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The Truth about whats going on with the Israel/Lebanese crisis

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posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 05:34 PM
OK, lets make some things clear here...

There is so much happening right now, behind the scenes, and of course the lying bought-and-paid-for media will not report on any of it. But basically, what we are seeing unfold in the Middle East is a turning point in our history, one that will propel us into the Golden Age. Seems like rubbish, when you look at whats being portrayed on our tell-a-vision screens everyday...seems like the world is gonna plunge into the depths of another world war....that will not happen, it isnt happening, it never will happen, and any thought otherwise is only fueling it. The reason the Illuminati controlled media is so focused on this ''crisis'' and hype it up so that people will think there could be another large-scale war, is to fuel that energy, so it has a chance to manifest. Dont fall into their traps...

What we are seeing unfold is a clearing out of the old negative energies, deeply rooted in that area for thousands of years. It has been a place of high negativity and war since the times of Egypt; and since our world is raising itself in vibration, these energies must be cleared, and the cleansing process is manifesting itself on the Earth plane as the conflict you see between Israeli Military and Hezbollah so-called terrorists. This cleansing should be complete within a few weeks, and we shall see a stop to this war. Right now, many people are suffering at the hands of Israel. But these souls have agreed to take part in this process, knowing its greater benefits to mankind on a soul level.

Lets go a bit into this so-called war. How did it all start? Well according to the managed media, this war started when Hezbollah terrorists kidnapped 2 Israeli soldiers, forcing Israel to respond with a massive attack on all of Lebanon. You saw it, it was horrible. Airports, highways, bridges, hospitals, churches, red cross ambulances, men, women, and children all were not spared by the Israeli Military. They claim they were targeting Hezbollah strongholds, although it has been reported that almost all the air attacks failed to kill any Hezbollah leaders at all...mostly innocent men, women, and children were the victims. CNN reports 398 lebanese CIVILIANS killed, 1,480 + injured, in less then 3 weeks of fighting. What are the casualty numbers for Israel? 22 soldiers killed, 19 civilians killed, and about 400 injured from Hezbollah rockets. A little bit of a discrepency with the numbers, dont you think?

Just yesterday, CNN reported that the Israeli Air Force targeted and bombed a United Nations peace-keeping post, killing 4 UN peace keepers, including one Canadian. The site was clearly marked as a UN posts, but Israel still hit it. UN secretary general Kofi Annan said that he was ''shocked and distressed over this apparently deliberate targeting''. Israel said it ''deeply regrets'' what happened, and that it was an ''accident''. Yes, an accident...when the site was clearly marked, and the Israeli Military had just said the day before how precise their targeting is, it is near perfect..our technology is amazing, we have such accurate targeting to greatly limit the number of civilian casualties...although the opposite is what has happened, it seems. Not really. They are precise, accurate, near perfect....and they are hitting their intended mark, civilians, hospitals, churches, red cross ambulances, UN peace keepers, anyone who in any way is trying to ease this massacre. That is the truth that is happening, that youll never hear from those traitors in the media...

Israel is under complete control by the Illuminati, the Rothschild so called ''star of david'' appears on the Israeli flag (no it isnt jewish, do your homework). They are using Israel and their ignorant pawns in the military to wage war, and cause as much death and destruction as possible, wihile claiming to be fighting for good and peace, and fighting evil terrorists who want to destroy Israel. Anyone who fights against them is labeled a terrorist! I guess those UN peace keepers were terrorists too...

The truth is, Israel sent troops into lebanon to do a ''mission'' (actually to serve as bait), where they attacked a Hezbollah position. These troops were meant to fail, and the 2 soldiers were meant to be taken hostage. Hezbollah fell for the bait, and lo and behold, we have the massacre that is happening now. It was all planned out and co-ordinated...over a year ago! Documents have been leaked. This is nothing more than an attempt by the Illuminati to lash out and cause as much death and destruction as possible before they are dispelled and removed from power. They are like a cornered child, who know they have no where to run and their end is near, and dont know what else to do but lash out in a desperate attempt to salvage themselves. It will not work. THEY WILL BE DEFEATED! Creator God has decreed it, no power in the universe call change it! They can only delay it...they cant stop it.

We dont see it on the Crooked News Network, or any other criminal media outlet, but so much Light is shining on Planet Earth right now, I know I can feel it! You know what...this Mid East conflict, if you look at the big picture, is actually good and right now neccesary. Not only are the old energies being cleared, but many many people who were once asleep are now starting to wake up to their leaders crooked ways, and questioning their policies. Many many people are now starting to realize the truth...the people who control the Israeli and American governments nothing but lying, sick individuals who want nothing but war, death, and destructon. However they are just playing their role in these end times, and in the long run are benefiting humanity by providing us with these experiences so we can learn and evolve from them. Its all part of evolution. Gods plan is indeed perfect!

SO fear not what you see on your TVs, and dont get sucked in to the negative energies....just send your love and light to the Mid East area, and wish that there be peace in that region and for all the souls to awaken in their light. You can do this thru meditation, praying, or simply thinking that it will happen, each effects on its own level. Trust that this will be the LAST war that will ever be fought on our beloved Mother Earth. She, as well as we, have suffered enough.

Peace, Love and Light to you all. I AM John Jancar

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 05:41 PM
Just to clarify, I wrote this piece on July 27th, and copy/pasted it onto here. So the date may be a bit off, this is the reason.

We cant forget about the atrocity that happened 2 days ago, when Israeli planes bombed an apartment complex, killing over 60 civilians, most of them women and children. This massacre sparked rioting, rightfully so.

This is a masscre. Israel and America refuse to submit to a cease fire. They say, like they always do those lying scum, that it was an ''accident'' and that they are ''sorry''. I dunno about you, but there are one too many ''accidents'' happening in this crisis. somethin theyre not tellin us?

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 07:02 PM
Most of us agree with you but not forgetting won't prevent, how do we do that?

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 06:08 PM
Pray...meditate...focus ur mind on peace, as I said, each effects on its own level. People gotta understand the invisible world of energy; if enough of us pray and meditate etc etc it will have to effect things. Its impossible for it not to...

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 10:00 PM
Hey i agree with a lot you have said. Plus, if what is going on right now in Israel and Lebanon is the LAST war to ever be held on Earth as you said, i'll take it!!!

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