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The 5 Keys to a cease-fire

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posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 08:28 PM
The Israeli Deputy PM Has just released recomendations on whats needed before peace can be established between Israel, and the Lebanese Hezbollah

1. ensure that Hezbollah will never return to the Israeli-Lebanese border;
2. obtain the release of two Israeli soldiers captured by Hezbollah guerrillas
3. stop Hezbollah from shooting missiles and rockets into Israel;
4. prevent the Lebanon-based militant group from rearming with missiles and
rockets from Syria and Iran
5. free Lebanon from Hezbollah's control.


From these statements I think its clear that Israeli plan on changing the structure of the region indefinately. Can anyone see a way, in which Israel are going to stop arms flowing from neighboring arab states into lebanon?

they arent going to be able to kill all hezbollah militia, mainly because Syria and Iran have many more hezbollah within there borders, so removing hezbollah isnt possible without striking targets outside of lebanon.

Do we even know these soilders are still alive? we havent seen them, we havent heard from them, Hezbollah havent even brought them up in telecasts too often.

On the surface , these requests look all to normal, people would look and go ,
" well fair enough, stop them arming, stop them shooting, its all fair and good "

But hezbollah were a democratically elected party. They are being armed and influenced by countries whom are EGGING for a confrontation.
Has Israel started its own War on terror?

A Cash Cow, that permits them to use continual military force at an enemey that effecitvley wont die, especially when your only attacking lebanon?

Are they waiting for something to allow them to go into the other arab states?
How long will they wait?

Surely, Iran isnt going to just sit by, while Israel destroys there puppets in north of the zionest creation, while the international community slowly erodes there economy and military with the oncoming sanctions..

Iran and Syria have come this far, they have kicked off a confrontation with Israel, they are bombing israel, killing israeli's and are suspected of coming close to a nuclear weapon.

The golden thought is.

If Iran, was intent on a PEACEFUL region, thus a PEACEFUL nuclera programme he should be showing his desire for PEACEFUL concepts and pressuring hezbollah in lebanon.

Being that he is sending AID to hezbollah, and now has citizens joining the fight.. I think its clear to see he would rather deceive the world, manipulate situations to get his enemy, the zionest anhiliated.

Its obvious now, he isnt looking for peaceful nuclear energy.

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 09:31 PM
How to read between the lines :

1. Secure Israeli-Lebanese border by completely destroying Lebannon and keeping it under control;
2. Call the two Israeli soldiers martyrs for the cause since they are probably already casualties of war because of the "blind" bombing;
3. Make other western countries involved to share the guilt;
4. Move the fight to Iran and Syria, and other neighbouring countries next;
5. (didn't know Hezbollah was in control of Lebannon), but anyway, point taken care of in line 1.

And about the threat aspect, the way i see it, Israel is more a threat to Iran than the opposite.
The paranoia inflicted by Israeli media and extremist parties could bring to power in Israel a trigger-happy warmonger anyday.
What steps were exactly taken to ensure Israel doesn't go bezerk with its nuclear weapons ?
Any peace in the region would need :
- some kind of global disarmament, which Israel will never accept.
- some kind of cold war, which will never happen since Arab countries are refused the right to developp nuclear capabilities.

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