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Copy and paste game

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posted on Jul, 29 2006 @ 01:59 AM

makeing a pic in paint for a funnylol

posted on Jul, 29 2006 @ 07:58 PM

Sent a direct link to GOOGLE Image Search to a friend.

posted on Jul, 29 2006 @ 09:40 PM

for the coolest word thread

posted on Jul, 29 2006 @ 10:00 PM
I played golf, I'm not good at golf, I never got a hole-in-one ... but I did hit a guy. And that's way more satisfying. You're supposed to yell "fore," but I was too busy mumbling, "There ain't no way that's gonna hit him." I hit a guy in one. What's par for hitting a guy? One. If you hit a guy in two, you are a jerk.

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 05:56 AM

i was copying someones user name into a thread for a reference

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 07:44 AM

Was sending in a test on the copytake system before I started taking callers comments for air.

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 10:47 AM

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 04:12 PM
........WOOOOOOAH , I can't post that here........never mind...........

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 09:07 PM
-You must help out with household chores, as much as you are able.
Chores are not punishment, and there is no allowance paid for performing them. Chores are simply part of being a family member. You are responsible for your duties, regardless of any deals you make with siblings. If chores are left undone, YOU are the one who will be punished. Punishment means no TV, no computer, no video games, no phone, and no rides until chores have been completed.

-If you are asked a yes or no question, the answer is "Yes/no Sir/ma'am" as it applies. If you are asked a question that contains the words "O.K." or "right?", then you can answer with uh-huh or hu-unh, or mmm-mmm or whatever you want. But a direct question gets a respectful, direct answer. You are entitled to the same responses to your own questions.

-Lying is totally unacceptable. Leaving out material facts when you are asked a direct question is the same as lying. All other family members owe you the truth, as far as it is your business. Mom and Dad are the final authorities of what IS someone's business.

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 06:12 PM
Piri Reis map

My last search.........

posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 06:22 PM
Reward for Completion
Character Flag
Two AAs
New ability: Embrace of the Keepers (increase buff slot limit)
Steps To Complete

Teir 3

You must have kindly faction standing or better to obtain Tier 3 tasks. You will be sent to Private Nylaen Kel`Ther and will receive three more tasks:

"Snowfoot Revenge" -- Kill 10 Snowfoot Goblins in The Ascent
"Protect the Waters" -- Loot five Purified Nest Waters from Stillmoon Temple
"The Sacred Scrolls" -- Loot seven Ancient Scrolls of Wisdom from

Thundercrest Isles

Speak with the Chieftain, and then to Keeper Dilar Nelune. This will open a group mission:

"History of the Isle"

After that, speak with Chieftain Relae Aderi:

You say, 'Hail, Chieftain Relae Aderi'

Chieftain Relae Aderi nods. 'We are always on the defensive and must continue to keep our minds and spirits up and charging ahead. The tasks we present to you now are more daunting. Having proven yourself and gained our trust brings greater challenges to you. We ask you to learn the history of Thundercrest Isle, endure a Trial of Perseverance issued by the goblins in the Stillmoon Temple, and take on the great spider queen, Volkara. You'll need to speak to Ekiltu Verlor for particulars and then you must return to me and give me proof you have overcome these tasks. And do introduce yourself to Areha Burina.'

You have received a character flag!

After that, speaking with Lieutenant Ekiltu Verlor will open up two more raid events:

"Trial of Perseverance" -- 24-player raid in Stillmoon Temple, results in Goblin Warlord's Beads from A Stillmoon Warlord.

"Volkara's Bite" -- 42-player raid in Lavaspinner's Lair, results in Lava Spider Spinners

Upon successful completion, loot the Goblin Warlord's Beads at the end of the Perseverance trial from a Stillmoon warlord and the Lava Spider Spinners from Volkara. Turning these two items in to the Chieftain results in:

Working on my Teir 3 DoN Progression

posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 01:15 AM

pic of G. W. I played around with yesterday.

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