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The Soul-The condition-The opinion

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posted on Jul, 27 2006 @ 06:13 PM
The bible is just one way to keep or morals high and our souls on a good wholesome path. Some people call this faith but in all reality it’s a way of life.
The key to life is your soul and don't let anyone tell you different.
Look at Masons for an example there are over 3 million of them I am sure, in their esoteric teachings the main concept is progression of your soul it is a major factor in the Masonic teachings.
Christianity teaches good will to all men which incorporates our soul to be taken by the Supreme Being as long as we follow his rules. just like many other religions, did you people ever think that maybe someone that we call god did pick a certain amount of us to come to this place and learn on a soul level and not a material level?(just like the bible says.)
Most people are so set in the simple ways of life that was instilled in our minds from day one, due to the fact that it was all our parents knew and learned, I think if people thought on a more conscious spiritual level the world would be allot diff then just one big debt system, you see we are taught to got school and be good ill subjects they don't teach you anything that really matters in school the only thing they teach is a conditionment for a working lifestyle of debt, the average person on this planet is one thing and one thing only and that is capital gain for your controller, which in short is your lovely government, and if you deny this fact it is probably to late for you to become a free thinker.
You see people like George bush for example his daddies was a controller from the day he was born and that lifestyle was a conditionment of his father, George Walker Bush knew in life he could be a slacker when it came to work he bailed when it came time to serve his country he shafted the army and went awol because he knew his daddies plan for him, when he became the president he went on vacation for over 6 months in his first term, more proof he wasn’t needed yet and now all he ii, is his daddies ill patsy but you see how lifestyles are planned for certain people. Then the actual hard working people have no grand scheme of things due to the fact that it’s not supposed to be part of our lifestyle and to me that is truly sad, that the world is in full control for chaos.
It would be nice if mankind could work together for the betterment of all, and if actual ingenious people were are controllers not sadistic evil backward minded sinister people like the BUSH family. Or any other figureheads in power in the last 20 years.
It is too bad us regular people have no say in nothing and if we do someone is always there to shut you up, in my personal opinion the best thing to have safe and sound is your soul. I mean it’s all you really have to keep as your own...

So many confused people on this planet hmm I wonder why?
Could it be due to the fact we have been lied to, manipulated, abused torture, left to fend for ourselves when there are many many many many many many many many (you get the point) people to help out in every part of this world but instead they only like to help each other and us working types are left to complain and be miserable in a grand debt system run by the people that park there Ferrari for 50 bucks and have suppers that cost them what it would cost us to rent out a small room for shelter and on our expense. in all actuallity i make 2100 a month but i only take home 1300, that right there says it all...

Do you see the dismay the world is in today with no one to fix it but total destruction like time and time before and just think it all started with our souls.

posted on Jul, 28 2006 @ 01:20 AM

Originally posted by seridium

So many confused people on this planet hmm I wonder why?

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posted on Jul, 28 2006 @ 01:30 AM
People are confused because they cannot think for themselves, you talk of Christians and Masons...Here's a couple of truths you may reflect on:

The cost to humanity of fifteen centuries of Christianity – of hundreds of millions of lives brutalized and truncated, sacrificed to war, torture, pogrom, burning, pestilence and plague – is incalculable.
Christianity is the worst disaster in human history

The Gnostic Neo-Christians or Gnostic Templars of the Orient which are
closely bound to the ancient primitive Templar-Freemasons, guard the true
secret of Freemasonry today which is identical to the secret and mystery of
the Holy Mass

posted on Jul, 28 2006 @ 02:04 AM
Well Seridium, it seems you are bitter about the way your life is compared to others who might be rich, and you blame the government and you are partly correct that managers who are incompetent and have agendas other than the people usually create a hinderance to us to fullfill what we are capable of. Life wasn't supposed to be about paying your debts solely - in this you are correct - although it has some bearing on your responsibility. If it consoles you, remember that you are not the only one dealing with the same issues and same worries.

On the other hand, I have to ask you if you have anything besides your complaint that is good in your life that you could focus on that maybe you should focus more of your attention to? I used to be taken in so much with aggrevation about how life is unfair that it consumed me. Don't let this happen to you. You cannot change the world by yourself and you would be better to spend your time to let the world and its powers fail in its own time and start enjoying the things you can do and take value in.

posted on Aug, 3 2006 @ 03:02 PM
Its not that life is unfair life is what you make of it and I know this, I know about the rules of attraction and the way to a positive lifestyle is to stay positive and focus your energy to the universe with gratitude and visions of great things for yourself I know all this but.
When life is made out to be a certain way for people how can anyone stay positive? when every ounce of money you make gets eaten up by a debt system, I pay taxes for a certain things that just are not up to par I live in Canada in a province where we pay a GST and a PST it was .07 cents per dollar if you so if the average person actually spent $100.00 on food goods or items they want, you would be forking over $6.55 per tax GST + PST which would be around $13.00 just on a hundred bucks now multiply that by 150 000 tax paying citizens so in one day our lovely government would rake in $1 950 000.00 just on sales tax.
Now add up your yearly income and what they take from you on average and then think of the other Population: 1,165,944 of people in Manitoba and out of the 1,165,944 at least 500 000 of them are working individuals that have their hard earned income garnished by the tax man I make roughly 31 000 a year and I actually only take home about 20 000 of that and that not subtracting the GST or PST. I would not mind paying the 1000's of my hard earned income (without wondering where it all goes) as long as I knew my city and neighbourhood was well looked after but its not police are pathetic due to their funding, education is smoking pot with your buddies all day due to the fact teachers don't make enough to care about there students, cost of living is up jobs are down minimum wage is 7 dollars and school costs money which turns your life into a debt infested hell hole. Now in a world that rapes your mind your pocket and your livelihood I would say it is kind of hard to have a positive outlook for a future that is being destroyed by the republicans of the USA you see my country has a prime mister working for agendas for his own welfare he was bought by the bilderbergers as was Paul Martin.( and that is why my coutry licks the United states hoop and does whatever is asked by them)
You see my family is poor and never will prosper due to the simple fact that it is quite impossible unless you have the connections the money the friends etc...
I could go to school for years to be a lawyer doctor but in the end I would still be in debt miserable and poor, do you see why I say the only thing we really own is our soul, and that in itself is being tarnished with fear and terror in this nuclear age we live in, Truly Pathetic

we live our lives never knowing weve been had....
It is what sheep do.

i do know that one person cannot make a difference but you see if people really thought about stuff thats traps your soul there are always ways to fix it if people work together.But when a whole civilization lives in complete ignorance and fear, who wants to change anything other than their clothes.
Then you see ben we have a problem... and its called ignorance.
Im just here to spread the word an open a mind or 2 that is all

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