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My idea for a consensus on the EU budget

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posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 08:55 AM
The EU budget for 2007-2013 has been approved by all 25 EU member states but obviously in 2013 there'll be a row over the next budget. And obviously it will be about the same issues. So I now present to you my idea for a consensus.

As you know, there are two camps. One is the pro-British camp, the one that wants a reform of the EU budget and of the EU itself. The other one is the pro-French camp, which thinks that the EU will be doing well in the future if taking the present policies and resists any reform of the EU and its budget.

What the pro-British camp wants is:
1) GB retaining its budget
2) Cutting the spending on agriculture, regional aid and administration

What the pro-French camp wants is exactly the opposite. So, how to achieve a consensus? How should the diplomatic game be played?

IMO like this: the pro-British, reformist camp should gain as many allies as possible. When France will be supported by none or few countries, it will not resist EU budget reforms. To do that, the following deal should be reached:
1) The British rebate should be raised to the 2005 level
2) Spending on agriculture should be radically cut, if not terminated at all, especially since France is misspending it (proof:, an it would also enable a deal at the WTO trade talks and improve the EU's relations with the US
3) Spending on regional aid should be raised, because those 10 new poor member states need it
4) Spending on administration should be radically cut - this involves not only terminating the EP's seat in Strasbourg, but also pensions for EU institutions employees
5) Spending on research should be increased but awarded for certain projects, not generally - the money spent on research should be spent on financing the inventing cures for bird flu viruses, HIV and HBV

This will meet the needs of every EU member country.

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