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Ancient Spaceports?

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posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 08:14 AM
What do you make of the Nazca Lines? Were they ancient Space Ports or airfields?
Ancient texts mention 'Vimanas', or flying machines. If that is true, then was the plain of Nazca an ancient airport or even a spaceport?

Could they have been made for ancient visitors?.. astronauts from space and their starships?

So one of the theories is that the rectangles and the straight lines could be some sort of a landing runway for extraterrestrial spacehips. As some of them end abruptly on top of mountains or rocks, they could not be regular roads to follow. Roads? Heck. The wheel wasn't even invented then!

Some of them extend five or six miles straight over hills or valleys.

Why make figures that can be seen only from the air?
This one is taken from approx 1000 feet up.

Consider this:
> Most lines are geometrically straight and run for miles.
> Not possibe to make such lines without theodolites and other measuring instruments.
> The lines continue to go dead straight even OVER HILLS.
> Huge pictograms of animals etc drawn on the ground can ONLY BE SEEN FROM THE AIR FROM AT LEAST 1000 FEEET HIGH.
> If they were roads, then why do they end abruptly? Like a runway?

Considering this, what do you make of it? As for me, I've got an open mind. It could have been......a spaceport of some kind.

posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 08:32 AM
I heard that the any aircraft would not be ableto land as the ground is just rubble, some people theorize that it:

-It is made by natives without any influence from aliens as pointers to religious sites and other areas of importants;in fact many of the lines point towards temples.
-The lines was made by the natives without any influence from aliens as some kind of a worship to the gods
-The lines was made by aliens as markers; like to say "Hello, I was here"
-The lines was made by aliens for navigational means
-The lines was made by aliens and is of an unknown language
-The lines was made by humans and is of an unknown language
-The lines was made by aliens when landing their crafts
-The lines was made by aliens when landing their crafts, then they were upheld and enhanced by natives to remeber or worship the event they witnessed
-The lines are artistic representation from natives of animals etc. that they saw in the wild
-The lines was made by aliens for an unknown cause
-The lines was made by natives for an unknown cause

Take your pick.

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posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 08:41 AM
Has anyone tried to graph them onto any constelation at all? like what was done with the pyramids at Giza?

posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 08:48 AM
They have lines that look exactly like a spider, hummingbird and a monkey. I cannot figure out how or who did this, but it's an amazing display or art.

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posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 01:05 PM
Why would they need a runway for anti-gravity crafts?

I once saw a hill with the top chopped off. It was completely flat. I mean, it was like it's top had been sliced. Strange, very strange indeed. Alien? Hardly.

posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 01:31 PM
You'd find quite a bit of support for your theory, in fact:

These theories range from the comparatively conservative theories of modern
archaeologists to Erik von Daniken's original, but highly controversial, proposal that the lines of Nazca were landing strips for ancient visitors from outer space while the geoglyphs served as signals to these space alien 'gods'. Ironically, but perhaps not surprisingly, it is this latter 'hypothesis' that was in fact quite instrumental in bringing the existence of the mysterious Nazca Lines to widespread public attention.

I found this piece a bit more interesting, however:

One theorist even proposed that the Nazca Indians were able to construct primitive hot air balloons from which they could observe the lines and animal figures. This theorist actually succeeded in building and launching a hot air balloon, Condor I, which was constructed from basic materials that are believed to have been available to the ancient Nazca Indians. Even if this theory is not just a lot of 'hot air' it does not in any way decipher the meaning and significance of the massive lines and figures, nor does it provide any reason as to why they were constructed in the first place.

But the most profound theory that I have come across so far has been the idea that the Nazca's would never have been able to see these images themselves, but neither were they created for aliens. It stems from this:

It is a well established fact that many ancient cultures, no doubt including the ancient Nazca culture of Peru, believed that the sun and moon were sky dwelling gods. The Inca civilization of Peru that superseded the Nazca culture most certainly held this belief. A variation of this almost universal ancient religious belief was that the sun and/or moon were the sky traversing eyes of an otherwise quite invisible Supreme Being.

I find myself immersed in the theory that the figures were created as religious art, intended for the viewing pleasure of the Nazca gods. Modern religious followers do things such as this all the time to "please God". Why not the Nazca's? What better way to pay tribute to a being/beings, than to humbly recreate their masterpieces on a scale meant for their eyes only?

It is a readily verifiable fact that the total
solar eclipse bears an uncanny similarity to an "eye in the sky." The so-called "hole in the sky" formed by the black disc of the moon mimics the pupil of the eye while the myriad rays and filament like streamers of the sun's corona distinctly resemble the iris of an eye. This has been metaphorically referred to as the "Eye of God" by modern astronomers.

Maria Reiche, who has made the study of the Nazca lines her life work, discovered that some of the more prominent straight lines, particularly some of those forming the sides of elongated triangles and quadrangles, are aligned with solar and lunar rising and setting positions.

It is a verifiable fact that an unlikely series of complete solar eclipses occured during the time directly before and throughout the accepted creation times of the Nazca lines. Seems the most plausible idea to me.

"...and great and terrible things will be done in the name of religion...."


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posted on Aug, 6 2006 @ 12:38 AM
Amazing hypotheses. But I have another take on this.

Could it also be that thousands of years ago an ancient civilization which had nothing to do with extra terrestrials, had progressed to what we are today and had heavier than air flight? They could have built airplanes which could have been a means of transportation as well as used for military purposes.

Considering the number of apocalypses that occured in pre historic times, this civilization could have been wiped out.

So no ET theory really. Just one cycle of an old technologically advanced civilization which vanished without a trace except for leaving behind one of the greatest enigmas of our time.

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