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Weapons of Mass Provocation......

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posted on Jul, 26 2006 @ 04:02 PM
Ok, so about the Hezbollah and Hamas rockets........

I understand that the US supplies Israel with mass quantities of military hardware and money to fund the IDF. No one can dispute this fact. It's also fact that Hezbollah and Hamas have no military-industrial complex, so obviously someone supplies them.

My question is why would a government arm Hezbollah and Hamas with so many unguided rockets? Wouldn't it be more prudent to supply the enemy of your enemy the weapons that would be most effective at taking out their war-making capabilities?

Unless......... Wait........... Could it be? The IDF was never the intended target of the weapons supplied to Hezbollah and Hamas? Why give them weapons suited more to cause civillian death and fright than military success?

It's not the same to supply Israel with f-16's and laser guided munitions as it is to give Hezbollah 10,000 unguided rockets. It's just not.

My point is, if a middle eastern country wanted to ensure that Lebanon was protected from Israeli invasion why would they not beef up Lebanon's military with weapons capable of putting up a real defense? Katushya rockets are not for that. That kind of weapon is meant for provocation. Stockpiles of weapons that are of little "real" military value can serve no purpose other than to provoke Israel into a fight with Hezbollah. The suppliers of Katushya rockets don't care about the defense of Lebanon, they want the Israeli's and the peoples of Palestinian lands and Lebanon fighting. It's still the main source of power over the people in the middle east. The unification of the people against a common enemy, Israel. If there is peace then people will question authority.

The weapons given to Hezbollah and Hamas are there to provoke, to illicit the desired response from the Israeli military, to target them and destroy them. These rockets are placed in areas where civillians live, not on military installations. Why place military weapons in civillian areas? The governments who make and supply these rockets could easily demand that they be placed in non-civillian areas or stop shipping them. Unless, that's part of the desired outcome, knowing civillians will get killed thus keeping an avenue open for outrage.

Whatever you call Hezbollah and Hamas, terrorists, freedom fighters, or liberation armies, you can not say that the weapons supplied to them are for "defense". They are given weapons meant to instigate not defend.

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