the hale.

When the orderlies came to fetch them, all they found were the two canes on top
of the ice. One was inscribed with the word Wife, the other, Husband. The
wheelchairs were gone.

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 04:50 PM
Sitting in his chair near the pool, he waited for her arrival. The shade and cooler evening breezes provided a refreshing retreat from the summer heat. The sparkling water reminded him of days of sailing on the Cape when he was younger. About to fall into a deep reverie, movement caught his eye and he saw her approach. Dressed in her usual pink track suit, today she had donned a sun visor with rhinestones embedded around the brim. Light danced and played from the crown of her head as the stones glistened in the sun. He had watched her for days now, shortly after five arriving poolside to sit by her lonesome for hours until the attendant came to get her. Today he was determined to be her company and had arranged for his arrival ten minutes prior to when she would get there.
"Good Evening Mr. Miles"
"Good Evening George" he replied to attendant, "Good evening maam."
"Sir" she replied nodding her head in acknowledgment, setting off the rhinestones on their mad dance.
"Beautiful day isn't it ...?" he continued as George walked away.
"Lovely indeed and the name is Barb, Barb Bruscetti, of the Long Island Bruscetti's"
"Milton Miles, of Forest Trace Adult Community" he replied with a smile.
Laughing she offered her hand to him, "It's a pleasure to meet you sir"
"The pleasure is all mine." he insisted as he took her hand.
"So Barb of Long Island, tell me about yourself"
As she began to speak Milton Miles settled back into his chair and watched the darkness lift from her aura. Barb Brucetti of Long Island, need and outlet and Milton Miles was determined to be the outlet she need.

***okay..not sure where and how I got to where I did with that...but I hope you like it. that was fun btw.

posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 04:46 PM
Nice. You personalized the atmosphere.

I think I thought first about why they were there. Also, I picked winter to be different. ( From all the other replies- there's been so many)

Come on people, just give it a shot. What's your view like?

Will try a different angle tomorrow.

posted on Aug, 3 2006 @ 05:13 AM
The old man's wheelchair came to a halt by the poolside, as the nurse locked the wheels firmly in place. Rose gardens filed every space of the yard, pink, red, white and yellow in every creves.
"Alright Mr Connel, i'll be just over there if you need me" the nurse said gracfully.
"who's Mr Connel?"
"You are dear, you just forget that somtimes".
She smiled and walked away to a seat nearby. The sun was out, the small pool sparkled with intensity as the afternoon reflections shone up at Mr Connel. This began to irritate him some what. He began mumbling to himself about thieves stealing his glasses. Moments later he realised a lady had been wheeled next to him. The nurse finished locking her wheels in place and walked away without saying a word.
Mr Connel looked at this precious old lady and gave a mighty effort to smile. She looked over.
"Can i help you?" she snapped.
His jaw dropped and his smile became a memory soon to be forgoten.
"Err, i just wanted to say hello" he murmed nervously.
"Well, hello back at ya" the lady grinned as she spoke.
"Umm, what's your name young lady" he gave a suttle wink as the words left his mouth.
"My name is..... ahh...err..hmmm..., i can't remember, do you know by any chance?"
"No..... do you know who stole my glasses?"
She stared hard at him "HOW SHOULD I KNOW, are you calling me a thief?"
He tore back with a tough gaze "you have them, i know you do!"
This time the old lady extended he index finger towards the grumpy man.
"Do you know who your speaking to, I'm Mrs Connel, do you who my husband is, that's right, he's Mr Connel, he could have you locked up for eternity.
He looked at her curiously, then his eyes widend.
"Martha, it's me.... David"
She stared back and rested her hand on his knee.
"ofcorse it is love, ofcorse it is"
They both were now content and happy.
Martha looked back into David's eyes.
"David, where have your glasses gone?"


posted on Aug, 4 2006 @ 03:09 PM
Reddish-brown leaves fell from over head, flittering their way down through the
small clearing, landing gently in the green waters of the pool as the attendent
parked the wheelchair and turned around to leave. "Thank you Jeffrey", he called
over his shoulder, "Thank you".
"You're welcome sir. Enjoy the afternoon".
He intended to do just that. The back of his head leaned against the fabric of the
chair as he looked up into the trees, through them, to the blue sky beyond. The sun
was warm on his face, releasing the pent-up nervousness he'd brought with him. He closed his eyes then, taking in the scents all around him. He smelled the leaves,
he smelled the air, he smelled the flowers over by the path leading away, and yes,
he even smelled the dirt! It smelled rich and fertile.

Sitting silently with his eyes still closed, he heard her arrive and move into postion
beside him. He now smelled her as well, a comforting mixture of expensive soap
and traces of very fine body talc. "Are you really real Samantha?"

"Oh yes", she answered, "I'm as real as real can be". "Are you real too?"
"I am real Sam. It's nice to be with a real person again, thank you for coming".

She quietly took in the gentle surroundings as had he, and then asked him
softly, "Are we the last two?"
"Yes, I think we are Sam. I haven't seen any other real people at all, anywhere".

"Did you ever think it would come to this Michael?" "You know, the Halflinks?"

"No Sam, I didn't see it coming". "Always thought our bodies were finished years
ago, never thought of these artificial add-ons".

"Michael, it was good being real wasn't it?"
"Yes it was Sam. Real good."

"Sam, you know I came here to lose my head don't you?"
"Yes, I know that now Michael." "I guess that's why I'm here too."
"Are you scared of becoming a Halflink?"
"I don't think I'm scared anymore Sam, just remembering what it was like to be real, that's all." "You?"
"No sugar, I'm not scared any more as long as we go out together."

"Can you smell all of these smells?"
"Yes." "Can you see all of these colors?"

"Yes I can. Do you feel how green that water is?"

posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 09:40 AM
Mods, you might want to close this thread.
Doesn't appear to be much interest.
Will try something else later. Thanks.

posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 09:29 PM
He hadnt been down to the pool for weeks, leaves cluttered it's surface, swirling with the light breeze. Michael left, as far as orderlies went he wasn't too bad he thought. He closed his eye's and listened, far off a magpie warbled, the tree's whispered and the blood swam slowly through his veins as a low thrum in the background.
He must have drifted off for a gentle rustling sound bought him out of the trance, next to him in a chair similar to his own sat an elderly woman, older even than he.
He smiled, she smiled. No words were spoken. She seemed familiar and he thought to ask if he knew her, but didn't. She smiled, he smiled. Again he decided to speak but she raised a finger to her ruby lips, and moved her head from side to side.
He frowned and looked at the pond, the leaves danced upon it's surface now, ripples spread forming the leaves into pictures from his past. There, as a young child, chasing clouds. Then as a younger man, trampling over the earth. Now as an older man waiting as the clouds return and the earth spread's it's maw, waiting to devour his shrunken frame.
The wind picks up and the leaves scatter, twirling away across the pool. He turns to face the woman again and she smiles, then speaks.
" It's time, do you know me now ".
" Yes, i know you, you are Mother Nature, you are life and you are ultimately death too ".
" Yes ".
When Michael returned to the pool he was saddened to find the old man had passed away, he thought to himself he wasn't a bad old guy really.

posted on Aug, 17 2006 @ 09:16 AM
Mojo : Nice idea. I liked Mother Nature as life and . . .
Thanks for responding.

posted on Nov, 16 2006 @ 11:42 PM
Clouds scudded across the sky as though the whole world was locked into fast motion. Leaves, yellow, umber and brown swirled in the breeze and a light drift of rain swept first left then right across the pond. Small waves spread ominously over the surface.
Old Joe sat quietly by the waters edge, shifting his weight occasionally in the rigid surrounds of the old leather backed wheelchair. Beside him Alice waited patiently, her last question left unanswered, hanging delicately in the breeze.
"Please Joe" she whispered, "tell me where she is".
After a short pause he replied, his voice no more than a coarse, low growl.
"You know as well as i do, Sirius".
"I know you speak to them, please, ask them to bring her back".
"I've told you already Alice, she's happy, she doesn't want to come back" and then angrily. "Leave well enough alone".
"I can't, you know i can't'.
"You must", Joe's eye's softened and his voice cracked, "They watch, they watch us all. Nothing you or i say will change a thing, maybe after this whole Serpo thing has died down, well who knows".
"I can't wait that long, i just want to see her before i go".
"I'm sorry Alice" Joe said ,"really i am, but the next time they return it won't be for any happy reunions, and thankfully neither you or i will be around to see it".
Tears rolled down Alice's cheeks, reached her lips and fell slowly to earth as the clouds continued to skip across an azure sky.
Joe reached back to a sun bleached neck and rubbed the two small lumps located at the base of his nape, more through habit than any urge to scratch.
" Never understood why you cared so much about a damn dog " he said, but Alice wasn't listening.

posted on Nov, 17 2006 @ 08:24 AM
That's Ben and Germaine. They meet each other during the war and fell in love. They haven't seen each other for 50 years, lost touch. It wasn't until they were both placed in the same home that they found each other again. Now they just can't get enough of each other. It doesn't matter that they're children never visit. When they're together, they don't even notice all the creaks and groans in their bones. They'd thought each other dead. Each had married another and had children. They had gone through their lives already feeling they'd been widowed once and then twice. When they saw each other the recognition and joy was instant. Now they spend all their time at the pond, feeding the goldfish and playing tootsies, feeling like kids.

posted on Nov, 22 2006 @ 03:18 PM
Thousands of years ago, a spectacular meteor shower cluttered the earth's
night-time sky with fiery debris. One meteor fell to earth and landed in a shallow
pond, roiling the water and muddy silt for years to come. Time passed.

Injured animals and birds found their way to the pond over the years, drinking the
water and healing their wounds. Leaves that were blown into the water turned
green again on their helicopter ride to the bottom. Around the pond, trees grew
straight and tall, flowers bloomed with color, and the air was filled with scented
blossoms. Time passed.

The man had been to visit the pond weekly for the last three months. The woman
also. Together, they would frolic in the water and laugh and laugh. Their wheelchairs were discarded eventually, and they re-lived the joys of walking and
running. They became content. Time passed.

A second meteor fell to earth and into the pond. Time passed.


posted on Dec, 20 2006 @ 06:24 PM
The dogwood trees always gave a nice sweet scent to the air,
Danny thought, as he sat at the edge of the small glistening pond
at the foot of the memorial.
Funny how people always stare at the chair, with that sorrowful pitied
look on their face. Little do they know, he thought , that the chair was really his
freedom flag, and without it, he probably wouldn't be here at all.
His mind drifted back to those days, under armed guard,
hidden in the jungle. He could almost feel the sweltering heat,
sweat broke out on his brow , even though the temperature dipped into the single digits. .
His eyes jumped as he heard the rustling behind him.
She is more beautiful today, than the day I first saw her, he thought.
Darry wheeled her chair a little faster towards Danny .
“ Hi!” She shouted .
“ Your a ray of sunshine to these old eyes of mine, Dan”
“ Darry, you old flirt, you sure know how to make an old man feel young again, don’t ya”
he responded.
She pulled her chair up beside him and a quick kiss on the cheek,
sealed their long friendship.
Their eyes drifted from each other to the magnificent statue ,
that sat across the pond. It seemed to talk without words.
All those heroes gone! Their names listed in alphabetical order,
the list seemed endless.
The heartbreak of all that loved them
and lost them seemed to hang on the beautiful sunset ,
like a dark halo singing praises to their sacrifice.

[edit on 12/21/2006 by Ex]

posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 10:01 AM
Authors note: Was just about to post this, then re-read the original thread starter and realised I was meant to do it in 200 words. In my defence I wanted to run and run with this short story (I don't normally write and was getting really into it), so I have curtailed it all I can while making it understandable.

It was his 70th birthday, but the old man was tense. George had forgotten how old he was. He closed his eyes again.

George could easily have walked the small distance from the truck to the pool, but he was prevented from showing them he could by the handcuffs keeping him in his seat. Had George been able to see the path he was being taken down he'd have wanted to let his dogs roam this area of forest. He hoped he'd see his dogs again but knew that hope was futile.

Pushing George was Isiah. Isiah was posted to this position because he had shown his willingness to follow commands with the minimum of fuss. Isiah was one of many, one of those tasked with 'cleaning up'. He didn't think about his job, he just acted. That had got him this far and would take him further with time.

George heard a difference in the path, he'd left a gravel track and was on a much smoother surface. When he felt the water with his feet he knew he had seconds to spare.

"Let me go, I'll never go back... Please just let me go..." he screamed. But the water inched further up legs. Isiah never heard their pleas as all the 'cleaners' had headphones that stopped sound getting in. Kiss me in the morning was just finishing on the state radio station when he felt the old man trying to rock the wheelchair over. It had been Isiah's idea to fit stabalisers that stopped this from happening and he'd recieved many bonuses for it.

"PLEASE, PLEASE, STOP IT, I'LL NEVER GO BACK" George tried to shout, the words being distorted from the sheer terror now taking over his body. The water reached his chest and he stopped pleading, he simply cried. He thought of all the things he'd achieved in his life and all the things he still wanted to achieve. George had never believed in the state enforced religion but with the water at his neck he prayed to some higher being to take him to a better place.

He gulped his last breath of air, retaining the spirit that had given him his successes.

Now under the water all George could hear was his hear pounding in his slight frame. 'This is it' he thought, becoming calmer. He thought of his loved ones scrabbling in his mind to recall their faces. He remembered that he loved and was loved and smiled, exhaling his last breath as if it was his first.

Isiah had stopped the wheelchair on the ramp where he thought the old mans hair line had reached the water. This was to prevent submerging the old man several times which saved time. Seeing the old mans head start to float in the water he counted to 20 and hauled the wheelchair back up the pool's ramp. Isiah felt no guilt, he was following orders.

As Isiah made his journey back towards his truck he was passed by another 'cleaner'. They nodded to each other, as all 'cleaners' who passed each other did. Isiah noticed the old woman in the wheelchair was bleeding from somewhere, she must have been awake upon collection he thought.

posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 11:33 AM
It was pretty close to getting dark when they left him by the pool. Gray
skies began to drop snow flurries everywhere, and his vision was
partially impaired when he turned to look for her. He was just able to
make out her sketchy shadow nearing the turnoff to his "spot".
And then, she was there beside him! His heart began to swell with love.

Alone together again, they wheeled themselves over to the edge of the
frozen pool, and their gloved hands found and gripped each other's.
Bigger snowflakes began to fall, filling the cold air almost completely. Pine-
scented breezes rolled slowly pass them as they pushed themselves up
and out of their wheelchairs, and holding onto each other tightly, they
began to dance in the winter night. Round and round they waltzed, gazing
into each other's eyes with sultry abandonment.

Strange sights suddenly appeared around them as they danced. Striped
candy canes, stockings filled to overflowing, pretty papers and ribbons,
and laughter, lots of happy laughter, could be heard if one listened closely.

Later, covered with fresh snow, they kissed under the winter moonlight,
hugged each other one last time, brushed snow off of their wheelchairs,
and sat back down. They could hear the attendants coming to get them.
Quickly he said "Goodnight Mrs. Claus". "And goodnight to you, you jolly
old fellow", she replied.

After the attendants had returned the two to their respective dorms, they
couldn't help but laugh at them . "Do you know they actually believe in
some old tradition called Christmas?" "What a crock!" "Too bad".

Out at the "spot", the big snowflakes fell on quieter times.

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