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Chinas aggressive spying against the USA.

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posted on Jul, 26 2006 @ 02:30 PM

So it still keeps rolling on - They want all the tech with no trade, so they steal it like thieves in the night. they are too lazy to build and research their own, so they resort to theft.

Its high time that the brakes were laid on hard, that they start to treat china with the contempt that it deserves - A Goverment of thieves and liars. They whine about trade trade trade, and yet steal steal steal. With trade partners like this the USA should just drop the contracts and say enoughs enough, out and stay out.

The chinese are brewing trouble for the US no doubt in Lebanon and iran, and all because the USA has the best R+D in the world by far - and as i said, their too lazy to make and design their own so they steal it... A new Cold war is brewing me thinks.

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