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Patria NEMO New Efficient Mortar System

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posted on Jul, 28 2006 @ 05:14 AM
Patria has launched a New mortar system to fill the gap between AMOS Twin 120mm Automatic mortar and 120mm towed mortars. New system should be more affordable while still offering many of the AMOSs benefits. As AMOS has Proved to be one of the best systems available, i belive that the new NEMO might be an export success.

Patria Nemo is an unmanned turreted mortar weapon system with excellent signature management. Nemo is a modern and compact system which can be easily mounted onto various tracked and wheeled chassis (6x6, 8x8). Due to its low weight Nemo is also adaptable to light high speed vessels. In addition to indirect fire support Nemo has a capability of direct and MRSI (Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact) fire. The turreted construction offers excellent ballistic and NBC protection for the crew. Thanks to its modular construction Patria Nemo is easy to equip with various options according to customer requirements and combat situations.


Compact, unmanned turret
High rate of fire
Direct fire capability
Fire-on-the-move capability (naval version)
Rapid deployment
Modular ballistic protection against infantry weapons and splinters
NBC and muzzle blast protection
Low carrier loads
Large on-board ammunition supply
Compatible with all standard 120 smoothbore mortar ammunition as well as smart guided ammunition
Full 360° traverse without limitations
Nemo Characteristics
Weight 1500 kg

Traverse range n x 360°

Elevation range -3° - +85°

Laying system electrical / manual back-up automatic aiming

Crew unmanned turret 2-3 in chassis compartment

Ammunition (total on-board) carrier dependent typically 50-60 rds

Mortar 120 mm smoothbore

Barrel length 3000 mm

Loading system electrical, semi-autom

Recoiling system hydro-pneumatic

Secondary armament machine gun smoke launchers

Time to open fire < 30 sec

Time to scoot < 10 sec

Max. rate of fire 10 rds / min

Sustained rate of fire 7 rds / min

First 3 rounds 12 sec

Range +10 km

Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) up to 6 rds




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