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Lake Erie Mirage Could Be Real

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posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 03:49 PM
I figure since this section deals with the environment,
this is the best place for this.

CLEVELAND (AP) -- Scientists say it's a mirage, but others swear
that when the weather is right, Clevelanders can see across
Lake Erie and spot Canadian trees and buildings 50 miles away.

Krauss and Joe Prahl, chairman of the Mechanical and Aerospace
Engineering Department at Case, said mirages can occur during
an atmospheric inversion, in which a layer of cold air blankets
the lake, topped by layers of increasingly warm air. When this
happens, it can cause the light that filters through these layers
from across the lake to bend, forming a lens that can create the
illusion of distant objects.


The natural environment never ceases to amaze.

Comments, Opinions?

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