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'Lost:' Season Three Discussion...

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posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 06:38 PM

'Lost:' Season Three Discussion...

The Obvious Purpose Of This Thread...

The (what should be) obvious purpose of this thread is to discuss the third season of 'lost.' This should be the main goal of this thread and, thus, this thread will be different than the other 'lost' thread. Season three of 'lost' hasn't aired yet so all we can do (for now) is post speculation.

Before we can fully enjoy the discussion of season three, allow me to take some time to serve past information about the past two seasons of 'lost.' This will assist new viewers of the show greatly and maybe even assist the long-time fans that may have forgotten bits of information. The following section of this post will not be an in-depth look at the past two season mainly because there is too much information and because this thread is about season three.

The Past Two Seasons...

Season One

The first season of 'lost' began airing in the United States on September 22, 2004 and featured 25 episodes. The main plot for this season surrounded a plane crash that strands the surviving passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 on a seemingly deserted tropical island. The crash forced the group of strangers to work together to stay alive. Their survival is threatened by several mysteries including: a metal hatch buried in the ground, an unseen creature which roams the jungle, and the motives of the island's malevolent inhabitants known as "The Others." During this season, the survivors discover that one of the members in their group is not what he seems and, it turns out, that this man was an "Other." The survivors also encounter Danielle Rousseau, a Frenchwoman who was shipwrecked on the island over sixteen years earlier. The final scene of this season was the mysterious hatch being blown open. The discussion on the internet the following summer was mainly about the contents of the hatch.

There are also many mini-mysteries in this season (actually in all) that shouldn't even be mentioned in this thread because it will definitely get us off-topic, which is season three.

Season Two

The second season of 'lost' began airing in the United States and Canada on September 21, 2005 and featured 24 episodes. The story, which continues 44 days after the crash, focuses on the conflict between faith and science. While some plot mysteries are resolved, even more questions are raised. Several new characters are introduced including the tail-section survivors of the crash and some other island inhabitants. More plot details, island mythologies, and insights into the survivors' pasts are divulged. The existence of "The DHARMA Initiative" and its benefactor, The Hanso Foundation, is established. The truth about the mysterious "Others" begins to unfold and a traitor among the survivors is revealed. The final scene of this season was two men detecting the island's existence via an electromagnetic anomaly detecting machine.

The DHARMA Initiative

Again, in a very brief review, the DHARMA Initiative was a seemingly dead project that revolved around studying: meteorology, psychology, parapsychology, zoology, electromagnetism, and utopian social-." The main location for the project is the island that 'lost' takes place on. As of now, there are six hatches on the island. The hatch in the first season turned out to be "The Swan" hatch.

Final Review

If there are any new-viewers to 'lost' that are confused about anything, please take a look at these sites:


'lost' (wiki)...

Long-time fans will also enjoy the above two sites greatly.

Season Three...

Now that the very brief review is completed, we can get to what we really want to discuss: season three of 'lost.' Before we can discuss, we should be informed about the topic at hand so that we have something to discuss. The next section in this thread is a section that, I think, many people will enjoy.

What We Know About Season Three...

Season three will begin airing in the United States and Canada on October 4, 2006. The season will feature 23 episodes that will be delivered in two blocks: an initial autumn arc of six episodes and then a second run of seventeen consecutive episodes beginning in February 2007. It is important to note that the new episodes will run consecutively (no repeats like last season) except for the break in between the two blocks. The story this season will continue 65 days after the crash, and Lindelof and Cuse (the writers / producers) have planned for the story to focus on "The Others" (as led by "Henry Gale") and their history, ranks, and goals. According to executive producer Damon Lindelof, the audience will meet more survivors of the plane crash as new characters in the third season, and these new survivors' flashbacks will be featured as a unique and central component of the series. This means that existing cast members' (the show's regulars) flashbacks will accordingly be fewer than in previous seasons.

The First Episode

The first episode of the third season of 'lost' is entitled "A Tale of Two Cities." The flashback character for this episode is Kate (this episode will be Kate-centric and will feature her flashbacks).

Episode S3E01 - "A Tale of Two Cities"

Shoot Dates: 8/7 - 8/18 (Location: Hawaii)
A new character, Amelia, will appear in Kate's flashbacks in this episode. Amelia is in her 60s, preferably African American, Asian or Latina, motherly, warm, and funny. She will be a recurring guest star. Another new character, Karl, will also appear in Kate's flashbacks in this episode. Karl is young, handsome, interesting and sardonic. The actor that plays him must not be older than 20-21 and can be any ethnicity. He, too, will be a recurring guest star.

General Season Three Information

The following is a list of what was revealed at the 'lost' panel at the Comic-Con convention in San Diego. The information is from another forum (that must remain anonymous because of ATS's T&C) and is pretty much copied directly. Here it is:

    - Kate will 'choose her man' by episode 4 of next season and we'll finally get to see some hot Kate action!
    - 'Smokey' is not a cloud of nanites.
    - They're still in the process of writing the First Episode of Season 3.
    - Rose & Bernard are not involved with Dharma in any way.
    - Desmond will be returning next season.
    - Any theory/spoiler containing anything about clones is false. They even went as far to say that you will never hear the word "clone" in any episode.
    - They would not confirm or deny the existence of an underwater hatch (so take that as a yes).
    - When asked about season the timeframe, and how season 1 spanned ~40 days and season 2 spanned ~25 days, they gave a response of how timeframes would be hard to estimate because what seems like a day to the island may or may not be long or shorter than in the real world.
    - The Egyptian Hieroglyphics roughly translated to "underworld". Granted they could have several meanings, that’s the meaning the writers were aiming for.
    - Vincent is still on the island. They said Michael should have negotiated harder
    - They indirectly acknowledged the tie in with The Wizard of OZ and said there will probably be more.
    - When asked about how characters on the islands all had fathers who were in positions of power or wealthy (Locke, Jack, Sun, Kate, etc., etc.) they said they couldn't really get into that but told the person asking that he was "asking the right question."
    - When asked about the significance of ending the training videos with "Namaste", it was explained that Dharma is a company that would use their money to further man kind and try to develop things for the good of man kind and that’s why the videos were ended with this wish of good fortune(?). Said it doesn't really have any significance.
    - When asked about how in the Episode where Hurley attempts to track the history of the numbers, and the guy at the mental hospital asks "did you open the box?" and did he refer to Pandora’s Box, they explained that the meaning of the numbers and what they do would all be explained by the end of Season 3.
    - When asked about how many seasons we can expect from the show, they said it's hard to estimate that because the show will continue as long as ABC wants it to. It was discussed originally that the show may only run four to five seasons then have a movie to wrap it all up, but if the show is still going strong in five seasons the network execs may just keep on trucking along. They expressed their desire for it to end after season four ("if everyone here could just stop watching after season 4, then buy the season 4 DVDs that would be great"). So it's hard to say how many more seasons of Lost there may be.
    - They explained that the statue of the foot was put there to give perspective on how much history the island has and that next season we'll probably be exploring more of the islands history and that some flashbacks will take place on the island.
    - An event will happen mid-season that will blow people away.
    - We'll see more scenes from the outside world (taking place at the same time they are on the island).

posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 06:39 PM
New Actors / Actresses For Season Three

Viewers of season three will soon notice that there are some new actors / actresses that will be on 'lost.' Here is a list:

List Of Confirmed Stars For Season Three

Here is the list, from an official ABC Press Release:

    - Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Mr. Eko
    - Naveen Andrews as Sayid
    - Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond
    - Emilie de Ravin as Claire
    - Michael Emerson as Henry Gale
    - Matthew Fox as Jack
    - Jorge Garcia as Hurley
    - Josh Holloway as Sawyer
    - Daniel Dae Kim as Jin
    - Yunjin Kim as Sun
    - Evangeline Lilly as Kate
    - Dominic Monaghan as Charlie
    - Terry O'Quinn as Locke

Even More Information About Season Three

As for season three of the show itself, co-creator and executive Damon Lindelof said:

"The sort of big fundamental 'What's-in-the-hatch?' question we feel we want to be addressing in season three is: Who are these Other people? What are they doing on the island? Why have they been taking us? Why did they take Walt? Like, what's their story? And by the end of season three, in much the same way that by the end of season two you knew the story of the hatch, ... I think [people] will have the same level of comprehension for the Others, and the doors will be blown off the show in a really fundamental way, a way that we've started ... setting up in our finale in season two and will begin to sort of creep its way back into the show again."

Some of the things that we will learn in this season are:

    - More information about Desmond and Penny.
    - Why Locke was paralyzed.
    - Why Libby was in the asylum.
    - Why the island has healing powers.

New Sets Being Built

Some information about the new sets and such:

    - They have committed to at least 1 more year on the Island of Oahu.
    - The new sets include the renovation of an old water tank for underwater scenes.

Rose Is Walt's Grandmother?

I recently read that a friend of a poster on another forum attended Comic-Con and that at the Lost Season 2 DVD party, the people there alluded to the idea that Rose will end up being Walt's Grandmother.

A Reminder...

Discussion (questions and such) about seasons one and two should be posted in the other 'lost' thread, so this thread doesn't get confusing.

Other 'Lost' Threads...

The Original 'Lost' Thread (Created by ATSer "mpeake") (Use this thread for discussion about seasons one and two)...

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LOST! i got into the Dharma Initiative Site!!! check it out! (Created by ATSer "Shadow88")...

Other 'Lost' Sites...

Lost Spoilers (SpoilerFix) (Note: This site may spoiler future episodes. For now, it is alright to post spoilers in this thread, but when the show airs, add a warning about the spoilers you may want to post in this thread)...

The TailSection...



'Lost' (wiki)...

Rules On "Spoilers"...

I know (from personal experience) that "spoilers" (information that hasn't been aired, but will in the future) ruin the experience of watching the actual show. This is why I have created this little section in this post. If you desire to post a spoiler, please warn the reader that you are about to do so. This way, we can all enjoy 'lost' in our own way. This rule goes into affect two weeks before the first episode of 'lost' season three airs (October 4, 2006). For now, spoilers may not do that much harm (and they make great discussion) and this is why the rule doesn't apply until then. I know that I personally will not view any spoilers during the show's airing season because I ruined bits of last season for myself. But that's just me.

posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 07:24 PM

This is a “brief” biography of LOST characters. It is not meant to be a complete listing and history but only a guide to help people new to LOST.

The Big Three

Dr. Jack Shephard played by Matthew Fox.

Jack is a survivor of the Flight 815 crash. He was traveling home from Australia with deceased father. Like his father, Christian Shephard, Jack was a Spinal surgeon at the St. Sebastian Hospital in Los Angeles. His father left L.A. for Australia after Jack exposed him for drinking on the job.
Reluctantly Jack has become the leader of the 815 crash survivors, though some people in the community fell that they do not answer to anyone. Jack is looked to for help by his fellow survivors because of his leadership skills and because he is a doctor. Often when something bad happens someone will run to Jack for help.
At the end of Season Two Jack was captured by “The Others”


James Ford played by Josh Holloway.

Sawyer is another survivor of Flight 815. He was returning to America from Australia after being sent there to kill the man who is ultimately responsible for the death of his parents. Sawyer is actually the name of the man he went to Australia to kill. James Ford assumed the name and everyone on the island calls him Sawyer.
James Ford is a conman and has used his skills leaned from the crime-world to give himself advantages on the island. Although the character might seem like an antagonist he is more of an anti-hero who has befriended Jack, Kate, an many other of the crash survivors.
At the end of Season Two Sawyer was captured by “The Others”


Katherine Austen played by Evangeline Lilly.

Also a survivor of Flight 815, Kate is a Fugitive who was being brought back to America by U.S. Marshal Edward Mars. Mars chased Kate around the world and died shortly after the crash of Flight 815.
On the island Kate is a strong character that often acts as Jacks nurse. Kate is ton in a “love triangle” between Jack and Sawyer.
At the end of Season Two Kate is captured along with Jack and Sawyer.


The Button Pushers

John Locke is played by Terry O'Quinn.

Before surviving the crash of Flight 815 Locke was a paralyzed man who was abandoned by every one who should have loved him. His father, Anthony Cooper, is a wealthy man who conned Locke into donating his kidney.
Believing that the island healed him, Locke felt he was being lead on a quest. Locke discovered the “Hatch” where he found Desmond and among other things, the computer where he had to “push the button” every 108 minutes to save the world.
Towards the end of Season Two Locke lost his faith and believed that pushing the button didn’t really do anything at all.
At the end of season Two Locke smashes the computer causing Desmond to use his key on the failsafe. This resulted with the island being engulfed in a bright white/violet glow accompanied by a loud low droning sound causing pain to all the people on the island. The Hatch door was blown away and landed in the survivor’s camp. The fate of Locke and the Hatch is unknown at this time but things do not look good.


Mr. Eko
Eko Tunde played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

Eko is a Nigerian man who spent most of his life in the world of crime and drugs. Eko was made a priest by his brother, Yemi. Eko forced this on Yemi as part of a plot to smuggle drugs out of Nigeria. Yemi was shot dead and Eko continued working as a Priest in Australia under the alias "Father Tunde." On the island Eko has put his past behind him and is now a “true” priest.
Eko is also a crash survivor of Flight 815. However when the plane was still in the air it was ripped into two. Eko was in the back of the plane and landed on a different part of the island. Eko and Bernard are the last of the survivors from the tail section of the plane. Everyone else from the tail section have either died or have been taken by “The Others”.
Where Locke has now lost his faith in the island, Eko has had visions and feels that he is following a path on the island. He had even taken over “button” duty in the hatch after Locke decided he wasn’t going to push it anymore.
At the end of Season Two Eko was also in the hatch and it is unknown if he has survived.


Desmond Hume played by Henry Ian Cusick.

Desmond crashed on the island three years earlier than Flight 815 from a boating race accident. He washed up on the beach and was immediately brought into the hatch by Kelvin Joe Inman. Kelvin told Desmond that there was an infection on the island and that he had to inject himself with a vaccine every 9 days. Desmond was also shown “the button” and was told that they had to push it every 108 minutes to discharge a build up of electromagnetic energy. Failing to push the button meant certain doom. Two years passed before Desmond took his first step out of the Hatch. Suspecting Kelvin was lying about the infection Desmond followed him outside and was lead to the coast where his boat was docked and apparently repaired. Kelvin has planned to leave Desmond to push the button on his own. The two fought resulting in Kelvin’s death.
Desmond then manned the hatch until Locke discovered him. Shortly after the Flight 815 survivors entered the hatch Desmond ran off and left the island on his boat.
Unable to navigate away from the island (likely due to the electromagnetic activity) Desmond returned to the Flight 815 survivors.
Desmond was also in the hatch at the end of Season Two and it is unknown if he is alive or dead.


Sailor Scouts

Sayid Jarrah played by Naveen Andrews.

Sayid is a former officer of the Iraqi Republican Guard. In Australia he was blackmailed by the CIA to infiltrate a terrorist cell in exchange for the safety of his long lost love, Nadia. He was traveling on Flight 815 to America to find Nadia.
On the island Sayid has done his best to use his skills to help the other survivors. He has become distant in recent times due to the death of Shannon, who he was having a romantic relationship with.
At the end of Season Two Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley travel with Michael to meet with “The Others.” Sayid suspecting a set up proposes a plan to Jack to secretly use Desmond's boat for a flanking maneuver on the Others' camp. Not knowing how to sail the boat he brings along Sun and Jin.
The three arrive at “The Others” camp only to find it empty and with a false hatch door.

Sun and Jin
Sun Kwon played by Yoon-jin Kim. Jin-Soo Kwon played by Daniel Dae Kim.

Sun and Jin are a married Korean couple who are expecting a baby. Before crashing on Flight 815 the couple was having marital problems and Sun had secretly learned English with the intent to leave Jin and move to America. The plan was for Sun to leave Jin at the airport as they were leaving to Los Angeles from Sydney. At the last moment Sun changed her mind and boarded the plane with Jin.
On the island Jin and Sun had trouble getting along because Jin did not speak English and Sun was still trying to keep her secret. In order to clear up a misunderstanding with Jin, Sun revealed that she spoke English to all the Flight 815 crash victims. Jin knowing how to sail a boat joined Sayid on his plan to reach “The Others” camp. Sun came along to translate Korean/English and to also stay close to her husband because they have spent too much time separated on the island.

For full bios and story information I recommend Lostpedia.

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 12:50 PM
Recently there was an interview with Javier Grillo-Marxuach (former writer and supervising producer of ‘lost’) on another forum. Here is what was said by him:

    -You won't have to know quantum mechanics to understand the numbers, but it will help.
    - He can't tell us who drew the map because it will be revealed later, but it was someone who had to push the button every 108 minutes, so his explorations of the island were limited and a lot of what he put in the map is conjecture.
    - This person was clearly trying to figure out where the other hatches were and had not been told.
    - By the end of this season you will know exactly who drew the map, why and what happened to him.
    - TPTB (The Powers That Be) go out to advisors when they have science questions or history stuff (like the hieroglyphs) but there aren't any on staff really.
    - Danielle’s maps are important.
    - Ana Lucia will have a cross with at least one more lost character and who it is will surprise the living heck out of us.
    - The numbers have many meanings but the one most important meaning will be revealed soon. Or rather, the meaning most germane to what is going on in the island.
    - The Walt story will be dealt with this season.
    - Phili K. Dick may have some influence on the show.
    - Hanso funded the Dharma Initiative and this story will be shown eventually.
    - The internal struggle of all of us inspired the science and faith duality theme.
    - The island has a very long history, longer than any of us think.
    - Jack isn’t dying.
    - Dharma and Oceanic are not connected, based on what he knows.
    - We will see all the hatches.
    - No one but the creators knows all the secrets.
    - Sawyer is the most fun, obviously, but he loves writing for Sun and Jin. People love Sawyer because he is a jerk.
    - Everyone on the island has a chance to make themselves better.
    - The Black Rock and the fact that it is just on the island is important.
    - On the fact that there were new washing machines in the hatch, he said that he cannot talk about the “accidentality” of it, but that they make mistakes sometimes.

posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 02:12 PM
new spoilers from this site who has a mole in ABC...


here they are:

    - Fake Henry's real name is Thomas Radzinsky.
    - Chris Shephard is both Jack's and Claire's father.
    - Kate chooses Sawyer.
    - Rose dies this season os cancer.
    - Sayid manages to rescue Kate and Sawyer but not Jack.
    - There is no Walt/Michael in the mini-series start to the season.
    - There will be a Danielle flashback this season, currently planned for March 2007.
    - Locke's leg injury was never a physical injury.
    - Libby's last name is Winchester.
    - Libby's husband was killed in the decking accident that Hurley thought he caused.
    - Libby was after Hurleys money as revenge.
    - Locke was responsible for Shannon's father's death.
    - Karen DeGroot and Dr. Marlin will be found in the Flame Station.
    - The Flame station is partly underwater.
    - The "blow away moment" is: we have a flashback, or so we think, to Penny watching the news just after the phone call she recieved from the artic monitoring station. It shows that Flight 815 has just "gone missing" and the previous couple of months have actually taken place in a matter of moments. The time on the island runs a lot quicker than the outside world.

EDIT: Upon further investigation of the site above, it appears that these spoilers may not be credible. I believe this because the other blog posts on that site are extremely BS. Take these spoilers with a grain of salt.

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posted on Aug, 4 2006 @ 12:47 AM
here is some information from the official lost magazine (issue six):

"Will we revisit the swan hatch?
We will see the aftermath of what happened."

"Can we expect other characters to encounter the monster in the coming year?
Yeah. All I can say is you will be seeing the monster again, and fairly soon."

"Will we see some reasoning behind why the Others didn't take the opportunity to abduct Kate, Jack, and Sawyer when they first confronted them in The Hunting Party?
That is a very god question to be asking, and certainly a question that Jack, Sawyer and Kate will be asking each other themselves and their captors, very early on in Season 3. But we believe that we have an incredibly satisfying answer to that particular question."

April Grace has confirmed that she's a recurring character in Season Three, as Miss Klugh.

"I'm back in season three, and one of the places the show is going to go is "Otherville". We are going to take our hostages back to the base from which we operate and that base may be a surprising change of scene for the audience."-Michael Emerson (Henry Gale)

"...and I think we'll be wearing shoes the next time you see us"-MC Gainey (Tom Friendly)

"Why did Walt appear to Shannon out of the jungle?
He was trying t tell her something but kind of did it at the wrong time (Malcolm David Kelley)"

posted on Aug, 4 2006 @ 12:51 AM
'Lost' Producers Talk Season Three, Romance, Reruns and Bad Robots...

Damon Lindelof: One of the things that's really cool to us about Season Three is that we're not going to have reruns this year, which is sort of a big frustration, both for us creatively and the fans in terms of getting traction. We feel like we've all arrived at a compromise that's going to be awesome. As a result, the downside is that there is going to be thirteen weeks with no Lost. But we're designing almost a mini-season that's going to start the first week of October and run all the way through the middle of November with six consecutive episodes that will almost be sort of a self contained storyline, with it's own little mini-cliffhanger. That way, when we come back in February and run the remaining sixteen episodes, it should be fairly cool. We all sat down and worked out the entire season right when we finished Season Two. We didn't even break. All the writers went down to Hawaii, and we basically figured out what the tent poles of [Season Three] were going to be. At the end of episode six, a tremendous amount of stuff is going to be happening. I don't know how I could possibly be any vaguer in terms of specifics.

posted on Aug, 5 2006 @ 12:32 PM
Just want to elaborate:

"Lost" - awarded the 2005 Emmy and 2006 Golden Globe for best drama series - has begun production in Hawaii on third season episodes of action-packed mystery and adventure -- that will continue to bring out the very best and the very worst in the people who are lost. The series will have its season premiere WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

After Oceanic Air flight 815 tore apart in mid-air and crashed on a Pacific island, its survivors were forced to find inner strength they never knew they had in order to survive. But they discovered that the island holds many secrets, including a mysterious smoke monster, polar bears, a strange French woman and another group of island residents known as "The Others." The survivors have also found signs of those who came to the island before them, including a 19th century sailing ship called The Black Rock, the remains of an ancient statue and bunkers belonging to the Dharma Initiative, a group of scientific researchers.

Jack, Kate and Sawyer open the season in captivity as prisoners of "The Others." Just who these "Others" are and what they want are primary questions Season Three will explore. Michael Emerson joins the regular cast in his ongoing role as Henry Gale, leader of "The Others." Romance looms on the horizon as Jack's interests veer towards a mysterious new woman, whose motives may be questionable. Sun and Jin will continue to celebrate their pregnancy - but is the child really Jin's? Locke and Sayid will band together with some of the other survivors and journey across the island in an attempt to free Jack, Kate and Sawyer. Charlie will attempt to return into the good graces of Claire and her baby, Aaron, but can he be trusted to stay clean and sober? The fates of Locke, Desmond and Mr. Eko in the aftermath of the implosion of the hatch are answered. Will Penny Widmore find the island and her long, lost love, Desmond, and can the survivors find a way to interact with the outside world?


Also, concerning Libby, on the 'lost season two,' part one DVD (UK), there's a deleted scene called 'What's Your Story?' which is like another segment of Libby and Hurley doing laundry. In this scene, Libby reveals that she has been married, and when Hurley asks how many times, she says 'Including the ennulments...3.'

posted on Aug, 5 2006 @ 02:35 PM
It is being reported (though not official, yet) that Kiele Sanchez has joined the cast of 'lost.'

I'm telling you this now because it looks like Ms. Sanchez closed the deal late Friday, although I have yet to receive an official confirmation from ABC. I'll have more on this developing story in this Wednesday's AA.
Source: The Ausiello Report


For information on Sanchez, please see:

Kiele Sanchez (IMDB)


From the source:

Kiele Sanchez Gets Lost

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posted on Aug, 6 2006 @ 12:38 PM
In an article published in "Night & Day Live," a supplement with the mail on sunday in the UK, a couple of things caught my eye about Shannon's character:

"...More complex is the timeline. The producers have been deluged with calls & emails after Rutherford joined the lengthly body count in the second series, which is halfway through it's run*. But nothing in Lost is quite what it seems - the show is told through a series of flashbacks, and she is due to make her appearance in a scene about another character's past."

* - Season two is half over in the UK

And later on in the read:

"And her return to Lost? 'Even if you are killed off you can come back to life,' she says. 'So just wait & see.'"

This could be fun...

posted on Aug, 6 2006 @ 03:03 PM

Found this in TV Guide which is a free suppliment to the UK paper the Sun.It appears that next season Jin learns to speak English.


posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 08:48 PM

TSA, I hate you!!! I was just getting over series two and you spring this thread on me??? Why......WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay drama over. Lost Time!

- Fake Henry's real name is Thomas Radzinsky. Radzinsky? Like Kelvin's former (most importantly) deceased partner?
- Chris Shephard is both Jack's and Claire's father. I knew that the second I watched it. I posted it on a thread somewhere and no one believed me
- Kate chooses Sawyer. Damn straight. He's the only man for her!
- Rose dies this season os cancer. Wonder wht effect this will have on Locke?
- Sayid manages to rescue Kate and Sawyer but not Jack. I don't really like Jack anyway
- There is no Walt/Michael in the mini-series start to the season. expected. There is debate if they'll even be in the show
- There will be a Danielle flashback this season, currently planned for March 2007. In the words of the Cyber-Leader from Doctor Who - Excellent. Looking forward to seeing what really happened when she arrived
- Locke's leg injury was never a physical injury. I kinda guessed this too. When Boone was in the plane and Locke started doubting his leg played up. IMO this will change his outlook on the Island that "saved him".
- Libby's last name is Winchester.
- Libby's husband was killed in the decking accident that Hurley thought he caused. Is that why she was obssessed with him. Did she want revenge?
- Libby was after Hurleys money as revenge. I just spotted this bit which answers my above question lol
- Locke was responsible for Shannon's father's death. AND her brothers? Its a good thing she died or there'd be some serious Locke-kicking. This also means that alot of her family were killed because of someone else
- Karen DeGroot and Dr. Marlin will be found in the Flame Station. DeGroot. Interesting. Now we will get some answers. Unless she pretends she crashed in a hot air balloon and is called Henry Gale.
- The Flame station is partly underwater. Thats what was meant by "neither confirm nor deny". Its half and half
- The "blow away moment" is: we have a flashback, or so we think, to Penny watching the news just after the phone call she recieved from the artic monitoring station. It shows that Flight 815 has just "gone missing" and the previous couple of months have actually taken place in a matter of moments. The time on the island runs a lot quicker than the outside world.THAT is interesting. This has severe implications. How long has the entire operatin been going? If it started in the 70's-80's that means at least two thirds of a century have past.

Oh and that thing about rich parents? Well, don't tell Mittlewerk but apparently Sun's dad, a Mr Paik owner of Paik Industries, has a connection to the Hanso Foundation.

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posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 09:22 PM
i am so happy another poster is here

thanks JackofBlades for joining, now the fun can begin

again, about the information you are discussing, i believe it to be not credible...

just take a quick look at the other posts in that person's blog, it's all a joke

the math for the "blow away moment" doesn't add up and locke can't be responsible for shannon's father's death (as jack helped his soon-to-be ex-wife instead)...

yet, some of these things may actually be true...

kate may choose sawyer (there are rumors that a new female may be jack's love interest)...

i am also interested in this guy's information because he knew (two days in advance) that sayid preforms a rescue operation even before the official ABC press release came out...'

but, maybe it was a lucky guess...

i believe that jack's father is most likely clair's father too (based on what i have read)...

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 04:04 AM
as kate jack and sawyer are with the others, i think we'll see some of the lesser known actors start to come through a bit more..

i'm pretty sure we won't be seeing too much of those three, and maybe not much of locke and ecko (depending on if they're alive at all)..

can't believe the time has come around so fast.. september right?.. i cant wait to get downloading again!

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 06:50 AM
It would make sense if Jack can't be rescued. He is a doctor, and the Others also seem to be in some kind of either medical or other biological field (hence the taking of Michael's blood). Perhaps he understands what they are doing and decides to stay with them.

Some of that guy's rumours seem to be logical though. If Rose ultimately dies of cancer after thinking she was healed, perhaps the tumours were affected by the later mentioned time difference. So she thought she was healed but in fact she was only given a short reprieve.

I think it is clear that Jack and Claire are siblings. That episode wasn't exactly the most cryptic and IMO criticism of this fact only exists because it would be too expected. Which means that Jack will probably find out, and have a deeper interest in Aaron (maybe tieing in with my belief he will join The Others).

I got some more pondering to do now.

posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 11:12 AM
Episode 3.2 - "Further Instructions"

This episode is Claire-centric and her flashback features Mike and Jan, a hippie-ish couple in their 50's. They are warm and kind, but also tough and protective when the situation calls for it.


From dwb: What do you mean you know what happens at the beginning of next season? Dish!
I do know how the season premiere starts off and can tell you that I don't want to overhype it in any way, but it gives me chills just hearing about it! Obviously, I can't ruin it for you or I'll be locked up as soon as I land in Honolulu and ridiculed for even thinking I could get close to the set, but here's what I can tease for you: (1) There is angle that is reminiscent of something seen on Desperate Housewives (okay, that makes it sound really scary, but I promise, it's not), and (2) we see Jack, Kate and Sawyer right away, but not in the same place.


posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 06:06 PM
News about love interests:

Kiele Sanchez will be playing a character named Nikki and she'll be a love interest for Rodrigo Santoro's character.

posted on Aug, 11 2006 @ 12:32 AM
'Lost,' Season 3: All about the Others...

"We were interested in exploring what price you would pay to get your son back. The price that Michael paid was so extreme, it didn't seem possible that he could remain a part of this society after what he had done," Cuse said, noting that banishment goes back to the Greeks.

"He's been banished from the island, and that to us represented sort of the necessary consequence of his action. It doesn't mean his story is over," he said.

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 02:51 PM
Just a Little "Lost"...

If you're like us, you can't wait until "Lost" returns -- October 4, if you haven't already marked your calendar. And if you are as addicted to the show as we are, you'll take whatever info you can get -- even if it's only 10 seconds long.

Cameras spotted Matthew Fox, who plays Dr. Jack Shephard on the show, in Hawaii where he's currently filming the third season of the hit show. You'll notice Fox is dressed in hospital scrubs -- so he's probably filming a flashback scene. He was headed back to his trailer after shooting a scene in a medical center on the island.

The show has wrapped up most of Fox's character's back story -- we saw what drove his dad to drink and why his wife left him -- so maybe these flashback scenes will raise some new questions. Personally, we're curious who Jack's wife left him for -- Desmond, perhaps?

VIDEO: Fox On The 'lost' Set...

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