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The USA and Racial conflicts

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posted on Jul, 27 2006 @ 10:25 PM
In many countries around the world there are many diverse cultures and civilizations. I will be centering on the United States for this topic. Through the young history of the USA there has been millions of people and from almost every country around world to occupy the land at one time. Over the series of each century there has always been a racial difference between all people. In the USA it has always been very large. In the frontier days the white man and the Indians were always at each others throat, from then the Africans brought to the US and then from this even more racial differences. I believe the largest racial difference was between the Africans Americans and the White American. Now the same racial problems are now arising with the Hispanic immigrants from Mexico.

Each person has their own beliefs and feelings about each matter, but the atmosphere of their raising greatly affects that. For the South United States for a long time even after freedom was given to the African American there was continued racial conflict. I have seen from living in the south the continued racial feelings and beliefs. For me it has always bothered me and I have never liked the idea of bias feelings for the color of your skin. Now more than ever I feel as if I was living back in the 1950’s where racial conflict in the south was very bad. With a twist I must add, I have seen a beginning of the exact same racial feelings against the Hispanic people here in the south and all over the USA.

The immigrants from Mexico I see are given the most the hardship, it seems to be a whole new circle, and the different types of races move around on the levels of society. I have seen a lot of hate towards the Hispanic people, I know this will turn out the same way as it was for whites and blacks so long ago and still is some today. Other US citizens believe in the deportation of the Hispanics. I do know that there are great problems with wasted money on how it is lost due to the illegal immigration. It is just I fear that there is going to be continued growing hatred for the Hispanics. I do know that there is and will always be a racial conflict within any country and I know that there has been a conflict already with Hispanics and so on. It is just elevating to a level that is just as the past; The past that us Americans are trying to our best to stay away from for a better America.

posted on Jul, 27 2006 @ 10:40 PM
I don't know of anyone saying they want to deport hispanics...if you mean illegal immigrants then I would agree with you.

I feel that deporting all the illegal people is not plausible, but registering them, handing out more penalties to companies that hire them, etc. is. Immigration laws are a necessity for a country, and we cannot just have an open border as so many morons say we should.

This hate towards illegal immigration does not only include whites and KKK members, it includes blacks, and hispanic people as well. Just a few days ago I saw a news station interviewing a hispanic group against illegal immigration.

I must say though, the protests done by many illegal immigrants do more harm than good. I remember they were waving Mexican flags, had pictures of revolutionaries, and had signs in Spanish. That is mostly changed now. Wonder why...

posted on Jul, 27 2006 @ 10:59 PM
yeah I understand, its all cool,

but yea I am in texas right now visitng and the Alamo, and with how th emeicans fought the USA guys and all that, it was just down here the hispanics are just ordinary people, back home in the south its like verbal hangings and all that, i hat eit its just so diferent and it will always happen i guess

posted on Jul, 28 2006 @ 11:54 AM
But they can make one MEAN taco.

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