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Lightning vs. House

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posted on Jul, 29 2006 @ 06:18 PM
I don't know if this should be in BTS or not so I'll let the mods move it if so. I thought someone might find this interesting. Our house has been hit by lightning three times in one week. The casualties so far:

Alarm clock
Hot tub
Internet router
Hall light
Network card in my computer

And just this afternoon, the wall of my house. The runner is attached to an oak tree and the house outside of the basement door. Please excuse the hanging insulation and siding corner channel -- we're renovating the sunroom above the basement walkout.

The storm had run through fairly quickly with lots of lightning strikes in the woods across the street. Trees get hit there all the time. Once the storm passed the occasional lightning bolt was visible but far enough away that I returned to spreading mulch out front. I walked my dogs on the runner attached to the 4x4 post before returning out front to the mulch. The house was hit after that. It hit an oak tree and followed the dog runner back to the house. There are shards of siding 20 feet away.

Yes, I know what they say about lightning even after the storm passes. Had to get the mulch out of the truck before tonight though.

My dogs just told me they told me so about that runner ...

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