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Do Zionists really run the world???

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posted on Aug, 10 2015 @ 04:11 AM
We're all here because we want to rule the world, lord it over all that we survey.

It's true that the Zionists conspicuously own and control most of the popular media in the western world,
but that doesn't mean they rule our lives.

The Vedas teach the full science of action, explaining that humans have so little power that we can not
perform one single action independently, that God alone is ultimately the performer of all actions through
His perfectly controlled facility of material nature. All we can do is choose. Free will is our power.

Global public opinion is THE world superpower. If we choose to accept that others rule our lives, they do.

If we choose to accept that no others can force us to believe anything against our will, they can't.

The power is with us, at all times.

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