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(DOC) White's Ravine

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posted on Jul, 26 2006 @ 10:37 PM
I'm horrid with dialogue but I really wanted to be a part of this contest. Here you go.
White's Ravine

"I demand to know why I'm here and where this is?"

"You are here because we believe you to know too much, we believe that you are a hazard to our long term plans and that if you do not cooperate that we may need to silence you. This is a secret facility in the depths of a dormant mountain the location doesn't matter"

"This is illegal, what the hell is this? Who are you? What is this about?"

"You may address me as Simon, who I'm connected too or who I really am is of no importance. As far as the legality of our questions for you, I assure you that there is no protection and no law here. We're wasting time... All you need to know right now is that the next few hours and what you tell us will determine whether you walk away from this or if you become just another forgotten memory."

"I don't know what you mean, but I want to get out of here."

"Just relax, stop sweating, stop shaking, I assure you that you control your fate right now. Would you like a cigarette or something to drink?"

"I don't want anything"

"Well then... let's get to it. Your name is Jackson Cloutier from Tacoma, Washington. You're twenty-two years old, alias Tony Camonte, Fairly average academic profile, college student majoring in English, son of Irish and Italian parents who own a mom and pops grocery store, and quite a record of problems with authority... How am I doing so far?"

"On the button"

"Good... at eighteen you became curious in the paranormal or at least that's when we started tracking you. You broke into government and private properties pursuing wild stories you read and heard about. Your biggest achievement was breaking into an abandoned insane asylum on the grounds of a current government institution and gathering video and audio documentation while drinking beers with friends... close?"

"You forgot about the pot"

"Oh... a sense of humor too"

"Well Simon, what can I say I'm a funny guy... so is that why I'm here? Because I trespassed when I was eighteen? Seems to me this is rather excessive for that. About giving me a ticket and letting me get the hell out of here?"

"How did you find out about White's Ravine?"


"Nothing to say funny man? We've been through your email and internet history, we've been tracking you for months. It was quite a surprise when you showed up on our doorstep. So how about you tell me how you wound up here?"

"I want to see a lawyer, I won't speak without a lawyer."

"You have no idea what you're playing with do you? See this? This is a government issues .45 caliber glock that will put a hole roughly the size of a half dollar in the back of your head. And every trace of you can easily be erased, you'll be forgotten within a month, especially when it comes out that you were killed by a hibernating bear on a hiking trip while on several hallucinogenic drugs including '___' and Mushrooms when you reportedly wanted to cuddle with the bear. The only chance you have to get out of here alive son is if you tell me what I want to know. Start talking."

"...I've always been interested in the paranormal and in conspiracies and secrets. The first book my parents bought me was a Time Life book about aliens. I spend most of my time on the internet reading about everything from JFK assassination theories to hollow earth Nazis. It fascinates me."

"I always got a kick out of the lone gunman theory"

"Me too... I think it was the driver"

"No Jackson... it was Jackie... but continue with your story"

"What? ...Well okay... um... about six months ago I was listening to the radio show Nation to Nation which had this show about alien bases. I was half interested attributing most of the guests to be quacks until someone called in with the story of White's Ravine."

"Ah yes... good ol' Mel, we finally tracked him down not to long ago."

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posted on Jul, 26 2006 @ 10:56 PM
"...The story interested me how he was talking about this bit of land in the foothills of Steilacoom that was inhabited with meth dealers and crazy backwoods types. And also recently military vehicles and guys with ear pieces and black socks were seen all over the place up there."

"So you just decided that you had to come up here and find out all about it."

"Pretty much... I researched it online and couldn't find anything on it. I tore my hair out searching. It became an obsession. Finally thanks to conspiracy enthusiasts and Nation to Nation listeners online we eventually began putting the pieces together. We had no idea what White's Ravine was or even if it existed or had any significance but then we hit gold..."

"I didn't realize there was riches for obsessive people who sit on their computer all day talking about things that happened in 1947."

"Are you talking about Roswell?"

"No I'm talking about finally getting figuring out which Truman was the real Truman after all the cloned got loose. Continue with your story."

"You and I should have a beer sometime... The gold we hit... well you know those satellite pictures you can look up on the web? Well just outside of Steilacoom there was a white box that no body online had ever seen before covering up a large area of land out there. Now you'd think if Area 51 and a whole wealth of places are allowed to be seen by these sites that if something is getting covered up, it's gotta be huge."

"Good assumption."

"So I spent the next month trying to round people up to go with me out to White's Ravine but no one was interested. They just didn't get off on the danger and potential for finding something like I did. I even promised a few of my friends alcohol and drugs if they'd come but to no avail."

"Drugs are illegal... just to let you know"

"So I decided to go by myself. I drove out here and then with my laptop and a GPS device I managed to hike to the edge of the white box on the satellite map where I came upon a fence. Well it was obvious to me... break through the fence. I didn't see any no trespassing signs or any kind of warning signs. In fact I didn't see anything except trees and a mountain on the horizon."

"You don't think fences are some sort of clue that someone doesn't want you trespassing?"

"Hasn't stopped me in the past. So I get through the fence just as the sun was descending and the stars were coming out. Suddenly in the distance I saw two huge discs ablaze with lights come over me slowly heading towards the mountain. I was in utter shock and I couldn't believe that this trip had actually led to something other than intoxication and boredom. I pulled out my little disposable camera and began snapping pictures."

"Not smart..."

"Suddenly I was engulfed in a huge light and I heard helicopter blades... and then... there was... blackness... and then I woke up here..."

"Well fascinating story. You are one stupid kid but one lucky kid... most people who stumble upon us are killed on sight and their memory and legacy is erased without remorse however with your profile you could be of great use to us."

"What are you pitching me?"

"You work for us, you go onto all those websites and you talk to all those people you know and you tell them you've had a change of heart. You now realize it's a absolute waste to pursue learning about these things. You tell them that you believe that there are no conspiracies, just over-active imaginations and attention seeking people. Life is just what it seems and nothing else. You delete all your files on these subjects, and you live a good, normal life. For this we'll pay you all the money you'll need for the rest of your life, and we'll handle any problems that might arise for you. However you will always be watched, if you ever screw up even just a little bit your death and your families death will be slow and painful and the most bitter end of an existence that you can believe."

"And if I say no?"

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posted on Jul, 26 2006 @ 11:02 PM
"Then I put a bullet through the back of your head and go get a coffee... I am rather tired right now"

"...Do I have anytime to think about this?"

"Yes... you have until now. What's it going to be?"


"You idiot, you could've gotten away with this and you could've been set-up for life but now we're going to have to make you pay and we're going to have to make you suffer. ......Open your eyes! Open your eyes! I want you to see this! Open your eyes!"

"*GASP!* AWAKE! ...Awake... awake? How am I here? In my bed? In my apartment? Was it a dream? Man... I can't stop shaking... I need some coffee and a cigarette"

[A Few moments later]

"Well maybe I should get online and see what's new. I wonder if anyone's gotten back to me about White's Ravine yet? What's this? A Post-it note? Hmm... my bank account number and what does this say on the back?"


posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 09:51 PM
Chilling, disturbing, funny, and fascinating not sure if all those words quite fit together, but they help me describe your story. I enjoyed reading it and like your style and found it to be well written. Congratulations.

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 07:59 AM
Thanks man

I'm frustrated with the ending but I only had about a half hour to write it in. Good times.
Thanks for the kind words

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