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(DOC)The Return

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posted on Jul, 27 2006 @ 02:58 PM
"The world has finally came to it's end wits, John. World War Three, evil and greed has caused this."
"You know, Mike, I couldnt agree more. It has finally come to this." "I'll bet the ATS guys are eating this up. They were always saying the world was going to end, or we were going into world war three, well they got this one right."
"They sure did. I just hope that after this is all said and done, the world may find a sense of peace."

"So what has been going on in the world of late, John? I haven't watched t.v. or listened to the radio for 3 days now."

"Same here, man. I figure it'll just be depressing to watch, but lets see."

"Major developments last night in the U.S., as well as many other countries. A fleet of saucer like ships, which many are hailing as the return of the greys, have appeared out of no where in several major cities across the world."
"With us now to collaborate on the occurring events is a co founder of the popular conspiracy website, above top secret dot com. He has asked his identity to be hidden, but we will use his user name."

" Simon Gray, welcome." "Thanks, Bill."
"Simon, as you have heard many people are claiming that this is the return of the greys. Please tell us, in a brief description, what exactly is a grey?"

"Well Bill, Greys, also known as Zetas or Reticulians after the ζ Reticuli star system, are the type of intelligent extraterrestrial life that appears most commonly in modern conspiracy theories, particularly UFO conspiracy theories and other UFO-related paranormal phenomena, especially the Abduction Phenomenon. They also appear in some science fiction and in the mythos of the Raelian movement."

"The Raelian movement? Can you collaborate?"

"Sure. The Raelian movement is a religious organization which believes that scientifically advanced extraterrestrials known as the Elohim, one of the words used to refer to God in the Torah, created life on Earth through genetic engineering, and that a combination of human cloning and "mind transfer" can ultimately provide immortality."

"Now these greys, are you a believer in them?"

"I'm not sure whether or not I do, to be honest. There is alot of convincing evidence that promotes their existance.
I do however believe that there is a conspiracy surrounding other intelligent life, I do believe it is out there."

"Now Simon, onto these ships. What do you make of these? The U.S. Government claims they aren't theirs, as well as many other governments. Do you believe these are from another planet?"

"I don't think they are human, no. Did they come from a planet at all? I wouldn't know the answer to that. But if the past has told us anything, they will try to cover this up, unless they attack."

"One thing we have gained from these, Simon, is that World War Three has come to a cease fire, for the time being anyways, what makes you think they would attack?"

"Please do not put words in my mouth, I never said they would attack, I said unless they attack. But the way they have set up in different countries all over the world, I feel, is very ominous. They have set themselves up in every major city in the world that would have an effect on governments worldwide."

"Aliens or not? I give you the last word Simon."

"Yes they are Aliens, meaning, not from this world."

"Next on the factor....."

"So much for depressing, John. I am glad you turned that on. Perfect timing."

"Mike, you know, all my life I have been a believer in other intelligent life, as you know, but I never thought I would see this day come. They have finally shown themselves to the world, this is the disclosure I have waited for all my life. The ultimate disclosure, you could say."

"Now John, we don't know that these are..."
"Don't even say it Mike. You know as damn well as I do, that those arent of this world. Those are Aliens, whether they are Greys, I don't know, but Aliens all the same."

"I am just saying, lets see what they do, before we make sensational claims."

"I'm not making sensational claims, the whole damn world is. I just wonder where the nearest ship is located."

"Hard to tell, lets get online and see."

"Good idea."

"Looks like for us it would be Chicago, which is still a 5 hour drive."

"Yes it is quite a drive, Mike, but this may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We may never get this chance again"

"John I think you are crazy, but lets go for it."

Well guys I hope I have you intrigued and wanting more. That was my plan, and if I get a good responce I will give you more. possibly even write a whole book, who knows. Enjoy

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posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 09:54 PM
definitely interesting, I liked the premise and wouldn't mind reading more....
however a little spell and grammar check, punctuation, you know the boring part of the writing..well clean that up a bit and

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