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Scary dream experience

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posted on Jul, 27 2006 @ 08:25 PM
So I was taking a nap and I began to dream, I dreamt that I was driving a car onto this street covered in very clean blue water, the kind of water the Carribean(sp) has, and anyway at that point I realized that I was dreaming. That made me happy, because I knew that I could go lucid and control the dream, but just before I started everything went black and I heard this vaccum type noise, sort of a loud sucking noise, and I woke up. My room was dark, very dark, which didn't make sense because it was still light out, I couldn't move. I kept hearing the vaccumish noise the entire time, and just then I heard a male's voice start to laugh evily, it wasn't the voice of anyone in my family. I kept hearing the laugh and I felt a very sharp pain in the palm of my right hand, like someone was slowly digging a knife into me. I was very frightened and I finally got so pent up that I went " AGH " and I moved, and just as I moved it all went away and my room was lit up the way it should have been and the noise and laughing stopped. I am positive I was awake the entire time. Does anybody know what could have happened??

posted on Jul, 28 2006 @ 01:31 PM
Your whole story sent a chill through my body because I heard something eerily similar. A good friend of mine told me of a time he was going to sleep, fell asleep and woke up unable to move. At that moment he noticed a figure above his head, a shadow. This was a shadow that would eventually engulf the room, swoop down and begin to choke him. He screamed out “JESUS!!!” and everything was normal from there. Some believe that speaking a holy name; Jesus, Dominos, etc will drive evil spirits away. I am a spiritual person myself but….

Now, I try to approach everything from a scientific stance and at first, I thought sleep paralysis/dream combo. I’ve had both, but never any violent episode like yours or my friends. When I would go into a paralysis, I would have trouble breathing oftentimes, as I’m on my back with my mouth and throat fully relaxed… I guess I’m lucky though because I have a way (that works for me) to get out of the paralysis at will even in a dream… If you can achieve the same thing then you may find yourself empowered from hereon out. It’s all about total self control. Here’s what I do…

Firstly, I should explain that I’ve studied martial arts from a very young age, with an obsession lol. A big part of my learning was the ability to control and channel my energy. Some call it Chi, I casually call it adrenaline. Not an imaginary energy, it’s an “if you can’t physically feel it, you’re not doing it right” sort of thing. It feels almost like a tickling electric current that starts in your chest. With practice, you can focus this energy (or feeling) anywhere in your body. So, on to the point... When I do get “stuck” in my sleep, or just having a bad dream for that matter, (you have to KNOW you’re dreaming, realize you’re dreaming, this is hard still for me) but once you’re dreaming, you do indeed gain control… and if you develop this skill, you can jolt yourself out of a bad night situation. I will say this, often times, you have to channel the energy or adrenaline to an arm or leg to get some movement going on, that helps a lot when trying to keep yourself awake… I hope I’ve helped…

posted on Jul, 28 2006 @ 01:36 PM
thank you for your reply, that was a very interesting story you've told, I wonder what's happened

posted on Jul, 28 2006 @ 02:04 PM
ive had sleep paralysis before also. it wasnt violent, but it was very terrifying for me. especially the first time it happened. when i have it though i always see someone standing in my bedroom door. ALWAYS. it usually looks like an alien. wierd kind of shaped head, long arms and short legs, very skinny. i dont know if its just my mind messing with me. but its always kind of in a shadow. i havent had it in a long time. " they" say that it usually happens when you are having a stressful time in your life.
have you been having anything happening in your life that has changed it? new situation?
i dont think that it has alot to do with it, because when it happens im usually not stressed about anything.
maybe its some kind of warning. a couple of times when it happened, i was going into a really bad time in my life. i just didnt know it yet. so who knows.
just take control, and try your hardest to snap out of it, its really hard though, i know, you can scream , but no one hears. its very annoying. good luck

im out

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