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ancient aircraft

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posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 03:21 PM

Originally posted by Iggnorace_is_bliss
Nice to see not every one is Iggnorant...... Thanks for the comments StellarX.

They are NOT ignorant and to believe so is a misjudgement of the worse kind. Considering the 'opposition' stupid when the evidence they are attempting to deny is so obvious and widespread is not giving them the credit they are clearly due. You should start by showing them enough respect to only argue the point ( your free to believe what you want , or give your opinions as you please) when you can do so technically and in detail as i will when i find some extra time in the next week or so....


posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 05:18 PM

Originally posted by Iggnorace_is_bliss
Nice to see not every one is Iggnorant...... Thanks for the comments StellarX.

I was just curious. Are you intentionally spelling "ignorant" incorrectly, or is it a character thing? Either way, who were you actually referring to? And why? If you have an issue with the logic, ask a question about it. I'm sure one of us would be more than willing to discuss this with you. If you have nothing constructive to contribute, however, why post at all?

posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 11:03 AM

Originally posted by OuterSpaceMaster
I have a general question about this all...

I saw a few people say that ancient aircrafts, like the glyphs from Egypt, have been debunked numerous times.

My question is, how can we debunk these things when we don't even know for sure if they are decoded correctly.

A good question!

I do, however, have the answer.

In general, what you are shown is ONE item... one hieroglyph, one peice of jewelry, etc, etc. You are told "this is a flying ship!"

What you are NOT shown is the hundreds of other similar figures with different details that show very plainly it's not a ship. In the case of the gold "aircraft" from Costa Rica, there are actually a hundred or more of these relics around and by studying the group (and the descendants of the people who made them and the records of the Europeans who were there for the past 400 years and who wrote about them), it becomes clear that they're stylized insects.

(actually, it's pretty clear after you've seen 20-40 of them... which you can do if you visit (as we did) the Museo del Oro in Costa Rica.)

If you think about it, people who claim to be able to read them could be totally wrong.

Which would mean that the Rosetta stone has an inscription that is the same in two languages but is about something else entirely in Egyptian hieroglyphics. That also means that the millions (yes, literally) of inscriptions in hieroglyphics are not wrong in minor details ("web-priest" instead of "worshipper") but are hugely wrong and that all the books we've translated (Book of the Dead, Ptahotep's precepts, folktales, recordings of the deeds of the pharoahs, inscriptions on scarabs, astronomical inscriptions, inscriptions of prayers and curses... all are wrong.

Its pretty obvious if you look at that inscription, with what looks like helicoptors and aircraft, that it isn't a mistake.

You were shown one example. This same inscription occurs elsewhere, and there's no "helicopter" in it. It's part of Ramses' royal titles, so it's written in more than one place. In fact, this same phrase is one found associated with other Pharoahs throughout this period of Egyptian history.

So we have dozens of different copies of this inscription, all made by the Egyptians, and none of them has any "ufo" in it.

people didnt carve that # into the wall so humans, thousands of years later, could say "well, its just worn down, thats why we don't know what is says"

What the photos don't show (but is clear when you're at the site) is that the first inscription is plastered over and part of the plaster is falling off. And it doesn't show the other places where Ramses had his father's name covered up and his own name carved over it.

The reason they don't show THOSE is because the over-carvings don't leave any marks that "look like UFOs."

Those are flying machines if you ask me...humans today cannot admit that the technolgoy we hold dear today pales in comparison to that which was achieved thousands of years ago

Then where are the pictures of them? Harte has pointed out that one of the things the rulers liked to have around was pictures of their armies and their best technology.

I think you're selling the ancients short. They had excellent stone age and bronze age and iron age technology and we can't duplicate some of their items using their methods (we can duplicate them or better them... but not using what they had available.)

But there's no UFO in the inscription. You've been shown only one example and are told a "fact." Do some research and look up other examples... see a whole bunch of Egyptian titles and learn to read hieroglyphics. See for yourself!

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 07:47 AM

have these been debunked as herioglyphs or something yet?

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 07:49 AM

how bout the painting of virgin mary?

posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 10:46 AM
The Gold Museum (Museo del Oro) is not located in Costa Rica. It is in Bogota, Colombia and belongs to Banco de la Republica (Central bank of Colombia). Those figures are part of many other precolumbian relics made in gold well preserved in this very important museum, unique in the world, worth to visit.
For mor info, go to

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