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Arab Drift. you thought tokyo were the driftkings?

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posted on Jul, 28 2006 @ 02:26 AM
Seen Fast and the Furious tokyo drift? Thought the SGI graphics was a tad unrealistic? Well then you will soon find out the truth is far more amazing!

Though all arab countries can lay claim to having the most skilled and dangerous drivers (especially the taxi's) you can get in the world, Saudi arabia and UAE's are probably the most patienate about cars (and they've got the money to throw away on them too) making them the ultimate drifters.

Tokyo and USA eat your heart out.

What carefully for when the guys taunt the police by slapping the police car, LOL, i love it. I think some of these are by a driver with the alias "erhabe" arabic for terrorist, atleast i think it's the same guy, watch him and you'll know why they call him that

MAN i wish i could drift like that one day.


Thought that video was ubber leet? Can't get enough? want more drift action?

Another driver called Hagwallah, This one is an amazing clip.
Just watch how they swerve through the slower traffic...

Night drifting
it's like dancing with those lights flashing....

Some horific crashes.
Geesh i hope no one died.

Erhabe and another driver race
in this one you can see inside the car , i'm not sure who the driver is it might be erhabe, his so mysterious and cool he covers his face in a traditional arab sort of way, just like i imagine erhabe would be,( you know like a persona that is left to the imagination, like that steven spelbergs movie with the evil truck)... but is it him?

mid way through this one you can see inside the car with the driver, who ever it is, he actually claps his hands to music as he's drifting , pure skill.

The cops finally catch up to Hagwallah lol, but i'm betting he'll out run them.

Some random driver.
What type of car is this? Pure skill gorgeous car.

This one is a driver called "danger", no where near as good as erhabe.
beginner!!!! maybe i shouldn't be saying that since i have no skill

There's this really cool one, where they drive on two wheels and the passanger just scrapes something along the road, utube is down.... but i'll find it and post it later.

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