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The Sault Antlers - Rasty Drinking Songs

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posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 02:48 PM
A fine collection of excerpts from various age-old Irish drinking songs.

With the global membership of this Community I feel certain there are many who will enjoy and can appreciate such.

A Short Dissertation On The Drinking Songs

The Drinking Songs in this album, while certainly rasty in part, are in no way rastier than the modern "R" rated movie. They have been handed down from generations of Singing Drinkers, and many come from the very origins of our language. The Sault Antlers consider this music to be an Endangered Species, and it is our intent to preserve and promote it for future generations of Singing Drinkers. Our world would probably survive without these drinking songs, but our survival would be, in a small way, perhaps, void of much roguish jest and history.

1. The Bastard King of England
2. Blow the Man Down
3. The English Nobilio
4. Walk a Little Way With It In
5. Cats on the Rooftops
6. The Hedge Hog
7. That Short Word
8. Daisy
9. Ring Dang Doo
10. All About Turds
11. Fireship
12. The Farter From Sparta
13. What Color
14. With Me Hand
15. None is Bigger Than Mine
16. All For Grog
17. With Baited Breath
18. Rastus
19. Hitler
20. The Virgin Sturgeon
21. Man on Top of Woman
22. Suzanne
23. The Maid From Amsterdam
24. Kafusalem
25. The Sexual Life of the Camel
26. Daffney
27. The Winnipeg Whore
28. I’m Looking Under
29. The Chandler Shop
30. Those Four Letter Words
31. The Queen’s Marines
32. O’Reily’s Daughter

* these are the same clips available directly from the website linked to above.

These folks get together every year in a local pub, on St. Patricks Day. They also come together for the 6 month interim in September to hoist a pint and share in the merriment.

A good time had by All.


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