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Another ME nation joins the Lebanese fracas, should the US get involved?

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posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 11:22 PM

Originally posted by marg6043
Why defeated in weeks? because US? why would US attack sovereign countries just because they are at war with Israel?

I'm saying that if it comes to that, then the US will defeat their main armies quickly, while noting that its the insurgency that won't be put down so quickly, just like iraq. Syria and Iran are regional powers, they're like old Serbia in the Balkans during WWI, influential for their region only. There's no question that their aging tanks and airfleets will be crushed, just like with Hussein.

No matter what US does in Iraq it will never die as long as US keeps occupying Iraq.

Thats not true. People can hate the US as much as they want, if their support is pulled out from under them, then they won't be able to mount an offensive. Guerilla armies, which is what the insurgency basically is, require support, if they can't protect their lines of support, they are destroyed, thats how they are beaten.

Is a mess in the middle east because so many foreign influences trying to dictate the lives of the people.

Indeed. And just as much as its a problem that the US has meddled in the affairs of say, iran, its a problem that iran and syria have their proxies, like hezbollah.

No matter how good the intentions of the west the middle east people will always side with their own

Let them. WHo cares that they do? Who would want them to do otherwise. The US will remain in Iraq, preventing there from being an anarchic power-vaccuum, and permiting self-determined governments to form. Once the self-determined governments can prevent groups like the nationalists or the islamists from seizing power, the US can leave. There's no reason to say that arabs are unwilling to side with their own government, even if it is connected to the american government.

That is not my calling that is what the middle east people feels.

Who cares what they beleive. Israel was attacked, and so its going to have to respond. If the lebanese don't want to be bombed by Israel, then they have to not attack Israel. We used to be in a situation where people though that, if everyone just sat down at a table and talked things through, they could solve their problems. Now people are realizing that thats not the way its going to work. Its real politics.
In the Israel-arab situation, the Israelis have come to see the real politics of it, that there are going to be groups that are going to attack them, and there is no diplomatic effort that will ever prevent that. So their only alternative is to create buffers and walls around themselves and respond with overwhelming force to each and every attack.

No matter if some want peace and prosperity like in the west they will never side with Israel, never. . .

Then they will never, ever, have peace, beacuse they simply can not defeat Israel. Its not magic, its not bible prophecy or divine patronage, its real politics, measured in guns tanks planes and bombs. Short of surrender by the Israelis, Israel is going to be around for the next few generations. If the arabs want to live out those generations in occupation, well, its really their decision, engage in real politics, or take pride, while occupied, at being in their minds ideologically correct.

posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 11:29 PM

Originally posted by princeofpeace

She's saying that the bible writers didn't know about 'all nations', to them 'all nations' was egypt, persia, syria, phonecia, parts of greece, bits of libya, and the arabian desert.

Iran won't be able to help Syria if they get invovled with a full blown war with Israel.

Iran and Syria do have a common defense pact though. Iran would be required to declare war on Israel if Syria and Israel went to war with one another. Indeed, thats one of the only two situations that they could've been thinking of when making the pact (that and the US attacking either one of them and then the other comming to their aide).

The big question will be will Israel allow Arab nation peacekeepers to be part of the force that will eventually be deployed into Southern Lebanon.

I can't imagine any arab nation having much of a surplus of soldiers to send in. Syria clearly can't be permited to move it, the UN just ordered them out. Maybe Egypt could send some troops in, but I don't know if they'd even be willing. And Egypt doesn't have anti-israel militias and does have a peace trearty with Israel, so I don't think the yehudis would object.

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