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Iranian Students Volunteer to Join Fighting in Lebanon

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posted on Jul, 28 2006 @ 11:55 AM
Some sort of home-grown movement in Iran called "The Justice Movement of the Students" claims to be gathering university students to go fight in Lebanon. They claim that they are not backed by the state. It's just a grass-roots type movement that dislikes Israel enough to leave their country and fight. Still, I'd have to say that there is some propaganda at play here based on some of the quotes that were heard on Al-Alam TV in Iran.

Demonstrator: "We can see how all the global forces are helping Israel to attack a nation which is armed only with the weapon of faith."

visit source for transcript (English) and broadcast(Iranian)

As I mentioned earlier today, Hezbollah has had billions of dollars pumped into it from Iran. I don't think you could say that they were only "armed with the weapon of faith". Do these students actually believe this? I guess some of them do. At this rate the fighting will never end in Lebanon.

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