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UFO sighting + lots of chemtrails(?)

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posted on Oct, 29 2003 @ 04:31 AM
Area: Southern WV

Date/time: 10-28-03 1:00 pm

Duration of sighting: 15 minutes

I was walking out of a restaurant and looked up to see a wingless cylinder flying fairly slow heading west through a really long narrow cloud that could only be a contrail (or possible chemtrail which I will discuss at the end of this sighting). I watched the cylinder fly out until it was no longer visible.

After that object went away, while I was still looking in that area from which it originated, another cylinder appeared from apparently out of nowhere. I say this because I had my head looking in that direction the whole time. I blinked, and to my surprise, there was another object. This time travelling north-east. Slightly lower in altitude than the other object. I also watched it fade into the distance.

As I watched the second object fade away, the same thing happened again. I was looking up, shifted my eyes for a second, and looked up again to behold another, much lower in altitude third cylinder flying more towards my direction and heading south-west. I saw no hint of it coming from any direction, suddenly it was just there in plain view as if it materialized. It was low enough for me to be certain it had no wings. It was shiny silver and glinted in the sunlight. Same slow, methodical pace as the other three objects. Also by this time the contrail-like cloud that was in the area where these things originated from was completely evaporated.

The other odd thing was that immediately after the first two objects went away, two higher-altitude objects with contrails came back in from the same point as the original objects left my view. They travelled the exact opposite direction, as if they were crossing their steps or something. The first of these objects came in where the first one went out and was heading due east. It was too high up for me to see if it was the same cylindrical object. The second of these came out from where the second object left and was heading south-east much like the third, and larger cylinder I saw.

A couple miles to the west, I could also see a large, dark colored plane, which looked to have two props on its wings (or giant jet engines) heading east. It may have been a C-130 or some other older military plane. So my ability to see wings was not clouded in any way.

Also, all over the area in every direction were tons and tons of giant contrails. Man, I wish I had a camera for this stuff so you all could see it. The contrails were thick in the air going in pretty much every direction. For the most part, this sighting was out in broad daylight with excellent visibility. The contrails were basically just off to the sides except for the one in which the cylindrical objects seemed to originate from.

Basically within 15 minutes time, I saw 3 or possibly 5 objects pass right over the same spot going different directions and at different altitudes with two objects coming in seemingly out of nowhere. The third object was obviously wingless and large.

Here is a diagram, which is basically an overhead map of the directions these things came in and out of. UFOs 4 and 5 may or may not have been UFOs 1 and 2, which is why their colors are lighter versions of the first two objects seen.

This is actually the second time I've seen silver cylinder UFOs like this in daylight. I've made mention of this in aother thread. The first time was in July 2000 as I was mowing a lawn. It headed west going very slow. Two weeks later I was in a truck and saw another heading east.

[Edited on 29-10-2003 by heelstone]


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