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The sea, the land, the skies

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posted on Jul, 28 2006 @ 10:29 AM
Hello everyone. I'm a new poster here so don’t be too bad to me, this is my first thread. I would like to exlain my theory that alien beings are visiting this planet, but not in shiny metal spacecraft anyway

I have always had an interest in all things extraterrestrial and probably like most of you seen and read a lot of information on the subject on all things ranging from ufo's, abductions to strangely absurd but entertaining "theories" on things like reptilians etc lol.

I have to say that pop culture, the internet and a global sense of wanting to believe in something that is bigger then we in an era where religion has been cast aside by science and understanding, all account for the fact that probably 99% of these stories are unfortunately not true.

Well, I say unfortunately, but theories such as advanced alien species' cloning themselves as humans to take over our governments is just a bit, well, paranoid lol.

The vast majority of ufo sightings have explanations. I have seen lots of ufos, as I have a vivid imagination. I see satellites in the sky on cloudless nights and I want to believe that they are alien craft. I saw a ufo th other day. A huge black rectangle hanging in the sky. It looked so much like a ufo, but only when i was closer it looked more like some sort of strange inflatable 'thing' I don’t know what it was, but it was not alien beings watching over us.

Nor do I believe that little grey men are in the strange craft, I do not believe in abductions, or the Greys even existing at all.

Thats not to say i do not believe in Aliens. All of the stats say that basically we are not alone, and that there are plenty of other civilisations out there, we all know that, but this is not the point of my thread.

Of the tone so far you probably already think of me as a none believer. In fact, I do believe we are being visited by alien beings.

There is a very small but none the less large number of ufo sightings that can not be explained by known science or reason. UFO's I hear you say, that’s the little grey men travelling millions of light years to anally probe me.

I believe that these ufos are not actually craft, but actual alien beings which have evolved in another galaxy in a way that they are no longer constraint by a physical shape, or even a planet, and can travel through space just like we can walk on land.

Our own speedy evolution has been driven mostly by our intelligence and being able to understand the world we live in and use technology to take advantage of this. Other animals evolve their physical attributes in order to gain superiority/ exist. because of this, we see technological evolution as replacement to human evolution. What is there to say a species that does not need technology but needed to continue to evolve may not get to this epitome of existence.

In our current thinking on evolution, the only thing we have to compare is with Earth. What if there is another evolutionary step which is beyond what we know now, a step that sees some form of intelligence exist in pure energy, and break the chains of being stuck on a single planet without the need to create technology to do this for them.

Why would they come to Earth? One of many reasons, either they are at a level of intelligence where they are basically curious about us or our planet, to take advantage of the Earths resources in some way, or more than likely they are simply just lost and in an inhospitable place, a bit like a whale in a fishing port. this last reason would explain the amount of these thing that are said to fall to Earth.

There is also the argument that these creatures do have actual intelligence and they have been a huge part of the human development. This could explain many of the theories of ufo’s in our past like the pyramids and even the concept of God and religion.

Universal guardians, or intergalactic sheep maybe?

What do you think?


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