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Police Brutality

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posted on Jul, 28 2006 @ 03:30 PM
Police Brutality Videos
I don't know if any of these have been posted before,but they are basically video's of unnecessary police violence against citizens. I see this a growing problem and is something that needs to be put in the spotlight more than it is.

if anyone has anymore, please add:

Cop Shoots Helpless Man


Cop peppersprays wendy's employee

More Violence


And More

Cop Runs over man

Another One

Cop Shoots Protester

Another Cop Shoots Protester


LAPD Beating

And More

Police Beat Immigrant

In Berlin


mexican police shoot at striking miners

Citizen Tazered

Police Dog Attack

Cops test out riot gear on civilian

immigrant Beating

LAPD Beating

Military Police Bust Rave

in Barcelona

NYPD Violence

NYPD During Anti-War Protest

NYPD During Anti-War protest (2)

Tear Gas

utah Rave: Partygoers Beat

Beat for giving cop middle finger

Dog Attacked By Cop


In Winnipeg Canada

More From Winnipeg

Wilmington NC

Rodney King


And More

Dem' shoot at us
Turn around and deny it.
People on the streets are dying.
We must come together
Fight depression and pull de pressure
On de system that tries to diss us,
tries to hurt us, and tries to kill us.
We don't win, we fight again.
We gwon fight until the end, until the end,
We fight until we win, until we win.

Unjustified shootings, fatal chokins, severe beatins,
Police attack the innocent without fair reason.
Precincts are full of cowards abusin authority.
Minorities abuse majority, people livin in poverty.
Priority, is them doing right by the nation
but large parts of it's been human rights violation.
Tired of being patient waitin for internal affairs
to show. Improve this, the truth is, we've been burnin for years.
Use your weapons, fight back kid, that's how the game goes.
My boy Kevin got his skull cracked by pigs in plain clothes.
They told him there's agress, if he doesn't stay calm,
and proceeded to put cigarettes out in his palm.
Now he can't think, he can't feel,
Sometimes you gotta grab steel, blast, peal
Before they sentence you and serve your last meal.
I know fightin back is easier said then actin
Let's start movin forward and stop steppin backwards.

Not everyone is built for war when it comes to cops and
Fear plays a part so I'll inform you of your options.
Get the names and badges of cops from the precinct
Show your face in the street so police know you decent.
Keep them on their toes take flicks and videos
Impose injustices cuz them clips can be gold.
Hold a coalition in your buildin, a new movement,
Raise cash, start a civilian review unit.
Be aware of wrong doings, inform your whole alliance.
Write the senator to put a end to the cold and silence.
Let's unite fight back know our rights watch the government.
Apply better laws and enforce harsher punishment,
For pigs who beat kids for no apparent reason.
We acted on the defense while battlin the precinct.
If the system wont respond to your truth and facts,
Bear arms, they've been warned, retaliate and shoot back.

Lyrics from Immortal technique's "Fight Until The End"

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posted on Jul, 28 2006 @ 03:54 PM
jumpin jimminies! pstiffy you sure have been busy today.. first the osama dead or alive thread and now this.

You have voted pstiffy for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have two more votes this month.

With the combined effort of these two threads. I just have to give it to you ..
great work

There is not nearly enough attention drawn to the issue of police brutality.. nor is there enough light directed towards police abuse of power in general.

posted on Jul, 28 2006 @ 06:04 PM

Originally posted by TONE23

there is not nearly enough attention drawn to the issue of police brutality.. nor is there enough light directed towards police abuse of power in general.

There is definiately not enough attention, or more specifically not enough accountability for the actions they make. Take the Wendy's one posted. The officer was CLEARLY in the wrong, and he was not penalized at all(cleared of all charges). The victim got 60,000$, but that money comes from the Police Department, which comes from the tax-payers pockets.

The man IMO should have been fired and the 60,000$ should be from his bank account, not the american people's.

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posted on Jul, 29 2006 @ 09:39 AM
Those are some real lyrics man, and I appreciate the time you took to get together all of these videos. Police brutality is definitely one of the more important issues facing America (and yet it never appears in a government party debate, of course), and unless something is done to curb it, the beatings will only get more frequent and worse.

posted on Jul, 29 2006 @ 10:01 AM
I know what your saying, it's got to stop! Here in Saskatchewan the Mounties came to a domestic Dispute, The man ran away, so the RCMP start shooting at this guy. For arguing with his wife/girlfriend, and running away! The guy runs to his vehicle, grabs his hunting rifle and shoots back. He ends up killing the two cops but remember they started shooting at him first. They are dressed in body armour so all he had was a head shot. People still have the right to defend themselves. So now all day long on the talk radio stations it's been people calling in demanding that the cops get assault rifles to protect themselves better!?!?
How about cops not shooting at people for running away and arresting these people at a later time when they calm down.
It's called fight or flight for a reason.

To top it off the gov't grabs RCMP from all over the country to send to the fallens funerals at tax payer expense. Theses mounties get state size funeral fit for a govenor general or king/prince from a small country.

This is of course to foster the them against us mentality.

posted on Jul, 29 2006 @ 11:13 AM
Police brutality is one of the worst plagues that this country, better yet the world has. Once you give one person the right to rule, govern, judge, convict and execute another without limitation or repercussion, coruption is sure to follow. The major problem is that they are the ones that are supposed to uphold and help others abide by the law yet it seems like they have no one to answer to when they step out of line. Law officers are trained to be overly aggressive and forceful. They are still human beings though so as such are still bound to the same emotions and feelings and thoughts as everyone else. The difference is we don't have badges to give us excuses for hitting people in the head with sticks or shooting people when they are on the ground. I can't just walk into the back of Wendys and demand money. I would be charged with robbery.
We give these people too much power and control over our lives. I was speaking to family members about state troopers. We travel alot by car and I mean from NY to VA,NC,SC,GA,AL all by car. I noticed that they prey on us like wolves do sheep. Have you ever noticed that people tend to drive in packs? Safety in numbers.....maybe. I know I have seen instances where they will pull over anyone in the pack regardless of if you are in the front ,middle or back. Even if everyone is doing the same speed. They prey on us. They hide out of sight to catch us by suprise and then pounce. God forbid if you disagree with them. You would be lucky to get off with a load of tickets. There is even a new law where if they pull you over, they have to give you some type of ticket.
I've lived in the ghetto for 90% of my life and can tell you that it is like a playground for them. The majority of officers are not from the neighborhoods they patrol so have no concern for the people there. Alot of them were picked on when they were in high school and have some type of complex. I even overheard one say after beating up a friend of mine that he actually came to work in my town just for that. I later learned that the officer grew up in one of the outlying suburbs but moved to the outskirts just to apply in town.( You have to be a resident of the town to apply for civil service duty )
Unfortunately, there is really nothing that the average citizen can do short of start a riot to get the top brass' attention. They only feel pressued when the mainstream media gets involved because that is when the local and state government get involved. Sometimes revolution is needed to bring about change.

Of course that is illegal now too!

posted on Jul, 29 2006 @ 12:10 PM
Please relate this to the NWO.

posted on Jul, 29 2006 @ 12:39 PM

Originally posted by Nygdan
Please relate this to the NWO.

I wasn't really trying to, I just did not know which category this would fall under, so I put it here. If it would be better in any place, I apologize. I was in no way trying to imply that TPTB were causing this.

posted on Jul, 29 2006 @ 05:35 PM
Actually it is the very core of the NWO for these will be/are the storm troopers that are in contact with the public everyday. They are used to strike fear into our hearts and are given a very long leash to do so. The only thing worse are COs or Correction Officers. Nobody wants to talk about the abuses that go on behind prison walls. Imagine underpaid, undertrained ex-athletes or cop dropouts with batons, riotgear, and the right to say he fell, he attacked a officer, or another inmate did it and almost nobody to answer to and really nobody to care.
They are used to control the people and herd us like sheep. Anyone who steps out of line will face the consequences. Such a shame.

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posted on Jul, 20 2007 @ 04:14 AM
Big Deception

Corruption - Really ! In What Country ?!


All that type of brutality is a crime, what happened to that cops?

Another type of brutality is also described by pstiffy in his thread Columbian Cops Tape Two Children Being Raped. Why we need cops if they only tape?

Recently we have the case of Madeleine, well documented and discussed in the Asala thread Child snatched on holiday,(PEOPLE ARRESTED), and I think Portuguese Police is doing a great job in the Madeleine case, why they couldn’t do half of that for the missing Portuguese Children?

Recently he had in Portugal some strange (almost current and normal in our days) cases:
. people from the government abuse from children that are at the responsibility (Casa Pia) from the Portuguese State (government)
. more than 570 cases of corruption from Portuguese State authorities last year
. Portuguese Police people take for himself arrested money (around 100.000€) from drug people in prison
. Lisbon Authorities pay “5 starts hotel” (casas de chuto) for drug people to consume legally. Is that paid by the State (government) in your country?
. Portuguese Ministry (Secretary of State alike) says that in south of Portugal are not people, hospitals, streets, buildings, so “jamais” (sic, he speaks French not Portuguese) will the Portuguese government allow an airport to be build there. He went to school in his chill wood or he needs glasses? How could a Ministry like that belong to European Community Presidency?

We have many evidences of US Government atrocities against US Citizens (just see these 2 threads: The horrors of the War on Terror by AccessDenied and Pentagon plane crash by Loutty), but in Portugal we are coping quickly.

More references (in Portuguese, babelfish translation):

Maybe we really need globally a kind of “New World Order”?

brotherthebig (with huge deception with global Children abuse and government corruption in the present).

edit: link

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